Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hey Jammers! No complete post today (because I'm getting ready for Halloween :P) but I do have the new items for y'all:

Finally, the last Night of the Phantoms items have arrived in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. Is that a bunny figurine I spy inside the Trick-or-treat Bucket? 

 _ _ _ _
/ / 0.0 \ \
  C    D
   l l l l
   0   0

That's my attempt at recreating the bunny figurine with text symbols. ^

In slightly more personal news, my brother recently started playing Animal Jam again! 

Now, back to Jamaa:

Because it's the best day of October I've decided to unlock my den for today and tonight! There's not much to see aside from my bad decorating and I probably won't be online until later at night, but just if you're curious or want a place to sit around with your friends, it's open!

• • • •

I'm going to have to wrap up this post a little prematurely because I have to be at my friends house soon. To all those who celebrate it, have a happy Halloween! To all those who don't, I hope you have a lovely Saturday! :D

– DoomyPanda

Friday, October 30, 2015

New Animal is a BAT?

Happy day before Halloween– to all those who celebrate it! What will you be masquerading as tomorrow?

I'm going to go as a panda princess (duh) because I have a black and white dress as well as a plushy panda hat. :D

Okay, now onto the main subject of this post. You know how the new animal is pretty clearly an arctic fox? Well, Bat Conservation International has something to say about that...

And to prove this screenshot isn't photoshopped, here's a follow-up from a fan:



So what's going on here?

It could be that Bat Conservation International is confused, because I don't think they'd be aloud to leak something as important as the next new animal WHILE partnering up with Wildworks. It's kind of strange that at first they'd just blurt it out in the comments because it's sure to cause confusion– isn't it hinted heavily that the new animal will be an arctic fox?

I think the most likely explanation for this is that arctic foxes WILL be the new animal to come out first. Following the fox, the bat will be the next one. This is pretty confusing considering that bats are associated with Halloween and they'd miss the chance to come out closer to that day.

Regardless, I hope Bat Conservation International doesn't get in too much trouble! D:

• • • •

I'm sorry l haven't been posting so much lately. I swear I do not get this much homework every day! I've also been feeling a little sick and stressed with some stuff, but this will pass and you'll no longer have to put up with annoyingly short posts for long.

Until then, here's my friend's cool alter-ego: bread bear.

Fighting evil by moonlight,

winning love by daylight,

never running from a real fight!

She is the one named Bread Bear!

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ugh MORE Homework D:

I have an unusually large amount of homework today so no real post today. However, I definitely promise a post tomorrow!

Until then, hang on!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I have tons of homework, no post tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weird Shop Glitch + My Masterpiece

Hey Jammers! Three– count 'em– THREE posts in a row! Aren't ya proud of me? No? Well that's okay! I still have some pretty cool news for you.

Well, this first part isn't so cool. You know the new Steampunk item theme in Outback Imports? It looks like we won't be getting any new nonmember items at all.

Okay, I was pretty certain that at least the Steampunk Doormat would be nonmember but it looks like I was once again incorrect about my prediction. However, I think the case will be that one of these items will change availability– and that item will most likely be the doormat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In more interesting news, Jam Mart Furniture seems to have been glitching out in a weird new way since the last update:

(Image credit: Animal Jam Spirit)

I wonder what kind of stuff goes on during the Animal Jam updates that leads to weird stuff like this. Hmm...

Over on the Daily Explorer, there's a new downloadable piece of phantom-themed note paper where you can write all of your phantom-related poems and secrets!

I present to you, the masterpiece to leave all masterpieces in the dust; the epitome of my artistic talent. Prepare to be blown away by...

"Why Do Phantoms Look Like Octopus" (poem) by DoomyPanda, 2015 

Apologies to those who have been reduced to tears by how deep my poem was. Don't worry, I'm crying too.

Farewell until tomorrow, Jammers! See you in Jamaa~

Monday, October 26, 2015

Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!

Hey Jammers! Two posts in a row– Woohoo, I'm coming along! Just you wait– soon I'll be churning out posts daily again. ^_^

Today is Monday, October 26. And do you know what that means?


Wait, you thought I meant Rare Item Monday? Well that too, but wouldn't you rather learn that tonight is the night where it's socially acceptable to scream into the starry abyss of outer space for once? If only every night was Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night...

Besides, the rare item is a mask so it would interfere with your howling! 

Although I must admit, this mask certainly looks like it's screeching through its teeth. If that's the way you roll, go ahead! :D

• • • •

I've just realized that I haven't done Buddy of the Month in forever– and by forever I mean a month. Luckily, October's not over yet so I still have some time to catch up. 

Catch ya later when I'll hopefully be done with that, Jammers! :D

See you in Jamaa~

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Proof of Arctic Foxes

Hey Jammers! Starting tomorrow I'm hoping to get back into the swing of posting daily without any distractions on my part. 

Don't get me wrong– I still love AJ blogging with as much vigor as ever, but school has been so exhausting lately that all I wanna do when I come home is lie in bed and read ghost stories. XD

Plus, whenever I sit down to post I kind of just jump from tab to tab, so that's something I need to work on as well.

Ok, enough of me stalling. The main focus of this post is around a little leak discovered by YouTuber TheOneAndOnlySomething that very much hints towards the new animal being an arctic fox:

The above image is of the Daily Explorer's new (and very helpful) way of reporting due dates for contests. 

The "LYNXES" contest only came about because lynx cats were the most recently released animals, so we can safely assume that the "ARCTIC FOXES" contest prompt was only thought of because arctic foxes are the next animal to come out.

However, one question remains. What's the legitimacy of this leak? It's actually pretty easy to find out!

First, go to the Daily Explorer and right-click this sidebar image:

Click the menu option "Open Image in New Tab"

After you've opened it up on its own, locate the 02 at the end of the image's URL and replace it with 01.

Press the Enter key and voila! All the secrets of the universe have been revealed. ARCTIC FOXES CONFIRMED!!!

The reason why some people need confirmation is because there was a small amount of people who thought the new animal would be a red panda, instead. The carving over Harper's cave could have shown either a red panda or an arctic fox, and Animal Jam has enough canine animals already. 

Pretty good evidence, but arctic wolves are the ones who live in cave-like dens and burrows in the snow. Plus, if the new animal was a red fox they would be closer to where the Journey Book red fox is in Mt. Shiveer. As much as I'd love a red panda on AJ, it's pretty much confirmed that arctic foxes will be the new animal.

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :D

– DoomyPanda

P.S. Just a notice– this blog may look a little wonky today and that's because I'm working on temporarily redoing it for Night of the Phantoms! :P

Friday, October 23, 2015

Accounts can be DELETED! (Important)


Hey Jammers! I know I've been really inconsistent with my posting, and I've gotta apologize about all of that. I have a lot of homework, and while I do have some free time I need to learn how to use it more effectively for stuff like blogging. I'll get used to all this soon, but for now it's Friday! That means I'll definitely be posting today (lol I already am) and over the weekendDuring that time I'll figure out a strategy to make my posting schedule less muddy.

Now, onto the news. Yesterday we got a rare double update– two update weeks in a row! This update follows what I'm guessing will be a "Night of the Phantoms tradition" where the phantoms vandalize the Jamaa Journal with their creepy goo.

See for yourself:

Being a double update, there isn't a lot of new stuff so a lot of the following pages are just filler. But there does seem to be a new item set!

No nonmember items yet, but from the picture in the Jamaa Journal I have a pretty good guess of which one will be. The gear-patterned rug is the most boring item so we can assume that it will be the only out of the set for all Jammers. Kind of a shame because the Steampunk Parlor is what I voted for. :(

All the rest of the Jamaa Journal is filler:

The phantoms remind me of tiny children who want attention. Maybe we should give them some candy instead of hoarding it all ourselves... :(

Here's a little glitch that happened shortly after the update. Everyone's animal name was changed to their username!

The way to go back to normal is by clicking your animal picture and closing it.

Before I go, I just learned something on the Daily Explorer. Apparently it's now possible to delete your accounts!

...And just so you know, NEVER click the "Disable Web account" button on the parent dashboard. That used to just temporarily lock your account, but now it completely deletes your entire account.

I learned that the hard way. I had my storage account disabled back when it just temporarily removed access, but today I checked and my storage was completely 100% deleted. Luckily, there wasn't anything so important on there that I'd wanna protect.

Yeesh... the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I dodged a bullet by forgetting to lock my main account the last time I logged on. :O

That's all for now. Keep your accounts safe and I'll answer any questions in the comments!

– DoomyPanda 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Post coming later...

Whoa, a double update! Did not see that one coming. XD

Check back later for a full post~

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spooky Drawings, Dens, and Outfits

Hey Jammers! Sorry if this post is a little late *cough*twowholedays*cough* but that's because I wanted to draw something in the Art Studio. Wanna see it? Good, you have no choice! 

A little warning: it's kind of creepy looking.

I could have spent more time with the shading/lighting/glow and stuff but drawing with a mouse is a real struggle. I wonder if I had a drawing tablet I could use it with the AJ art studio... but probably not because I have NO idea how that kind of technology works and I'm too broke to even consider a tablet in my lifetime lol

The reason why I made this phantom, er, the way it is, is because I wish phantoms were scarier! They just look like harmless squishy flying octopi instead of the main source of pollution and eeeeeevil in Jamaa. My drawing is basically how I wish AJ phantoms looked, complete with annoying laughter and pretty fire. Yep.

I also made a cute-isn picture for World Animal Day a week or so ago:

I doubt these will get into the gallery, but I just wanted to show them to you because I kinda like 'em. :\

Speaking of things I kinda like– or in this case, REALLY like –my friend redesigned her den and it's BEAUTIFUL! :O

Peoples234 has a talent for making the most jaw-dropping-ly gorgeous dens. She uses minimal items– even non-rare ones –in such creative ways!

In actual news, here are the new items/stuff I missed:

You know, I was pretty certain that the Spooky Rug used to be nonmember. I wonder if AJHQ is acting like there are just ONE TOO MANY nonmember items because, boy, it sure looks like it! I can imagine them running around with alarms blaring like "Oh no... the level of nonmember items is one TOO HIGH! Quick, Bob– turn one staple item members only because WE CAN!!!"

Unlikely, but I feel like there was a period around this summer to 2014 that everyone was certain was like the golden age for nonmember items. Now AJHQ decided that "Whoa, too many nonmember items!" and went back to releasing a new nonmember item once every millennium on a blue moon in the light of the solstice through the gap in stonehenge as the planets align into a giant dollar sign shape because money seems to be what AJHQ's number one goal is despite already having a crazy-successful game

*ahem* Next, we have a really pretty and simple nonmember clothing idea spotted in Jamaa!

I'm not gonna say that you can use it for free because I didn't ask permission to post this, but I guess you can use it for inspirational purposes. It's pretty, right? Miss Snowypuppy, if you're reading this your bunny has a great outfit! (>^-^)>

Before I go, here are a few screenshots of new things that you may find interesting.

It seems that action bubbles appear when you're using a Jammer Wall. It's a little weird, though, considering this wolf is nonmember:

The member/nonmember animal glitch is nothing new, but I've never seen a nonmember llama before... until now!:

It seems that because the Jam a Gram bubble chat was updated, all old messages with phrases no longer on the bubble chat were replaced with existing ones:

This Jam a Gram originally said "come party with me!"

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Horror + Nonmember Den Ideas!

(Warning: I'm crazy tired right now so this post probably won't make much sense lol)

Hey Jammers! I know I was supposed to update Berry the Koala yesterday, and I'll get to that soon today– no worries! I was just really tired when I came home from school. :P

Moving onto the news: disaster has struck Jam Mart Clothing. Being sold is an item so horrifying that the instant you gaze upon its evil you will faint within seconds. WARNING: VIEW THE BELOW IMAGE AT YOUR OWN RISK. FAINTING OF TERROR WILL ENSUE, NO LIE!!!



It may not seem scary at first, but one haunting question remains... how did a cat with such tiny paws push their head through the bread slice? Don't be fooled by this cat's calm demeanor. Beneath that mask of sweetness lies a feline with strong telekinetic powers... You have been warned... Hide your bread, it is in danger...

Mini unrelated ramble: There's this nail salon near my school that has a dangerously cute sheep and Pusheen plushie (the cat above) in the window. Every time I pass by them I seriously feel the need to round up my squad and break in there to steal them. But many questions remain. What if the sheep owns the store? Everything is so complicated... And I am so tired... 

Seriously though, today's new item is the Bread Hat:

Eww... white bread? Just another reason to be afraid! No offense to anyone who actually likes white bread BTW... Run along now with your sandwiches...

Speaking of items, Spiked Collars and Wristbands are now officially being sold in the Diamond Shop for the weekend!

Having finally crawled out of the deep dark pit of rarity, these two accessories will hopefully no longer be the subject of so much pretentiousness. Yay!

I don't mean to sound rude, but when pixels are used to make yourself seem important it kinda gets old really fast. Wearing items because they look cool is great, but using them to give yourself some made-up rank as a "rare jammer" is really materialistic. And when you think about how those items aren't even made of material it just gets even weirder! Think about it...

Over on the Daily Explorer there are a few posts that you might find interesting. To read them all in full, go to the official blog linked on AJ's home page!

I love all of the educational stuff AJHQ incorporates into their blog and game! It really connects the fantasy elements of Animal Jam with real life. c(^.^)D 

Finally an excuse to use the bear emoticon that I made myself. If you want to use it anywhere else, you're gonna have to add in a (copyright DoomyPanda) right next to it. JKJKJK

Next up, I have a couple nonmember Night of the Phantoms-themed den ideas! Den ideas... Whoa, I haven't done any of those in a while! Feel free to use any!

First up is something I experimented with while decorating my den: a phantom window!

What you need:

1. Full Moon Window – Wolves Only Party Shop – 300 Gems
2. Phantom Archway – Phantom Vortex Game – LIMITED TIME!

What I did was basically stack the window on top of the archway to make a kind of window frame. This would look really cool as part of a phantom dungeon with a phantom archway on each wall. You could also put some stuff like tables around the bottom to cover it up.

Next nonmember den idea is a "sleeping bag":

I thought that these colors looked really nice together! They could be used for a sleepover-theme or outdoors-theme. Now, here's what you need:

1. Patched Rug (dark blue) – Outback Imports – 350 Gems
2. Star Pillow (blue) – Jam Mart Furniture – 300 Gems
3. Spilled Popcorn – Theater Shop – 200 Gems

I thought of these den ideas while I was making my den pretty for Night of the Phantoms, so I might as well show you the finished product! :D

Spooky enough for ya? I need to get more of those Shoji Screens so I can make them cover all the walls!

• • • •

Wow, this post was a lot longer than I expected! I guess that's what happens when you fill the first half with tired rambling lol

I guess that's all for now, so see you in Jamaa!

And don't forget to keep your bread safe from cats...

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hey Jammers! Whoo, I completely forgot about today being the update! Because it's such a crazy eventful update, I might as well get right to the news, huh?

There's a cool new feature in the settings tab that lets your username display instead of your animal name:

I'll be keeping my animal name the way it is just because I like it so much! Monster Magicmoon has a nice ring to it, right?

I wonder if this feature will display your username in group games...

• • • •

*cough*...Aaaaaaand now, the Jamaa Journal!

Pet tarantulas have returned! Adopt one of these babies in the Diamond Shop. ^-^

I... I could shed a tear at this news... 

A tear of JOY! 

Why? Because now that the rarity of Spiked Whatevers is gonna go down exponentially, there will be no more "GIVE ME SPIKE" or "OMG I HAVE LIKE 56 SPIKE WORSHIP ME PEASANTS"

Yippee! Yay! Hooray! 

Another rare item will probably replace spiked stuff but for now, let's CELEBRATE! :D

I had thought that the new Spooky Party had added in additions of the Haunted Forest Party to replace it, but I guess not! In that case, head on over to the purple, green, and possibly radioactive forest!

The shop's current inventory is below:

Psst, lostfairy! The headstones are right here!

I want to like the cat ear/whisker costume because it's both nonmember and original, but something seems kinda off about dressing your tiger up with it. 

This is perfect for clan role-players so they can be a wolf and a cat at the same time.

Ooh, a new animal! Hmm... it says the new animal is given out as a hint around Jamaa! Let's try Mt. Shiveer–

Yep, it's there alright. And it replaced the Harper picture on their cave– how rude! But what creature does this carving picture?

I'll give you another hint:

Look familiar to you? It's an arctic fox! Native to the Arctic tundra, this fox has a thick fur that changes colors to blend into each season. 

The carving above Harper's cave looks like a combination of the AJ red fox and lynx cat, which hopefully will not be the case come this canine's official release. 

As much as I am psyched to look forward to a new animal, I kind of hope that reptiles get to be in the spotlight at some point soon. We have, what, two reptiles? 

Nevertheless, I'm really excited and hope that the new arctic wolves are as beautiful as they are in real life! ^_^

Aaaaaaand, a new animal-specific gift card! If you'd like to spend real money instead of waiting to collect ten diamonds, go wild!

• • • •

I'm really happy with this update! What do you think about it? :D

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

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