Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weird Shop Glitch + My Masterpiece

Hey Jammers! Three– count 'em– THREE posts in a row! Aren't ya proud of me? No? Well that's okay! I still have some pretty cool news for you.

Well, this first part isn't so cool. You know the new Steampunk item theme in Outback Imports? It looks like we won't be getting any new nonmember items at all.

Okay, I was pretty certain that at least the Steampunk Doormat would be nonmember but it looks like I was once again incorrect about my prediction. However, I think the case will be that one of these items will change availability– and that item will most likely be the doormat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In more interesting news, Jam Mart Furniture seems to have been glitching out in a weird new way since the last update:

(Image credit: Animal Jam Spirit)

I wonder what kind of stuff goes on during the Animal Jam updates that leads to weird stuff like this. Hmm...

Over on the Daily Explorer, there's a new downloadable piece of phantom-themed note paper where you can write all of your phantom-related poems and secrets!

I present to you, the masterpiece to leave all masterpieces in the dust; the epitome of my artistic talent. Prepare to be blown away by...

"Why Do Phantoms Look Like Octopus" (poem) by DoomyPanda, 2015 

Apologies to those who have been reduced to tears by how deep my poem was. Don't worry, I'm crying too.

Farewell until tomorrow, Jammers! See you in Jamaa~


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