Thursday, August 13, 2015

Appondale's Secret

Hey Jammers! I can't seem to find the daily item today either! It's kind of strange, but I'm probably just not looking hard enough. Luckily, I do have a couple other non-item-related things that you may be interested in.

First off, today I learned that all names of characters from the Warriors series have been added by AJHQ to the safe chat dictionary:

I used to be obsessed with that series but even though I'm not right now, much of Jamaa is. It's kind of funny seeing AJHQ finally recognize all the roleplaying that goes on in Sarepia. XD

Today on AJ everyone got a "Hey Jammers!" message telling us to turn purple and go to Appondale– because apparently, the tree has a  deep, dark secret...

I went and we all attempted to figure out just what type of secret AJHQ meant.

Some people thought the tree in Appondale was a type that had purple fruit IRL. I think the big secret was just the fact that you are able to climb the tree on AJ. Still, many mysteries still remain in Jamaa, alluding those who think they've seen everything... 

Stay tuned for a surprise rare giveaway raffle in a post I will type up just after this one is published!


  1. The warrior names have been there for a while now, it's nothing new

  2. hmm a girl in my class is obsessed with the warrior cats series


  4. this does not work


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