Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Update of April 2015!

Hey Jammers! Today's update was late for some reason– a reason which I really hope wasn't too serious. But anyway, we have (in my opinion) a pretty nice update today, so let's get to it!

So Spirits Jamaa's leak was legitimate! I personally think the Beach House is pretty weird and a bit too "glamorous" for AJ's nature-based style, but whatevs. I can't complain when this happened instead of an uncalled-for Crystal Sands renovation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We have a really nice looking den item contest this update! :D
Here are some full pics of each set, from my least favorite to absolute favorite:

 We have the clashy Mech Future theme...

The sunny sand castle theme, and then my absolute favorite of every den item set ever...

The Excavation Site! If you click the image to make it clearer you may see a bit of why I love it so much. I don't know about you, but the style kind of reminds me of beta items, like kind of dusty or "rough around the edges" like the items that used to be just a signature part of AJ's charm.

All three kind of have that style, actually! And while I hope the excavation site wins, all sets will come out eventually. :)

Cheetahs are back in stores! Become one today.* :)

*If you have a membership and ten or more diamonds

Aaaannd, an ad for the Spring Bunny to remind us all to spend real money for virtual flowers. I won't be caught dead in GameStop but all of you with money can go do whatever you like. ;D

Before I forget, the new item is sold in the Diamond Shop. Not in the armor section but the regular item section, just a note.

Ya know at first I was sad that this is members only but then I remembered my panda doesn't have a tail. Still a cute item though

Before I go, I have a quick announcement regarding Buddy of the Month: I know that the majority voted that I keep BOTM, which I'm excited about that you like it and trust me, I will keep it! But as you may know, it's April 30th. I've decided I'll pick BOTM back up in May and not do it for this month, just for a tiny tiny break ya know.

So anyway, see you tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Hi, Doomy! (sorry I haven't checked on this blog in forever) I'm kinda fed up with the modern AJ items... When I read my AJ Insiders book, it mentioned in the back how AJHQ's goal was to keep it nature-y and old-timey. I really love the idea of keeping AJ "natural." Obviously, they kinda ditched that idea... :T I really wished that they continued making the items out of natural objects. (sorry for the rant)
    Also, the beack house is HUGE! I wouldn't be able to fit all of my items in it- there is just so much space :T I'm pretty tired of the "Wow we made the biggest den yet" factor. I like the small, simple dens. (randomly putting my opinion here sorry)


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