Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cool Night of the Phantoms Update!

Hey Jammers! I apologize for my lacking posts... and I'm here to say all that is about to change for the better! From this point on, the minute I get home every day I'll post to AJ Stream and save the lying-around-doing-nothing part for later. 

Speaking of posting, I think a new Berry the Koala entry is long over due by now. But I'll get to that later... first, the update!

Things are beginning to get crazy on AJ now that it's finally the Night of the Phantoms!

Normally I always dress up my panda one way or another for this spooky AJ holiday. This year I'm... a pirate? It's probably going to change later on once some more items come out!

Onto the actual Jamaa Journal. Brace yourself for this one guys!


Play as your pet and infiltrate phantom-infested land to take back your stolen candy! Just don't eat too many lollipops. You're gonna need your strength to fight those phantoms! >:D

I'll write up an adventure guide for Bitter Sweets a little later, don't you worry! ;D

Ooohh... the haunted manor den came back out! This time it seems to be exactly the same but with a few spooky additions, hence the extra "epic"

Have you seen the freaky portals popping up all over from who knows where? How about going inside one? If you play the phantom's candy game you'll get a cool prize:

To me, the Phantom Vortex looks like some kind of weird limbo between Jamaa and the phantom world. It has some cool music, too. :D

Get ready for the Spooky Party's long awaited return, complete with a secret pet bat shop! I wonder when some other long-forgotten parties will make their next appearance...

If any of you remember, the Movie Theater Den Set won second place in the last den item poll. This is how they're being released– in their very own shop in Sarepia Theater! Hopefully this could bring more people to the theater to watch movies? It's kind of sad how easily we're manipulated by items instead of actual games and stuff. Hmm...

About the new game icon: I'm not too wild about it personally because I like going to different rooms to play games. Plus, it isn't too reliable as Sky High isn't even on it. Probably more, too. Here's what the Game Icon tab looks like:

Eh... I probably won't ever use this tab, lol

"Few species are as historically vilified, as ecologically valued, and as continually controversial as wolves."

From October 12 to 18, Wolf Awareness Week will be held. This will be the time to recognize and help others learn of the deep importance of wolf kind to the natural environment and the Earth itself.

Although I see some people often annoyed at how "wolf-centric" Animal Jam can seem, in real life they have a terrible problem that is definitely overlooked. Although they are extremely vital to their ecosystems, there have even been official plans to mass-kill them by the US government. Wolves need all the help they can get, and that's the solid truth. To ignore this pressing issue is to choose to be the problem.

So, how will you celebrate this week? Learn more by clicking here.

A cool wolf fact: some wolves who live near large bodies of water hunt and eat fish!

A little earlier on, October 4th is also World Animal Day. If you're curious about what it's all about, click here for the official website!

Finally, we finish off the Jamaa Journal with an ad for pet ferrets:

Maybe you'll bring one along for Bitter Sweets?

The news doesn't end there, oh no. Here are the new items:

Here are some spooky new Jam a Grams:

Phantoms seem to really love candy, but how do they eat it!? Do they just look at it and absorb the pretty colors or something!? This looks like a.... *animal jam blogger voice* MYSTERY MONDAY!

I'd also like you to appreciate this adorable drawing my friend lostfairy got into the Jammer Central Art Gallery!

It looks so cute! I just love that tree and that penguin! The bright blue sky looks so vibrant and vivid against the warm colors of the leaves. Wonderful job, Little Fastfriend! It's beautiful! 
(>^-^)> ♥ <(^-^<)

I love seeing it when my friends' drawings get into the gallery! Its like... Wow, you're famous for your adorable drawings! I just love it. :D

• • • •

About Berry the Koala, I completely forgot about the once every two weeks thing! To make up for it, I'll write up a new entry tomorrow. This I promise!

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Why would the U.S. government want to mass kill wolves? That's just cruel! :(

  2. LOL! "Ya got me" XD And 'here lies spiderman' XD You are so funny! Yay! I love Bitter Sweets! Me and Koolestkat got all 1000 in an hour... :D Is the Epic Haunted Manor for nm? Probably not... I went so far have gone through 2 portals... I haven't won yet but hey! I still have a while. ;) But nice archway! Yay! Theater stuff! But it looks mostly nm! :O Oh well! Not my favorite theme thing so far. Ya, I don't know if I'll use the Game Icon either... :/ I THOUGHT you would mention Animal Day! :D So did my sis. ;) Just the kinda thing you would like since you love animals! Yay! More stuff to BUY! SPEND GEMS! WOO! XD I love the new cards. The last one with the phantom on the left looks like its ready to fight! Awww! Thank you! I am so honored! :D -lostfairy P.S. Sooooo sorry about leaving today with no goodbye! :( Me and Koolestkat had a weird glitch where we couldn't talk... :'( And our time was almost up. :'( Soo super sorry!

  3. I vote Skyyy
    SkyWatcher AJ for president!!11!!!!1!11!!



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