Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Buddy of the Month – August 2015!

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Hey Jammers! This BOTM is a little different from all the others. Well, most of the others. 

This one is actually a repeat that was a BOTM a long, long time ago. I've definitely gained a ton of great new friends who I'm definitely planning to feature later on, but I've chosen this specific BOTM because, well, yesterday was her birthday.

Happy late birthday, furryfruit73! For everyone reading, I have a special but no-stress request for you: could you Jam-a-gram her a quick "Happy birthday"? She's at camp right now and can't use her computer until September, but when she does check AJ I want her to smile! (>^-^)><(^-^<)

Please Jam-a-gram wish my great friend furryfruit73 a happy birthday. <3

~ DoomyPanda

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Heyyo! I love it when you guys comment. I'm always checking for more, so even if you comment on an older post I'll definitely see it and try to respond. :)

Before you comment, of course, here are some basic things to remember:

-Don't be mean on purpose.
-Keep the comments appropriate for all ages. This is an Animal Jam blog.

Pretty easy rules. Nothing to stress about. As long as you follow them, you can say whatever you want!

Thanks for reading! C(o.o)D

P.S. That's a bear emoticon up there. ^

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