Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Den LEAK!

Hey Jammers! Today we have some semi-interesting news for once: leaked photos of a new den! Not sourced to me, of course, but when interesting news pops up I think it's my responsibility to not leave you all in the dark. :D

But first, let's take a look at today's new item:

This is filed under my category 'Items I Never Even Noticed Leave – And Now They're Back!'

This item specifically is sold in Bahari Bargains, down under the digital ocean in Bahari Bay.

Alright, now to the part you actually care about!

(Image/video credit to YouTube user Spirits Jamaa)

Somehow, this person managed to find a picture of what a future den looks like. It kinda looks like a sort of mansion or something, which in my opinion is pretty weird and "unnatural" for AJ. But I'm guessing that against all odds, this den will be popular among members once it's released... tomorrow!

Did you forget that every other Thursday, AJ is updated? If you did, that's a reminder to get all your April birthstones and clearance items today!

In two days, sweet pea flowers leave Treetop Gardens too, so go get those to add to your den gardens! :D

And before I go, I just wanted to let ya know that today is International Guide Dog Day! Thank you to guide dogs everywhere for helping humans!

Thank a guide dog today! :D

– DoomyPanda

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