Thursday, May 28, 2015

BIG Summer Update!

Get ready, because this is an incredible update!

A bunch of the new stuff I predicted in this post didn't come true, such as a new pet and den set– but we did get two things I predicted as well as a whole lot more unpredicted.

So let's start off the unofficial summer with the Jamaa Journal! ^-^

The Summer Carnival's also gotten a lovely update as well:

It's the regular Summer Carnival except with an added bouncy house, bonfire, and lots of leafy trees hidden right behind the cotton candy shop. :D

As every year, there's also a ton of prizes available! If you have enough tickets, that is:

And while it may be outdated, you can look at my guide to the Summer Carnival if you're confused. :)

Best Guess just got more interesting! Go check it outtt :D

Located at the back of the Conservation Center, go to Appondale Theater to watch exclusively AJ's collection of CGI animations. :D

The inside has the same pretty floor pattern and a lot of soft pillows. I love the aqua windows too ^0^/)

There was recently a prediction I made about a new animal being announced this update. I was right...

The otters have left Jamaa, but another is soon to fill their rank.

But this time, it will be a bit more difficult to figure out who is gonna be coming to AJ. There's no puzzle to solve, but there is a secret image hidden away in the sun-bleached Coral Pathway...

I decided to look around on an empty server for it and checked a multitude of places for a sign. At the end the last place I knew that already had a small moose painting was the Canyons Pathway, so I went there and...



I've done some research just now and found out that llamas were leaked through what I'm assuming is hacking a while ago. Videos of the llama before they were banned are all up over YouTube:

The player card of banned user 1231 has a glitchy looking top half of what will obviously be akin to what the new llama looks like once it's fully released.

But while I am excited for the llama, they're most likely gonna be member's only in the diamond shop. Usually when new animals like otters and owls came out I was unfazed with their strict unavailability... but llamas? Llamas need to be nonmember. And if they become nonmember it would be really nice if nonmembers got just one extra animal slot, too.

So anyways, um... AJHQ? Could you make llamas available for everyone? Because that's never happened before and I'm sure a lot of other people would agree...

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa~

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Please AJHQ... don't make this members only... The nonmembers need some more animals! I'm really looking forward to the llamas!


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