Saturday, March 7, 2015

Play Wild WEBSITE!

Hey Jammers! Today's post will be a simple and quick one because I was planning on taking a day off from blogging today, but I just found out some very helpful info about Play Wild that I think all of you will really benefit from:

Previously, the whole idea of Play Wild was shrouded in confusion and maybe that's why on my official Play Wild post a ton of you were asking a lot of questions answered already in the post. But be confused no more, because now you can get instructions for beta testing in the push of a button at

But before you get too excited: no, this isn't an easier way to play Play Wild on a computer. For that you need to already get into beta testing as well as have the device needed.

My advice to those who don't have what they need to beta test: Play Wild will be released to the public fairly soon, like in a few updates from now. Just wait it out until then and doubtless it will come out on other devices!

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Can you maybe help
    Me with something? I don't know what to put when they ask you who you were referred by and what's your relationship with them..

    1. That part? It's asking you which Play Wild beta tester told you about Play Wild so I'm guessing they can give that person some special item or something. I'm not in beta testing, but you can just write WisteriaMoon (who is the one who made the video showing Play Wild beta that I have in my big post) because I think she said in the description that it would be okay. As for the relationship? That doesn't matter so much. I guess you could lie and say "friend" (unless you are already friends with WisteriaMoon)

      Hope that helped!
      – DoomyPanda

    2. Oh ok. Maybe I should try putting my username or her's and when they Ask you what's your relationship with them I might put friend or buddies

    3. Woohoo!!! I finally got accepted to Play Wild BETA!!!!!! I'm so happy:D it's really fun but sometimes the screen freezes when it's loading and it takes a long time to load sometimes :(

  2. my name is Sarah and i love animal jam play wild not the one on computer cause you need membership and credit info! but i still love animal jam play wild.


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