Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Unfair Party List

Hey Jammers! I'm sort of better so I might as well post today. I don't want to deprive you of my *~excellence~* for so long now, wouldn't I?

The new item of today is in the Summer Carnival, which I have still yet to check out fully:

A small lavender-blue hat with a moon and star charm, cute! :)

On another subject, I've noticed something really irritating recently: Only a few certain parties get featured over and over again each day!

I feel like the way the parties appear is based on popularity, but any new party is going to be popular because people want to check it out! I haven't seen a Bunnies Only party or an Atlantis Party in literal months! 

There's a full list of AJ parties linked right here on the AJ wiki and only four or five out of them are featured daily– some even disappeared without a trace! *cough*Heatwave Party*cough*

I think it would be a lot more fair if all current (non-seasonal and appropriately seasonal) parties went through a predictable cycle every day except on certain occasions, like the Leap Year. I think if that happened people would spend more time at parties in general because all of their favorite parties would happen in one day and they may not get as much of a chance to go to them if they only happen once!

Is that a good idea? What are your thoughts? :0

That's all for now Jammers, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Yes, I've noticed that too. I think your idea of a party schedule is really cool - maybe AJHQ could put it somewhere in Jammer Central so we could check up and see what parties would be on at particular times in a week. :D

  2. I've noticed the fact that lots of parties aren't hosted, as well. A lot of times I scroll through the party list and I won't see anything I want to go to. :( I am up for the idea that parties are scheduled evenly throughout the day, sounds fair to everyone with different party tastes. :>

  3. Im really sad the atlantis party is gone plus I sometimes miss parties and its so annoying!!


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