Friday, February 19, 2016

Goats are here!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the delayed post, I've been really busy as of late. By now you've probably heard all about the update... but for those who haven't, here it is!

As many of you have already guessed, goats have come to Jamaa! They don't look much like their mountain-dwelling cousins in terms of fluffiness, but are adorable nonetheless. Thank you so much, AJHQ! But as always, they're member's only and sold in the Diamond Shop. Ah well. 

Coming up soon is the Leap Year Party, looking just as excellent as it did four years ago. A few new items here and there, but still the same cool Treehouse Den. I wonder what kind of claw they'll have this year...

A little unrelated, but I just realized that my four-year-anniversary of AJ was two days ago! 

"Polar bears are SO COOL!"

Ah yes, now what would we do without AJHQ's puns? Life just wouldn't be the same.

But in all seriousness, happy International Polar Bear Day– in eight days! In celebration, a new and adorable item has been added to the Conservation Museum's collection of animal hats:

Better yet, it's nonmember!

I'm so pumped for International Polar Bear Day that I made a nonmember outfit based around the Polar Bear Hat:

Steal it if you want! :D

Otters are coming back! You know, there are so many new animals every year that it's hard to keep track of them all.

Speaking of new animals, there's a new goat mini-book to go with Jamaa's newest creature. And where there's a new mini book, there's a new trophy as well:

Normally I don't give away the answers to animal quizzes because– C'MON YOU CHEATERS! THEY'RE SO EASY TO FIND!!!! but I guess today is different. Delight in how easily you can get your item now, you item-obsessed hooligans! 

Just kidding, I didn't mean that.

Or did I?

As predicted, falcons are to be the next animal flying to Jamaa! Because they're smaller and viewed as more common than eagles or owls, I'm hoping they'll be nonmember. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Good news, the chat system is now more refined than it was last update! As far as I know, you can no longer say "STAB" or "KILL". However, an unexpected bonus: now you can type characters after punctuation! 

I'm pretty sure all the problems with the chat system that went on for a year now (such as not being able to type stuff after punctuation) were just all byproducts of the new developing chat system. 

And, last but not least...

The Lucky Party is soon to arrive, and members can now have whole armies of pets to fight their enemies! 

I really liked this update. I'm sorry I couldn't get to it sooner and I hope this isn't all just rephrasing what you already know. 

There's also a couple of new items:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :)

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  1. I love the goats! They are really cute and small. They look amazing in clothes! :D I really want to get one! But then there is also arctic wolfs, lynxes, arctic foxes AND soon to come, otters! @.@ Too much to buy, so few diamonds...
    O.O .... That is all I have to say about the falcons winning... I REALLY hoped for something different like sloths and ostriches. Falcons (how they look in AJ) seem too much like eagles to me... Oh well.
    I like the new chat system!... and I don't... You can say more then one sentence without have to use commas instead!... and you can't say things like idhgigdsk or forgots or whatever! You can't misspell things on purpose or talk like a biker/gangster! :P Sigh, oh well. ;)
    YAY! My first Leap Year AND my first Lucky Party!!! :D (I feel so young on AJ...)
    O.o Wouldn't you feel like the tiger is gonna close its paw around you?! :o Lol, its pretty neat and AJ has got a theme going on! Animal items!
    Jam on! (sorry for lonnng comment) -lostfairy


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