Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jamaaliday Rescue Update

Hey Jammers! Today, Animal Jam had its biweekly Thursday update, bringing us tons of welcome new things! And because this is the "official" start of the Jamaalidays, we even have some cute new loading screens:

I like how they focus less on items or promotions and more on just the spirit of the game: vibrantly colored animals running along a virtual hill. Beautiful. XD

But seriously, I think these are really pretty! Not too busy-looking, either. My favorite is the top one. :D

I know you're all impatiently scrolling to get to the Jamaa Journal, so without further ado, here it is!

The Jamaaliday House AKA the Gingerbread Fortress of Doom is back in the Diamond Shop for the season! If you have a membership and enough diamonds, go get it and cram all your items in there for a party or something.

The seasonal adventure "Jamaaliday Rescue" is back!

The premise of it is the same as a lot of the other seasonal labyrinth adventures. Phantoms stole some things, indiscreetly made a trail of them, and now it's up to YOU and YOU ALONE to travel through the ~mysterious~ maze and collect cute little candies or gifts along the way. In this case, you'll be collecting tiny gift boxes! 

At multiple intervals of gift-collecting, you'll be awarded seasonal gifts of your own! Based off of Twists and Turns, I'm predicting that the majority of nonmember gifts will be rereleases. 

Have fun adventuring, my friends! <(^-^<)

Deer are baaaaack! And this time, they're the ones riding in the sleigh. My, the tables have turned.

As you probably know already, daily Jamaaliday Gifts are here and this time around, everyone gets a free diamond on specific calendar days! Starting TODAY!!! Speaking of today, here's the Jamaaliday Gift:

One diamond and a pair of cute Candy Cane socks for everyone! Yaaaaay! I'll be envying all your animals looking cute with them while my panda looks like she's wearing giant marshmallows on her paws. 

Check out the Diamond Shop for some cool Jamaaliday Gifts from previous years! However, there are a couple I don't remember thrown into the mix...

What's going on with the Gingerbread Man Cake and the Candy Planter? Unless they're from last years Jamaaliday Rescue, I don't remember them in the slightest! If they were released before, could someone tell me? If you do, I'll give you an invisible hug and a cool looking pencil I found in my desk. It has a panda figurine on the end instead of an eraser. 

jk I'm keeping it lol

• • • •

Thanks for reading, everyone!!! I hope you have a great day/night/morning wherever you are in the world. :)

See you in Jamaa!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doomy!
    Ya, I love those loading screens! So cute! :)
    Love the Jamaailday Rescue! :D I have done it two or three times! :P Never got all the gifts yet though... O.o
    Cute socks AND a diamond??! SWEETNESS! Now I have blue socks and red! ;)
    I wanna reindeer...
    SWEET stuff and they are CHEAP!!! :D Coolio! (already bought the fireplace! Woo!)
    Anyhoo, see ya in Jamaa and jam on, jammers! ;)


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