Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gummy Bear Flashmob 2k15 + World Tip

The new items of today are both sold in Jam Mart Furniture (I almost typed Jam Mart Furnitrue. That could be a weird name for a furniture store. I'm so creative.)

Here we have the interactive Pizza Dart Board and the non interactive Heart Table. Both furniture items, both member's only. What do you think of them?

In other news, me and a friend started a gummy bear flash mob last night that quickly took over Jamaa Township:

I was the medium-blue gummy bear in the middle. XD

Ya know, the one thing with gummy bear flashmobs that I've noticed is different from other flashmobs is that people either love us or hate us. What I mean is this: last night everyone in the Township was either a gummy bear or trying to "stop" the gummy bears by saying "EATS GUMMY BEARS NO NOTHING" or telling us to shut up over and over again. With most other flash mobs that I've witnessed (cheese mob, FNAF mob, etc.) people were either ecstatic to join or just politely ignored. The only real difference I'm noticing is that gummy bear mob is pandas only.

And when I think about it, I've been a panda for my entire time on AJ and I've always noticed that despite being well-loved in real life, there seems to be a sort of dislike of pandas on AJ. For example, if I'm at Club Geoz in the "DJ booth" and someone else wants to be there, they always say "Move, PANDA!!!!" or occasionally "MOVE FAT PANDA." But if I was a wolf, they'd just say "MOVE!!!!" minus the other stuff. It used to make me angry, but now it just makes me sad. We already have so much hate in the world that it's now everywhere, even in this cute little kids game???What are your thoughts on it? :\

On a different note, for a while now when I've tried to get into big servers like Aldan, it's always taken five minutes of clicking to pay off. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge and I'm just dumb, but I've recently figured out a way to get into a full server! :D

The key information to do this little trick is this: when a world is labelled "FULL" that only means that Jamaa Township in that world is full. But to get into a world you have to be dropped off in Jamaa Township and Jamaa Township alone. So how do you get into a different area of a populated world, like Appondale or one of the oceans?

HINT: After you clik a world that's full, it will say something like "This room is full, please try again" and then a map will pop up. Click an area like Bahari Bay, and you'll go to Bahari Bay in that populated server! Just check the Settings icon and rest assured, the world you're in will be the one you've tried to get into for so long. :)

I've always thought that the map that popped up after I tried to get into Aldan was annoying and useless, but I guess I was 100% wrong about that! :D

Don't forget to comment! Comments are the source of my power! :P

– DoomyPanda

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