Saturday, June 6, 2015

Circus Items...?

Hay I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday! My brother really wanted to Skype his friend soooo yeah. But there's a post today at least, with a new item and everything haha. 

This new item is sold in the Summer Carnival and in my honest opinion is kind of strange...

This is Animal Jam. Many circuses are inherently abusive of animals. A single ignorable item is fine, I guess, but I am HOPING SO HARD that this does not mean a circus is coming to the Summer Carnival. :|

Probably not I guess because if there was gonna be a circus they would have already added it once it came out.

So moving on...

Yesterday was World Environment Day! I think it was also Hug a Cat Day too. Too bad I don't know any cats that I can hug. D:

My mouse is glitching right now, so...


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  1. Yikes . . i did not think about the circuses being animal abuse, and even hoped for a circus. But uhm AJHQ isn't gonna make one where animals are in cages . . right?
    *cough* I feel like an idiot now.


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