Sunday, August 2, 2015

First Ever Screenshot :O

Hey Jammers! I kind of want to spend some more time actually playing AJ today so this won't be a ~real~ post, but I do have some good news: my dad found my backup stuff from my older computer before it broke! And you know what that means?


Thanks, dad. :D

So I'm just gonna show you where it all began: my first screenshot EVER:

It's full screen because thats all I knew how to do at the time. My panda's look really hasn't changed that much. XD
It was taken on April 18th, 2012– a few months after I started playing AJ on February 17th.
This was back when the Temple of Zios skyway glitch still worked and was super easy. Maybe I wrote about it somewhere in my glitches page...

Another one I have is also of a really weird glitch that happened:

So I was just minding my own business in my den, when suddenly my friend who's an underwater turtle just APPEARS and starts flying/floating around without saying a word. Weird... O.o

That's all for now, do any of you wanna see more old screenshots?

See you in Jamaa~

(I also found my old signature banner. ) :D


  1. Aaaah Doomy the Sol Arcade is finally selling another game for nonmembers! It's Overflow.

  2. Talk about a Throwback Thursday... erm... I mean Sunday..


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