Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy 100,000 Pageviews!


It's been almost three whole years of blogging solo about AJ. Thats right! No one else, just DoomyPanda the magnificent! 

I remember getting so excited about just hitting my 20,000 mark and now I'm thinking about how long that was ago. It's unbelievable for me how far I've come since then. Now 100,000? I can't handle this! I! Cant! Handle! This!

But you know how I'm gonna handle it?

I'm gonna have a party on AJ, and every single one of you is invited. 

The reason why I don't normally have parties is because no matter how many people RSVP, like only one person shows up and I've never found out why. I'm hoping in my heart of hearts that this time, this one time, these 100,000 page views will back me up enough so that I can have more.

I will be having the party sometime next weekend, but I will post up the details maybe tomorrow when I've finalized them.

Also, by now you've probably noticed that I've changed the theme of my blog to something a little (a lot) more colorful, and well, just overall more themed. I thought the old background was a bit dark and depressing and I had recently found an HQ version of the stream background, which I love because it's colorful, lively, and fitting to our name!

I'm still working on the header though, so it's not over yet! I just need to convert it to a .png...

But before I go, I'd like you all just to do a little something for me. Could you comment something under this post? Anything– your Animal Jam history, your favorite things about AJ, recommendations for the future of AJ Stream– and more. Just anything you want, really, as long as it's not just "cookiez XD" or spam. It would really make my day 10000x better than it already is to just receive one comment. 

See you in Jamaa~ 


 – DoomyPanda


  1. Congratulations! What time is the party?

  2. Happy belated 100,000 page views! :D Sorry that I am so very late on saying this! -lostfairy


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