Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Update of April 2015!

Hey Jammers! Today's update was late for some reason– a reason which I really hope wasn't too serious. But anyway, we have (in my opinion) a pretty nice update today, so let's get to it!

So Spirits Jamaa's leak was legitimate! I personally think the Beach House is pretty weird and a bit too "glamorous" for AJ's nature-based style, but whatevs. I can't complain when this happened instead of an uncalled-for Crystal Sands renovation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We have a really nice looking den item contest this update! :D
Here are some full pics of each set, from my least favorite to absolute favorite:

 We have the clashy Mech Future theme...

The sunny sand castle theme, and then my absolute favorite of every den item set ever...

The Excavation Site! If you click the image to make it clearer you may see a bit of why I love it so much. I don't know about you, but the style kind of reminds me of beta items, like kind of dusty or "rough around the edges" like the items that used to be just a signature part of AJ's charm.

All three kind of have that style, actually! And while I hope the excavation site wins, all sets will come out eventually. :)

Cheetahs are back in stores! Become one today.* :)

*If you have a membership and ten or more diamonds

Aaaannd, an ad for the Spring Bunny to remind us all to spend real money for virtual flowers. I won't be caught dead in GameStop but all of you with money can go do whatever you like. ;D

Before I forget, the new item is sold in the Diamond Shop. Not in the armor section but the regular item section, just a note.

Ya know at first I was sad that this is members only but then I remembered my panda doesn't have a tail. Still a cute item though

Before I go, I have a quick announcement regarding Buddy of the Month: I know that the majority voted that I keep BOTM, which I'm excited about that you like it and trust me, I will keep it! But as you may know, it's April 30th. I've decided I'll pick BOTM back up in May and not do it for this month, just for a tiny tiny break ya know.

So anyway, see you tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda

No Update!?

Not even a new item!? Ah well, maybe it will be up by the time I get back from school. 

Until then, bear with me!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Den LEAK!

Hey Jammers! Today we have some semi-interesting news for once: leaked photos of a new den! Not sourced to me, of course, but when interesting news pops up I think it's my responsibility to not leave you all in the dark. :D

But first, let's take a look at today's new item:

This is filed under my category 'Items I Never Even Noticed Leave – And Now They're Back!'

This item specifically is sold in Bahari Bargains, down under the digital ocean in Bahari Bay.

Alright, now to the part you actually care about!

(Image/video credit to YouTube user Spirits Jamaa)

Somehow, this person managed to find a picture of what a future den looks like. It kinda looks like a sort of mansion or something, which in my opinion is pretty weird and "unnatural" for AJ. But I'm guessing that against all odds, this den will be popular among members once it's released... tomorrow!

Did you forget that every other Thursday, AJ is updated? If you did, that's a reminder to get all your April birthstones and clearance items today!

In two days, sweet pea flowers leave Treetop Gardens too, so go get those to add to your den gardens! :D

And before I go, I just wanted to let ya know that today is International Guide Dog Day! Thank you to guide dogs everywhere for helping humans!

Thank a guide dog today! :D

– DoomyPanda

Monday, April 27, 2015

New Den + NM Clothing Idea

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. Homework and stuff, blablabla... you know the rest. ;D

I've decided to post yesterday's new item today even though that's normally not how I do it, just because it's a cool item. Yep.

So here we have yesterday's new item, sold in Jam Mart Clothing!

I'm not sure if all animals have the hair necessary to make this a hair bow, but even so I kind of wish that I still had my crocodile because something tells me that a butterfly ornament would look cute on a crocodile.

Here's how it looks on my panda and seal:

I know it doesn't match, but whatever. I personally think it looks better on Miss Rainyviolet though. :o

Speaking of Miss Rainyviolet, just now I kind of came up with a nonmember clothing idea/color scheme idea:

I think it's more of a color scheme idea because I can't think of any other items that are blue and sand-colored. Looking at it potentially going up on my blog, it also seems kind of weird looking, too.

But I guess I haven't done a nonmember clothing idea in a while, so here you go for now! :o

Now, the actual new item of today. I present to you, April's last Rare Item Monday!!

Get it today on the second page of Jam Mart Clothing! :)

The winners of the imagination fair have also been announced recently!

Congratulations to everyone who won! You did amazingly :D

As more filler before I close this post, I recently redid my AJ den and I think it looks... okay, for once.

Click image to make it big.

It's so rare that I'm actually happy with my den that whenever I AM happy I take a billion screenshots and stuff. I know it's not really cool or beta-looking, mostly because I have very few items and I don't trade very often, but for once in a billion years I'm happy with it! 

Although I wish I kept my monkey (or if AJ had more animal slots for nonmembers) so I could still go to the Monkeys Only party and get some more banana plants/trees, but that's nothing that guilt tripping my member friends into won't solve. 

... Just kidding. About the guilt tripping.

So I guess that's all for now, so see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seashell Necklace

Hi Jammers! The new item of today is sold in Bahari Bargains, located in Bahari Bay, of course. 

Buy this on the front page for the surprisingly OKAY price of 250 gems. :)

I really don't have anything else news-worthy today, so here's a gem from the Cruise Ship party:

I took this screenshot right as I got in and because the person was silent for the rest of their time there I never got context.

That's all for now, have a great day!

– DoomyPanda 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Smart Fox Support?

Hey Jammers! If you're new to AJ Stream you're probably wondering why I haven't been posting for the last couple days. If you're already a follower, then you know that I have chronic laziness when it comes to doing anything at all, including writing for this blog. I really do love updating! Although I think it's the "getting there" that I have issues with. ^^;

So before I allow myself to go into a big repetitive rant, here's the new item:

You know it's kind of confusing because people would describe this as having a "peach color" when in reality, peaches are bright yellow and orange/red. IDK, just something to point out.

In other much more interesting news, word of a strange user with a strange animal name has been spreading around many AJ blogs. Pictured below:

Smartfox is actually the name of the server host that Animal Jam uses. This is their website:

The screenshot of SmartFox's monkey named Smart Fox Support was taken just yesterday, but here is a screenshot taken just a few minutes ago:

Their red monkey is completely gone. Now they've gotten a wolf within 24 hours and named it "Expert Smartyfox" maybe to avert attention away?

So now we know that they could have been active as recently as last night and quickly changed their animal. But why does the user SmartFox exist? We know that they're different from a regular player because of the name "Smart Fox Support" but what are they exactly? An AJHQ member? A test account? 

Or... a hacker?

Most of you probably know about the "famous" lolkingcentury1 name hack from around 2011. (I don't recommend you look it up, so here's what happened: this user hacked their animal name to make it display offensive swears instead of their animal name.)

Although this case is KIND OF similar, I do not think that they're a hacker

Think about it: if you knew how to hack in any animal name you wanted, you'd probably go with something a little weirder or uh, more unique than just "Smart Fox Support"

Smart Fox Support sounds kind of official, and this most likely has something to do with the SmartFox server host, so I'd say that AJ user SmartFox is connected to AJ professionally instead of just some annoying hacker with too much time on their hands.

But the question is: why would AJ need a user connected to their server host? Is it some sort of tester?

Give your thoughts in the comments, I'm really interested in hearing them. :)

Have a great day,

– DoomyPanda

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Should I Still Do BOTM?

Hey Jammers! The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture ^_^

This is great if you're making a RP school in your den. :)

I honestly don't have much to talk about today other than a simple question: should I continue doing Buddy of the Month? It doesn't seem that popular anymore and it can make some people feel bad, so that's why I considered it.

But I write this blog for you, so what do you think? You can comment on this post and/or vote on the anonymous poll to the right. Maybe I could just take a break from BOTM? What do you think?

And because I think this post is incomplete, here is a very small koala:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :D

– DoomyPanda

Monday, April 20, 2015

R.I.M. + Weird Things

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. Laziness got the better of me once again so again, I'm super sorry. I hope the fact that I've updated and are still updating my blog's pages is a good enough consolation.

Yep, so far I've got the Glitches page and the Other Blogs page all nice and updated! With the Glitches page, I've changed up the layout ever so slightly and added a few thingies. With the Other Blogs page, I've looked through each and every blog listed and taken out all blogs that haven't been active recently. You won't believe how little there is left now! :O

Now I've got the Codes page, the BOTM page, and the Ask Doomy page to worry about. But don't worry yourself! I won't change up anything other than the layout to make it fit with the rest of the blog better. With the Codes page I'll update it with new codes and stuff though. :D

So now onto the news-ish part of today's post. It's Monday– but Spring Break for me!!! Yay!!! Time for a big luxurious week of doing absolutely NOTHING. B)

But it's also Rare Item Monday, so there's always stuff like that to post:

Severely ugly, as usual. (:

Buy these in Jam Mart Clothing as a great addition to your Ronald McNofashionsense costume ((: have a great day

In other news, while playing Best Guess (I keep getting Best Guess confused with Best Dressed) all of your actions are reversed! If you're interested in what an AJ panda looks reversed, scroll down to view the screenshots:

I should have tested it out with sitting. :\

Recently, I've managed to capture an image of a beautiful thing that has happened to me, out of the blue:

Just FYI, I'm a nonmember and before this I had seven diamonds. So, if the llama turns out to be nonmember for once, I'll have just enough to buy it! Wow! But really theres nothing nonmember in the Diamond Shop so whats there to spend it on anyway

Also, in last Thursday's post, I mentioned something about how I thought the Play Wild party was canceled quietly. Well I logged on this morning to a pleasant surprise in the party tab!!!

:') happy tears

Well there's not much else today, so see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Berry the Koala – The Woods!

This is my second post of the day, so if you want to learn about the upcoming llama animals, scroll down. :)

This post right here is to notify you that I updated Berry the Koala's journey yesterday! Click this link right here to go read it! 

I hope you have a fabulous day, and I will now be editing all of this blog's pages. ^_^

– DoomyPanda

Upcoming Llamas?!

Hey Jammers! Over the update I forgot to mention that they finally changed those annoying winter loading screens to some more colorful and Spring-y ones. Sadly, it seems that only one of them stays up long enough for me to take a screenshot:

But you've probably seen 'em all already, so let's move on to the new item! :D

This is called "Three Horned Armor" and sold where else, but Jam Mart Clothing. Pick it up today, members! 

In more interesting news, knowledge and screenshots of a supposed new animal have been spreading fast around the AJ Blogosphere. That supposed new animal is a very glitchy and possibly hacked-in llama that appeared in the user 1231's player card:

It's probably a hack considering the glitch-iness that wasn't present in other animal leaks, such as the polar bears and snow leopards. Also, this user is now unsearchable probably because they were banned. 

But these lines do have AJ's style so I don't think they're fake. AJ also has a history of glitch animals being snuck in as "previews" which was (I think) usually unintentional but always correct in the end. So my conclusion: LLAMAS ARE COMING!!! :D

But while I hope in my heart of hearts that they'll turn out to be nonmember, it's likely that they won't be. Hoping is okay though, right? :)

After all, I do have ten whole diamonds and have no things I want to spend them on right now other than a llama. Wish there were more nonmember diamond shop things so maybe... just maybe... i'd hate the diamond shop a little bit less.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa! :D

– DoomyPanda

Friday, April 17, 2015

No OMG's + Idea for AJ Intro

Hey Jammers! I just noticed there were a bunch of things I forgot to include in yesterday's post, so you're in for something (hopefully) entertaining today. I hope you're prepared!

Nah, it's chill. You don't have to be prepared for anything, lol.

Now I'm just stalling, so... here's the new item!

The horn helmet is sold in Jam Mart Clothing on the first page. ^^

Okay, so the first weirdness/slightly interestingness is part of the new LOL section of bubble chat where you can say prewritten text slang such as (of course) "LOL" as well as "TY" and "YW"

...but no "OMG"

Just a little something wacky. What do you think about it? I'm pretty sure this went unnoticed because honestly, who even uses bubble chat? Ah well, it's nice of AJHQ to enhance it for those few who are bound to it. Still not that sure why they didn't include OMG though... :\

Next weirdness is located inside AJHQ's week(?) old post about a poetry contest going on:

You know it's kind of weird... While in the gallery in Jammer Central it says you can submit poems, I have never ever seen a single poem featured there– and this is coming from someone who obsessively flips through hundreds of pages in the gallery for hours on end for no reason. *cough*that's actually an exaggeration*cough* 
What really matters is that you should trust me. B)

This post also happened to say that they'd be featuring poems on the D.E. all month long, and so far... nothing? Have they dropped it? Or is it because NO ONE sent in a single thing!? I'm kind of surprised. O_o


A poem about a den item. Such an inspiring subject that I wrote one for u just now:


Oh, Rare Skinny Lamp, Rare Skinny Lamp... shall I compare thou to a zombie apocalypse?

Because they come to the door, paws hasty on grass that is damp

But I can't make a sound, in the corners I'm cramped

Upon finding my den the zombie platoon rejoices

I am so afraid, though everything is shut, clamped

But true fear comes when they groan in their voices:




Anyway, I've had this idea for a new feature. You know how AJ keeps changing the intro you get once you make an account? Since there are so many different versions and people (like me) get really picky about which one is current because normally the current one is weird looking and/or ugly, what if new players could just choose which intro they got, with intros from all the way back to when Liza looked like this:

And what if AJHQ reimplemented that feature in the Settings tab that made it so already existing players could go view the intro? We could relive the old intro with Liza as an old panda instead of the brightly colored 3D one we have now. That would be so much fun! New players could get a scroll down list describing each intro like "River Boat Intro" or "Original Liza Intro" or "Peck Intro" and choose. Everything works out. :D

You know, I have so many ideas for AJ but I'm just too shy to submit an actual email under my actual email address about them. There should be like a general suggestion button in Jammer Central for suggestions that don't fit into the clothing or party suggestion boxes that I don't want to spam. Maybe a glitch report button too! Oh my gosh I have too many ideas. >.<

So... do you have any ideas that could make AJ cooler than it already is? What are they? Comment down below! :D

With love,

 – DoomyPanda

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pet Gecko Update!

Hey Jammers! I'm still sick, but I think I'm well enough to make a post about this big update for you all. We have a new pet, a uniquely patterned rabbit, a returning much-beloved party, more Best Guess questions, and... something mysterious. ;D

So without any annoying derailment, heeeeeere's the Jamaa Journal!:

I had originally thought that because of the hype with the coming soon end page that the gecko tail would mean something bigger, like an entire gecko party! Plus, that isn't how they normally advertise pets, so I was confused. 

I think that now AJHQ is going to make ominous coming soon pages for even the changes as common as a new pet, like a new den. *See last page of Journal*

The flowery bunny glitch was right! Now you can get a flower patterned rabbit as well as a bunch of relating den items!

...If you spend real dollars on them, that is. 

I don't mean to be negative (there are a ton of negative AJ bloggers) but again these are just buyable pixels, in my opinion. Same as always. >_<

The Cruise Ship Party has returned! You know there are like so many parties on AJ that I never ever notice when one goes missing completely. Except when it's the Play Wild party, because I have such fond memories and I'm a bit (more than a bit) angry at AJHQ for taking it away. :\

But anyways, Cruise Ship party!

On Earth Day there's something called Earth Hour where big amounts of people all over the world shut off all power in their living space for a single hour and apparently it makes a pretty big change! You should try it out, I'm doing it. :)

Also, check out Best Guess for some more interesting questions. ^_^

And finally, here we are. The end page.

Some people have been thinking that this will be a remodeled Crystal Sands coming in the near future, which I can only hope it won't be, to be honest. It just looks so... sterile. Sterile is the only word I can use. I honestly love the way Crystal Sands is on its own. 

I hope whatever this is, it's something we have options with, like some weird "Beach House Party" because this is really what it looks like. Maybe this could be a den? Probably. Hope so.

The new item is also sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Investigators hat:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa and have a happy Spring! (To y'all on the Northern Hemisphere, I mean!)

– DoomyPanda

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thank you all for coming...?

Hey Jammers! Before I talk about the party I just wanted to thank you for letting me take last week off from posting. I felt kind of sick then and I still do now, but that week really helped me catch up on schoolwork and stuff, so thank you. :D

So, the party turned out to be a kind of confusing failure. Even though at least 20 people answered the poll saying that they could go, only one person who wasn't on my buddy list turned up. And even then, the people on my buddy list that showed up were few and had no idea about the party.

I'm not mad, I'm just confused because every single time I had a party on AJ it's always been the same. A bunch of people say they'll come, but only one shows up. 

I know that the reason I get so many page views is because really, the only posts of mine that people look at (according to Blogger Stats) are the old-ish ones, especially the one about Play Wild BETA. So maybe I need to post more interesting material so more people are excited for the later posts and see them more?

Anyway, because no one comments on my recent posts that much, I'm hoping you see this because I'd just like you to comment why you didn't come so I can prepare for next time. Were you confused about the timezone? Did you find that you had some last minute plans? I'm pretty mystified 100% of the time if you don't comment. This is to help me help you, kay? :)

So here are the few screenshots I took of the "party" which honestly was just more of a hangout. It was kind of fun, actually!

A big thanks to everyone who showed up!!! ^-^ <3

Once I start feeling better, I will update Berry the Koala as well as post and choose the buddy of the month. 

I will also make a later post about some glitches and weird stuff I've encountered in Jamaa.

So until then, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda 
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