Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Den Journey of a Lifetime


Hey Jammers! Today, my friend sent me a Jam a Gram telling me to follow her. Thinking not much of it, I followed her to a den called seasonaltreeshop.

What I soon realized was that there was a single den portal at the end of this den. Me and my friend both went through it to find...

 A den called thethinkingroom filled almost entirely with wiggly book cases, with the uncovered spot home to yet another den portal, which in turn led to...

A den solely filled with portals! Each one led to only one den though, which was:

A den called randomplushieshop!
So me and my friend journeyed through the endless dens and had our computers seriously lagged in the process, but we were determined to reach the end.

I have documented screenshots from this EPIC journey to who knows where in this post:

The next room was a Nyan Cat pillow sculpture. (I'm guessing this whole string of dens was made in 2012 or something)

And appropriately, the next room is a pillow sculpture of Tac Nayn, Nyan Cat's supposedly evil counterpart.

In a change of scenery, Tac Nayn's portal goes to a survival island den. 

Me and my trusty green hamster Jellyninja had to survive on a single pillow in an ocean surrounded by sharks. We eventually made it out to swim to the next portal, leading us to...

A snowy icy bakery of 2 year old birthday cakes!

And in the next portal, here we have theshopsmessage, a pillow arrangement of words that say "THIS IS RANDOM." Thanks, whoever made this!

Our journey takes us to this next room, full of ancient scrolls:

I have no idea what secrets each may hold... What do you think? Oh, here's a secret: click one to get a magnifying glass because the text is too dang small for even the magnifying glass.

 The next couple rooms are from the same series:

As a break in scenery (and finally a picture with my friend) we found the discoshop, complete with a multicolor dance floor made out of shelves as well as a deliberately flashing "disco shelf" as a disco ball. (You can't tell, but they stacked multiple different colored shelves on top of one another so they bug out and flash)

This next one is like a complete opposite to the disco shop. Welcome to the wildlifeshop, a place full of vines and trees and flowers and distant bird calls. 

The next one is a bit different:

If you're hungry, start with the breakfastshop! X)

Go through the portal, and into a land of flags with pretty swirly designs! :)

But watch out for the next portal...

Immediately upon arrival, phantoms will DESTROY you. Maybe they won't, but I was being so corny with this post that they might as well have had the right to blast me.

But you may need to go to the courtroom to settle legal issues about your phantom-related injuries:

But after that's over and done with, you get to go play with colorful barrels!!! Yaaaayy!!!

 And to wrap everything up, the shop shop, equipped with each item focused on in each room.

But it's not over yet!

And in the tableshop den, there's a portal that goes back to the seasonal den shop, wrapping this sacred journey up into a neat little knot.

I have no idea who made this, but whoever you are (if you're reading this) I thank you. :D

– DoomyPanda


  1. I love that den trail! In fact, I actually made the account Sweetshoppe to store candy realted items, but then it evolved into some other shoppe dens complete with a trail to other dens. Me and my sister Hyacintho Ignis work on it, but unfortunately we run outta den portals/can't fix where the certain portals go.

    So a similar course is in Sweetshoppe's den, but some bugs need to be fixed. You guys can check that out if ya want.



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