Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Areca Palm

Hey Jammers! Today in Jamaa Township I witnessed a battle between two flash mobs, the Shrimps and the Fuzzy Poshllamas.

The pink mass to the right of the screen was the shrimps and the Fuzzy Poshllamas were a brown arctic wolf, panda, and Fuzzy Poshllama themselves. 

I joined in for a little, but when things got kinda mean I left to go take a screenshot of today's new item: the Areca Palm, sold in leafy Treetop Gardens!

The Areca Palm (pronounced ah-ree-ca) is a genus of palm native to the tropical forests of China and India. Humans use the mature fronds of the tree to create eco-friendly and chemical-free disposable dinnerware! 

A cool fact about using the Areca Palm to make dinnerware is that it's sustainable! The tree itself isn't hurt in the production, and only pressure and hot water are used in the process so pollution is minimized. What a great alternative to paper plates! :D

That's all for right now– don't forget to check out my raffle and I'll see you in Jamaa! (>^-^)>

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