Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not posting for a few days

Hey Jammers! Sorry, this isn't a real post with actually interesting content. It's just a notice asking you to excuse my absence over the last couple days and to tell you that... well, I won't be posting for another few days either.

I'm not going to talk about why, because I want to keep this blog a positive place, but even though I'd really like to I can't go on AJ for (what I hope will only be) a few days. If I can't go on AJ, I can't really post about the same stuff I always do.

...But just because I can't be on AJ doesn't mean I can't be on this blog! I won't post, but I'll publish and answer any comment or question you have. Maybe we could chat in the comment section a little? I'd be up for that. XD

I could also make some posts that involve me digging up old screenshots, or ranting about something that doesn't involve me having to go online and collect screenshots. Maybe some more info posts about wildlife? Hmm...

I'm sorry if this is disappointing, that after me not posting for a few days I finally wrote something up but it's about me not posting AGAIN for another few days. I'm just as disappointed as you are that I won't get to go online, I'll miss all my buddies and I really need to talk to them! 

Before I end off this quick post, here's someone's bee on AJ whose name made me laugh:

Well, that's all for right now I guess. I won't see you in Jamaa very soon, but I will see you on Animal Jam Stream! DoomyPanda, signing off... :)


  1. Aww, it's ok! Just hurry back to us when you can, we'll be waiting! :P

    -Goshenite <3


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