Friday, October 2, 2015

Lynx Quiz & Award

Hey Jammers! The new items are sold in the sister Township shops:

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the item icon, but here's how they look on a wolf.
Hmm... I'm not all too sure why you'd want to wear cold wet pumpkins as shoes. Imagine in real life just jamming pumpkins onto your feet and walking out the door. XD

...But anyway, if you're into hanging poisonous spiders from your walls and are OK with smelling like pumpkin guts, pick both of these items up today! (:

In other news, something new in the lynx mini book has been noticed– a quiz? With a PRIZE!? 

Cool :0

I hope they do this with all the mini books – I love quizzes (not counting the school ones) and I would really love a panda figurine in my AJ den. ^-^

Over on the Daily Explorer, there's a sort-of helpful article about how to send a support ticket, which is not a true article, just a link:

I also whipped up a transparent version of the monkey and letter, if anyone wants to use it for their AJ blog:

• • • •

That's all for now Jammers– but below are some things that will come later!:

1. New Berry the Koala Entry (TONIGHT or TOMORROW MORNING)
2. Guide to Bitter Sweets 2015
3. Guide to candy in Jamaa 2015
4. Buddy of the Month~

See you in Jamaa!

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