Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pet Gecko Update!

Hey Jammers! I'm still sick, but I think I'm well enough to make a post about this big update for you all. We have a new pet, a uniquely patterned rabbit, a returning much-beloved party, more Best Guess questions, and... something mysterious. ;D

So without any annoying derailment, heeeeeere's the Jamaa Journal!:

I had originally thought that because of the hype with the coming soon end page that the gecko tail would mean something bigger, like an entire gecko party! Plus, that isn't how they normally advertise pets, so I was confused. 

I think that now AJHQ is going to make ominous coming soon pages for even the changes as common as a new pet, like a new den. *See last page of Journal*

The flowery bunny glitch was right! Now you can get a flower patterned rabbit as well as a bunch of relating den items!

...If you spend real dollars on them, that is. 

I don't mean to be negative (there are a ton of negative AJ bloggers) but again these are just buyable pixels, in my opinion. Same as always. >_<

The Cruise Ship Party has returned! You know there are like so many parties on AJ that I never ever notice when one goes missing completely. Except when it's the Play Wild party, because I have such fond memories and I'm a bit (more than a bit) angry at AJHQ for taking it away. :\

But anyways, Cruise Ship party!

On Earth Day there's something called Earth Hour where big amounts of people all over the world shut off all power in their living space for a single hour and apparently it makes a pretty big change! You should try it out, I'm doing it. :)

Also, check out Best Guess for some more interesting questions. ^_^

And finally, here we are. The end page.

Some people have been thinking that this will be a remodeled Crystal Sands coming in the near future, which I can only hope it won't be, to be honest. It just looks so... sterile. Sterile is the only word I can use. I honestly love the way Crystal Sands is on its own. 

I hope whatever this is, it's something we have options with, like some weird "Beach House Party" because this is really what it looks like. Maybe this could be a den? Probably. Hope so.

The new item is also sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Investigators hat:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa and have a happy Spring! (To y'all on the Northern Hemisphere, I mean!)

– DoomyPanda

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  1. This update angered me because I had bought a membership card only a few days that update, so I missed my chance to get a rad bunny. i cri evrytiem


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