Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thank you all for coming...?

Hey Jammers! Before I talk about the party I just wanted to thank you for letting me take last week off from posting. I felt kind of sick then and I still do now, but that week really helped me catch up on schoolwork and stuff, so thank you. :D

So, the party turned out to be a kind of confusing failure. Even though at least 20 people answered the poll saying that they could go, only one person who wasn't on my buddy list turned up. And even then, the people on my buddy list that showed up were few and had no idea about the party.

I'm not mad, I'm just confused because every single time I had a party on AJ it's always been the same. A bunch of people say they'll come, but only one shows up. 

I know that the reason I get so many page views is because really, the only posts of mine that people look at (according to Blogger Stats) are the old-ish ones, especially the one about Play Wild BETA. So maybe I need to post more interesting material so more people are excited for the later posts and see them more?

Anyway, because no one comments on my recent posts that much, I'm hoping you see this because I'd just like you to comment why you didn't come so I can prepare for next time. Were you confused about the timezone? Did you find that you had some last minute plans? I'm pretty mystified 100% of the time if you don't comment. This is to help me help you, kay? :)

So here are the few screenshots I took of the "party" which honestly was just more of a hangout. It was kind of fun, actually!

A big thanks to everyone who showed up!!! ^-^ <3

Once I start feeling better, I will update Berry the Koala as well as post and choose the buddy of the month. 

I will also make a later post about some glitches and weird stuff I've encountered in Jamaa.

So until then, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda 


  1. I had last minute plans just 4 hours before your party! I wish that I could've came!

  2. I kinda forgot and then realized you had the party, five hours later. Sorry.

  3. I would of came but it was too early for me... I'm sorry :(

  4. I saw the post "the party is on now" but then i realized it was posted 3 hours ago . . i probably thought it was over. :c


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