Thursday, January 15, 2015

The News Crew Return + DE Poll!

Hey Jammers! Today when I logged on and spun the daily spin, I finally achieved what I have been wanting ever since diamonds came out:

I got three diamonds in the Daily Spin! But this means something bigger. Remember when the rumor that was hastily made judgement to as fact circulated around that diamonds are now members only? Well, it has just now been proven false! There was just a bit of confusion because on the Jamaaliday Calendar the diamond signs had a member lock on them which just meant that only members will get diamonds on those days, not that diamonds in general are members only!

Now if only I had something in the Diamond Shop to buy...

Anyway, here's the new item!

I wonder if the reason why AJHQ is releasing a bunch of space-items is that the deep space explorer theme won. But I doubt that...

Meanwhile on the official AJ blog, the News Crew assignments have come back from wherever they went!

In the article it doesn't mention anything about you getting a special badge if you win so I'm assuming they took that prize out. But really I always used to get people coming up to me (when I could actually wear my badge) and asking where I got it. Wouldn't that be a really good motivator? Maybe it was a mistake.

There's also a poll, so check that out too by going to!

– DoomyPanda

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