Friday, April 17, 2015

No OMG's + Idea for AJ Intro

Hey Jammers! I just noticed there were a bunch of things I forgot to include in yesterday's post, so you're in for something (hopefully) entertaining today. I hope you're prepared!

Nah, it's chill. You don't have to be prepared for anything, lol.

Now I'm just stalling, so... here's the new item!

The horn helmet is sold in Jam Mart Clothing on the first page. ^^

Okay, so the first weirdness/slightly interestingness is part of the new LOL section of bubble chat where you can say prewritten text slang such as (of course) "LOL" as well as "TY" and "YW"

...but no "OMG"

Just a little something wacky. What do you think about it? I'm pretty sure this went unnoticed because honestly, who even uses bubble chat? Ah well, it's nice of AJHQ to enhance it for those few who are bound to it. Still not that sure why they didn't include OMG though... :\

Next weirdness is located inside AJHQ's week(?) old post about a poetry contest going on:

You know it's kind of weird... While in the gallery in Jammer Central it says you can submit poems, I have never ever seen a single poem featured there– and this is coming from someone who obsessively flips through hundreds of pages in the gallery for hours on end for no reason. *cough*that's actually an exaggeration*cough* 
What really matters is that you should trust me. B)

This post also happened to say that they'd be featuring poems on the D.E. all month long, and so far... nothing? Have they dropped it? Or is it because NO ONE sent in a single thing!? I'm kind of surprised. O_o


A poem about a den item. Such an inspiring subject that I wrote one for u just now:


Oh, Rare Skinny Lamp, Rare Skinny Lamp... shall I compare thou to a zombie apocalypse?

Because they come to the door, paws hasty on grass that is damp

But I can't make a sound, in the corners I'm cramped

Upon finding my den the zombie platoon rejoices

I am so afraid, though everything is shut, clamped

But true fear comes when they groan in their voices:




Anyway, I've had this idea for a new feature. You know how AJ keeps changing the intro you get once you make an account? Since there are so many different versions and people (like me) get really picky about which one is current because normally the current one is weird looking and/or ugly, what if new players could just choose which intro they got, with intros from all the way back to when Liza looked like this:

And what if AJHQ reimplemented that feature in the Settings tab that made it so already existing players could go view the intro? We could relive the old intro with Liza as an old panda instead of the brightly colored 3D one we have now. That would be so much fun! New players could get a scroll down list describing each intro like "River Boat Intro" or "Original Liza Intro" or "Peck Intro" and choose. Everything works out. :D

You know, I have so many ideas for AJ but I'm just too shy to submit an actual email under my actual email address about them. There should be like a general suggestion button in Jammer Central for suggestions that don't fit into the clothing or party suggestion boxes that I don't want to spam. Maybe a glitch report button too! Oh my gosh I have too many ideas. >.<

So... do you have any ideas that could make AJ cooler than it already is? What are they? Comment down below! :D

With love,

 – DoomyPanda


  1. Maybe it's because "OMG" sometimes stands for "Oh my god" and maybe some people don't believe in God or they don't want to use a religious thing.

  2. (Warning: long comment)
    I think that bringing back the old intro would be AMAZING! The animation style fits in with the common animal animation, so it seems that Liza herself is part of the AJ community like other Jammers. Plus, now that Peck does the intro, when you enter the training grounds for Adventures, Liza's line "It's great to see you again" is invalid because NOW new Jammers have never actually been introduced to her.
    I think that it'd be cool if you did send AJHQ an email, because they actually reply to Jammers. I don't necessarily think they'd listen but it'd be nice to introduce them to a suggestion to make the game better.
    That reminds me that I haven't heard much about the fact that AJHQ had made the "View Tutorial" option awhile back, but it slipped away only a little while later. (Thus concludes this long comment.)


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