Saturday, February 28, 2015

Clover Earmuffs

Hey animals! (I think I may go back to "Jammers" tomorrow because this has proven itself even more annoying) I'm really sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was kinda busy. But that's uncommon, so be assured that that kind of thing won't happen a lot!

So here is today's new item: a pair of clover ear muffs! Use these to keep your lil ears warm in the last month of Winter. :)

I don't have much else to say, so today will just be another one of those boring posts. If ya wanna catch me online, send me a Jam a Gram!

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Springtime" In Jamaa

Hey animals! I had thought that last Thursday was the update (which it probably was) so I was a little confused when I logged on to meet a Jamaa Journal cover.

But even before then, the home page has changed!

Thanks AJHQ! I was really getting tired of the winter themed one. But I do miss the older home pages. The changing ones, I mean, like the one with the dolphin in Crystal Reef! Nowadays it's all about the Alphas. :\

Today was sort of like a half-update, with the only news being on the cover page of last update's Jamaa Journal.

But maybe today is something special, because this journal cover LIED to us!

"It's SPRINGTIME in Jamaa"

Yes, springtime in Jamaa. So I went to the Township to look at all of the greenery and...


Well I know that Spring doesn't start with INSTANT FLOWERS but I was sort of disappointed that now we all have to deal with snow for a couple more weeks ON and OFF of AJ. -_-

But at least there's one light shining in the midst of this storm: The Lucky Party!

 The Lucky Party is just the same as last year, but of course they did add some extra decorations and stuff. 

A couple new items along with the classics are being sold now. :)
The Lucky Party interior is even better than before! It's super colorful, even with a few (probably) soon-to-be-released items on display! Overall, just a very cute setting!

We still have the same music in the same music shop, as always.

And don't forget to have fun in the clover circle!

Animal Jam isn't all rares and trading, so bring your friends over to the Lucky Party if you're tired of the boring snow! :D

See you there!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gnomes + Diamond Codes

Hey animals! Today's new terrifying item is sold in Jam Mart Furniture. :D

Lets hope they don't come alive at night... haha...

I also have a diamond code for you! To get one diamond added to your account, use the code TWELVE. :)

Sorry for the short post, see ya in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Nonmember Clothing/Color Ideas

Hey Jammers! The winning background from the poll I had has been chosen and is now up. :)

This won't be the background I use forever, of course. Personally I would have liked the background with the stream better (because this is animal jam stream durrr!!) minus the alphas and the overall messiness of it, the two things holding me back. 

I thought the previous background was much brighter so I'm assuming you'll probably get tired of it quick enough for me to find one that I really like by then. 

So without further ranting, here is the new item of today!

Sold in Jam Mart Furniture and as usual, members only.

In other news, (is it even news?) I have a few nonmember clothing ideas for you today! You've probably noticed that I wrote "Nonmember Clothing/Color Ideas" and were confused, so allow me to explain: I'm a nonmember myself and can't change item colors or have many items myself. I only have a few minor rares, too. 

So using what little I have, I have a more color-pallette focused theme today. Feel free to use any of them. :)

Be warned that I like to give them stupid names though.

"Halloween any time I want"

"Beta Testing"


"Land v.2"


"Choco Fairy"


"Alien Glow"

Which one did you like most? Which one did you HATE most? I wanna know, tell me in the comments!

– DoomyPanda

Monday, February 23, 2015

R.I.M. + Random Stuff

Hey animals! (I'm gonna start saying that now because even though it's annoying it's still not as irritating as "Jammers") I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. 

Or the day before that. 

Or that one Tuesday. 

I don't really have an excuse other than laziness, to be honest. I was having February break so while I promised myself that I would play AJ a lot and blog a lot with my newfound freedom, the "play AJ" part was the only one that actually happened. Even though by now you probably don't trust a single word I type, I promise that at the very least this week will have no lazing around or skipping days. ^_^; 

But enough of that, here's the Rare Item Monday! :D

Terribly ugly as on most Mondays. If you somehow feel that you need to buy it, it's on the eighth page of the Jam Mart Clothing catalog. This one is sure to be popular.

So I've gone over the R.I.M., now onto the "Random Stuff" portion of this sad, sad little post. Most of the screenshots were taken yesterday, FYI.

Here we have another nonmember arctic wolf spotted in the server Balkan, Jamaa Township. There are different methods of becoming one once your membership expires, but each one of them is always fixed shortly after it's talked about. So if ya wanna become a nonmember arctic wolf, just look up the most recent tutorials. But I warn you, they're kind of complex!

My friend taught me this so-called "bunny code" in the adventure Return of the Phantoms (hard mode). The bunny code is a specific order in which you have to release each bunny to get rares. She told me that in order to get rares, the order in which you have to unlock the rabbits is this: Snowball, Jack, Daisy, Oliver. Now I can't really prove this completely wrong because we both did it and got rares. But according to the AJ Wiki page on Return of the Phantoms, the only way to get a chance at winning a rare is to choose the top left or the bottom right treasure chest. 

Now I read wiki pages on each adventure and have them open in another tab while I play, so when it comes time to collect the prize, I can choose the one I actually want. Before the adventure ended, I told her to pick either the top left or the bottom right chest, so she did, and got scary bat wings. The bunny code could have worked, but keep in mind that if we both chose the center chest we would have just gotten gems, no rares!

The bunny code may somehow boost your chance of getting a rare, but until I do the adventure and get more info, it's probably not gonna work.

That's all for now, Jammers! Animals!
See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Friday, February 20, 2015

Slow Day

Hey Jammers! Today's post will be a short one because honestly, there isn't much to see.

 The new item today is a pretty green clover blanket, but it comes in a bunch of other colors too! Its a nonmember classic to let Spring into AJ. 

If only the 10 foot high piles of snow outside could be melted by the warmth of a digital clover blanket.

There's also a wacky bug going on with the D.E., but it's probably just because I haven't updated Safari yet:

In other Daily Explorer related news, today's post says that to get a howl in, you just shouldn't use quotation marks or any special characters and you'll get your howl plaque just fine. Probably.

And because there's nothing much else to talk about, here's a really bad joke about lions:
I'm roaring with laughter. 

Wow, a horrible lion pun to go along with a horrible lion joke. What a bonus.

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa.

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring is on the way :)

Hey animals, happy update day! This time around we don't have a lot of new stuff, but at least it's something.

 Pet ponies have arrived in Jamaa! Now you can parade around the Township with a freakishly cute pony sidekick to do your bidding. The only downside being that unless you have a membership and three diamonds, there will be no pony sidekicks to be adopted. So sad.

*A single tear drips down my cheek*

 I actually think that making snow leopards endangered is a good idea. That way, people can be kind of educated about endangerment and the Diamond Shop loses power. But one question: whatever happened to those snow leopard gift cards when the Diamond Shop came out?

 Owls can also explore the Forgotten Desert now, which isn't much of a change seeing as owls and eagles have the same exact availability. And don't forget to stop by the Friendship Party for all kinds of cheap useless stuff for your storage accounts!

 I wonder what den contest item series will be here soon...

February is ever-so-slowly nearing it's end, so March is pushing it's head into Epic Wonders with the Emerald Ring:

There are also a few new Lucky Party themed Jam a Grams!

 This one just says "LEPRECHAUN!" in big letters. Leprechauns are actually green goblin-looking creatures (some myths say that they even have sharp teeth!) that are supposedly very mischievous and scary, so if I got a message IRL that just said "LEPRECHAUN!!!" in big letters I'd probably be terrified. XD

Well thats all for this update, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Years of AJ

Hey animals! I'm really sorry that I didn't post yesterday. Things were weird so I didn't have much time to use the computer. But now I'm back! Not in time for my exact 3 year anniversary of being on Animal Jam but it's only a day after, so thats okay, right?

But before we get into my yearly rant about Animal Jam, we have to get through the new item. Plus I have something extra for y'all that came up recently!

The kelp archway is members only and sold in Sunken Treasures, Kani Cove.

Have you heard about the so-called leaked goat that everyone is screaming about on Blogger? If you've somehow avoided all of that, here's a picture:

It was a while ago that goats were first sighted, so maybe AJHQ gave up on actually releasing them. But then again, maybe they have the animations for a whole lot of unreleased animals "in storage" and they're just slowly let go one at a time. Maybe one of them (the goat) just slipped out a bit too early. Maybe this was a fake and I shouldn't be so speculative about it. 

But admit it, doesn't it look real?


You know with all of these Animal Jam ads I see now, a ton of people have joined rather recently who don't know that this wasn't always what happened. When new animals came out it was rare and special and a ton of hype was given over them! I used to complain about the shift to things happening faster on AJ, but I guess I was just being unreasonably nostalgic. More stuff more frequently equals more people who are excited equals more players equals AJ's success equals AJ being around for a long time!

And it can and will happen, at this rate. You'd think that kids games aren't built to last years, but look at Club Penguin! Once October comes around again, CP will have been around for ten whole years. Ten whole years of stability.

There was a point where we could only hope and wish that the same future was going to be kind to Animal Jam, but this game that started off so small has grown so much in five years. That's right, five years. Animal Jam is only half as old as Club Penguin with twice as much promise for the future. Go on, log on to Club Penguin and tell me it isn't a wasteland. However glitzy and populous it'll seem now, theres a big disconnect. It is the true definition of a game thats "not what it used to be." Club Penguin has long since lost it's charm.

...And as Club Penguin crumbles, Animal Jam will rise and absorb what little power remains from there. The kids who used to play CP will say "Hey, this is lame. Now whats this about Animal Jam...?" and just up and leave for the greener grasses that are Animal Jam.

That's just my hypothesis, but it seems pretty likely to me.

Animal Jam has always been a little more special than other games. It's intricate; there are thousands of ways to customize your animals and den (which is what attracted me in the first place), there are a ton of rooms and lands, all with incredible detail. There are many types of games you can play, and there's a new item every day, too. How often do new items come out in other virtual worlds? Like every other month. Releasing a new item every day takes dedication, and to me it seems that "dedicated" describes AJ perfectly.

There's also the element of connection between company and consumer. We are the consumers of this product (Animal Jam) and the company is WildWorks. There are suggestion bubbles all over Jamaa, players can be directly involved with the Daily Explorer through commenting and submitting their things through contests and the gallery, as well as emailing AJHQ. 

Remember the time when AJHQ said they would be renovating Club Geoz but nothing happened? Thats probably because Club Geoz was good already and almost no one was big on change, just look at the AJ blogs from then. And with email, while people complain all over the place about AJHQ sending back pre-written responses, they really do read emails from players. Why would they respond and have a "Contact us" button if they didn't actually read emails?

Here's a story: around Spring of 2012, my friend sent an email to AJHQ with my own idea of implementing a Conservation Center to AJ (for the monkeys that had recently become "endangered"). And now the Animal Museum has long become the Conservation Center where I donate all my extra gems every day. 

Another story: a long time ago my friend suggested bronze, silver, and gold bricks to the suggestion bubble in Epic Wonders. Only a week later, they came out and she was ecstatic!

While AJ has some problems (as all games do), AJHQ really listens to you, which is what makes it different from a ton of other kids games, like Club Penguin. Maybe it's the reason why Animal Jam is called "the most popular social network game for kids in North America" while there are so many others.

While I may sound like a walking commercial right now, I have played Animal Jam since February 17th, 2012 and have loved it all the way through. 

Now that I've concluded my rant, lets all celebrate 3 years of wasting my time on a kids game with clapping out loud. Do it now. So what do you personally love about Animal Jam? What made you stay online? What are some things that could make it better? 
Comment below! :D

– DoomyPanda

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey Jammers! Today is Monday, but because I have this week off for February break, I don't have to set foot out the door at all for 9 days! Actually, I may want to because I may go insane with being indoors forever, but hopefully that won't happen. ^-^

And now the part of Monday that you actually care about–
The Rare Item Monday!

The Rare Heart Cape looks really pretty! I like the pink and the cream along with the inner stripes, too. Overall, really cute! :)

But alas, Valentines Day is over and so the Friendship Festival will be soon to follow. I hope you're like me and you're looking forward for Spring! And the Lucky Party is coming up too, so you can get plenty of four leaf clover items to start a meadow of luck in your den.

I've never actually seen anyone do that before. *whisper* you should...

We also have a new den item today! 

When I had just started playing Animal Jam (which was February 17th, 2012. I hit the 3-year mark tomorrow!) my friend IRL who introduced me to the game gave me a cherry tree which, even though I can't place it in my den, is still in the back of my inventory today. :)

I don't know, I'm just way too sentimental about pixels. :S

In more personal (but still AJ related) news, it seems like 2015 has been the year where everyone is coming back to AJ. Already it's early February and in the span of a month and a half three of my old friends who I had thought had quit like years ago have come back for good!

Today, that number became 3 when my friend ElephantWolf came back! :D

If you scroll down to the bottom of my BOTM page, you'll see that ElephantWolf was my first monthly featured buddy. They say that they're coming back to AJ for good now! :D

And before I close this post, I just wanted to give a quick little shoutout to Abbyxoxo1. You really made my day yesterday with your kindness and generosity. /)^-^(\

Alright Jammers, (you never really think about how weird "Jammers" sounds until you have to type it out every day) that's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Buddy of the Month – February 2015!

Hey Jammers! Today since there's not much news at all, I think that makes a great excuse to post the Buddy of the Month today, hmm?

So without any derailment, here I present to you the BOTM for February, 2015!


Ladybug is a recently added friend of mine, actually! She and I led the Gummy Bear flashmob recently. She was a pineapple gummy bear and a cherry gummy bear, if I'm remembering correctly. Ladybug is really kind and super accepting. ^_^

Thanks for being my friend, Ladybug4173! :D

I'm sorry for the boring post today, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Saturday, February 14, 2015

4 Sweet Nonmember Clothing Ideas

❤ Hey Jammers!

Today's post will be in pink because of Valentines Day, of course; a cute, religiously neutral holiday where people give cards and candy to friends. 

To celebrate on AJ, there is an intricate new item being sold in Epic Wonders today:

Did you know that at the top part where human lips form a valley, that part is called the cupids bow. The More You Know!

Today I also happen to have a few Valentine/Friendship Festival themed nonmember clothing ideas! Feel free to use any of them for your animals:

"Pale Persimmon" 

Peach Fox Hat – Unavailable in stores, trade for it
Orange Necklace – Available in stores, colored version


Red (default) Jamaaliday Scarf – Unavailable in stores, trade for it
Top Hat – Unavailable in stores, trade for it or get it in Sky High or the item claw

"Cinnamon Crush"

Red-brown Worn Blanket – Unavailable in stores, trade for it
Left Friendship Necklace – Available in stores, get it quick!


Eyepatch – Available in stores, uncolored version
Left Friendship Necklace – Available in stores, uncolored version
Pink Gingerbread Wings – Unavailable in stores, trade for it

Before I go, I just wanted to ask you one thing for you to answer in the comments:

What's your favorite candy?

That's all for now, have a fun Valentines Day~ ^-^

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weird Den Story

❤ Hey Jammers! Today's post will be very short because I woke up late so if I try to make it any longer I'll be late to school again. 

But while I won't have time for nonmember clothing ideas, I'll always have time for you, daily item...

Buy this welcome mat if you want to make a lot of new friends, but don't buy it if you don't want random people walking in to your den.

Did you know that a while ago before I started this blog I had my den unlocked all the time? But what happened was that one day I was on my storage account and went to my main account's den, and it was flooded with at least 15 people I had no idea about. They weren't really doing anything, just walking around with some talking about how dumb my den was. I checked the Epic Dens list, my name was nowhere to be found. I asked people in my den why they were there or how they got there, they all said "Idk." Has anything like that happened to you before?

On the topic of dens, here is my Friendship Festival-themed den corner. I have no idea how to decorate the other corners:

I always get embarrassed about my den because all of my friends' dens are full of cool stuff while mine is empty most of the time. :\

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cupid Wings

Hey Jammers! I got really excited this morning because when I went to the AJ homepage I noticed some faint ambient music playing even though I (thought) I had all tabs and applications closed and I was about to make a big post like "OMG THE AJ HOMEPAGE HAS MUSIC NOW!!1!!" but then I realized I had forgotten to quit Minecraft. So much for that post material.

But anyway, the new item is sold today in Jam Mart Clothing:

They're kind of cool but they look almost inflated. You know, like a plastic balloon. At least it's something. :\

Well, that's all for now, Jammers...

See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gummy Bear Flashmob 2k15 + World Tip

The new items of today are both sold in Jam Mart Furniture (I almost typed Jam Mart Furnitrue. That could be a weird name for a furniture store. I'm so creative.)

Here we have the interactive Pizza Dart Board and the non interactive Heart Table. Both furniture items, both member's only. What do you think of them?

In other news, me and a friend started a gummy bear flash mob last night that quickly took over Jamaa Township:

I was the medium-blue gummy bear in the middle. XD

Ya know, the one thing with gummy bear flashmobs that I've noticed is different from other flashmobs is that people either love us or hate us. What I mean is this: last night everyone in the Township was either a gummy bear or trying to "stop" the gummy bears by saying "EATS GUMMY BEARS NO NOTHING" or telling us to shut up over and over again. With most other flash mobs that I've witnessed (cheese mob, FNAF mob, etc.) people were either ecstatic to join or just politely ignored. The only real difference I'm noticing is that gummy bear mob is pandas only.

And when I think about it, I've been a panda for my entire time on AJ and I've always noticed that despite being well-loved in real life, there seems to be a sort of dislike of pandas on AJ. For example, if I'm at Club Geoz in the "DJ booth" and someone else wants to be there, they always say "Move, PANDA!!!!" or occasionally "MOVE FAT PANDA." But if I was a wolf, they'd just say "MOVE!!!!" minus the other stuff. It used to make me angry, but now it just makes me sad. We already have so much hate in the world that it's now everywhere, even in this cute little kids game???What are your thoughts on it? :\

On a different note, for a while now when I've tried to get into big servers like Aldan, it's always taken five minutes of clicking to pay off. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge and I'm just dumb, but I've recently figured out a way to get into a full server! :D

The key information to do this little trick is this: when a world is labelled "FULL" that only means that Jamaa Township in that world is full. But to get into a world you have to be dropped off in Jamaa Township and Jamaa Township alone. So how do you get into a different area of a populated world, like Appondale or one of the oceans?

HINT: After you clik a world that's full, it will say something like "This room is full, please try again" and then a map will pop up. Click an area like Bahari Bay, and you'll go to Bahari Bay in that populated server! Just check the Settings icon and rest assured, the world you're in will be the one you've tried to get into for so long. :)

I've always thought that the map that popped up after I tried to get into Aldan was annoying and useless, but I guess I was 100% wrong about that! :D

Don't forget to comment! Comments are the source of my power! :P

– DoomyPanda
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