Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sorry for the absence yo

Heeeeeeyyyyy, Jammers! I said I'd post on Sunday, but it's come to my much sleep deprived attention that that never happened. Whoops.

I am literally counting down the days until summer because I am just DONE with all these annoying math assignments that keep me from doing what I actually want to do. Normally I can find any class of any subject interesting in some way, including math! But my Algebra teacher this semester... uuuuuuuggggghhhh. 

Anyways, I apologize that this won't be a real post today, but instead a notice that I'm going to start posting again tomorrow during the update! Apparently there's gonna be a new pet, and maybe falcons will come out? Who knows!

I'm gonna try to get my head back in the game tomorrow, but until then, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Info About the Meet-up

Hey Jammers! I don't have enough time this morning for a full post, but there is some stuff I didn't clear up about the 20,000 view meet-up that may be helpful to know. :)

First off, it's sadly not going to be this week! Today I'm going away until Sunday to a place where I most likely won't have any internet connection. Sorry if this is inconvenient for any of you. :\

Secondly, it will probably be next week over the weekend! Probably, unless something comes up that I'm not currently aware of. If that happens, I'll just reschedule to the next weekend. ^-^

For now, it would be helpful if you'd comment whether Saturday or Sunday next weekend would be best for you! ^_^

That's all for now, see you all on Sunday!

– DoomyPanda

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

200,000 Pageview Party! :D

Hey Jammers! I just realized that Animal Jam Stream has recently hit the milestone of 200,000 page views!

And you know what I'm gonna do about this? I'm gonna have a meet-up in my den to celebrate!

I don't know when, but sometime soon! It all depends on if anyone will come or not. Sometimes it feels like whenever I throw some kinda party on AJ, like 50 people say they'll come but only one ever shows up. I have yet to find out why this is, but I'm gonna try my best to make sure that this party is better than all my others!!!

As an added bonus, I've decided that it's time for me to turn comment moderation off, as quite a lot of people have been annoyed by it. However, don't see this as an opportunity to say anything inappropriate, as I will swoop in and delete it from existence soon after you comment it. 

I'm still gonna keep the captchas, though, as there's been a little bit of a spam issue whenever I turn them off.

So, back to the party! Before I determine when the party should be, how many of you would be interested in going? Additionally, what day or time would be best for you?

Please comment, guys! I'm only gonna do this if you tell me. 

See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Secret Room in Lucky Clovers

Hey Jammers! Today is another short post because I've saved all my homework until Sunday and need some time to pay for my procrastination. :)

Now, into the secret room...

If you wanna find the secret room, look at this screenshot and try to copy my position on the map.

I didn't know there was a secret area in Lucky Clovers until this morning when I found it myself! However, it's a little difficult to get in. Some times it allows you, sometimes it doesn't. Luckily, this morning it let me in!

Within this secret room typically lies some mysteriously carved stones and a pot of gems for anyone who finds it. It's pretty small, so the only thing you can really do is bask in the ray of sunshine coming in through the trees.

Oddly, once you leave, you can't come back in...

If you stay by the entrance trying to get in, sometimes it freezes you in place. No worries, though! Just use the arrow keys to start moving again.

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy adventuring!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beautiful Nonmember Rug

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late post, I lost track of time. The new item for today is new, nonmember, and very aesthetically appealing!

It's called the Stitched Rug, and while it looks better suited to Outback Imports, it's actually sold in Jam Mart Furniture! It looks a little like something out of beta testing, huh? Regardless, I love it. :)

Before I wrap up this short post, I wanna let all of you know that I'll be working on this blog's layout a little tonight. Nothing major, just a little tweaking. 

...So if my layout looks wacky, know that it's probably temporary!

Thanks for reading, see you in Jamaa! ^_^

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Return of the Underwater Pet Glitch

Hey Jammers! I decided to slightly update this blog's layout, so what do you think? :D

Speaking of updates, the Spring Festival update came to Jamaa today at noon! Here's the Jamaa Journal:

A little soon for the Spring Festival, but don't worry! You can still go looking for Lucky Clovers. :)

The Mushroom Hut is back, presumably being sold in the Diamond Shop. Speaking of the Mushroom Hut, my friend recently got one that came with a rather... fishy glitch:

This happened a long time ago to my friend, back in 2012 I believe! I posted about it on AJ Stream's "glitches" page.

Meanwhile, AJHQ has introduced a new decorating feature that makes things a whole lot easier. Now your items are organized!

I didn't notice any difference in the daily spin today, but what I have noticed is that instead of random items the daily spin is now giving out Rare Item Mondays!

Over on the Daily Explorer, AJHQ has suggested avoiding a few select games due to a glitch that affects them:

This is what happens when you try to play one of those games:

I wonder what happened...

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Starry Night – AJ Version!

Hey Jammers! My school is starting late today, so that gives me a great opportunity to write up a quick post for y'all! It can be really difficult for me to wake up early enough to post in the morning so I'm really grateful for today. ^_^

I believe the new items being sold are the Emerald Ring, Pixelated Tiger, and the Clover Cloud:

A nice selection of items, right? All Lucky-themed, with the exception of the pixelated tiger, of course. Unless you think pixelated tigers are good luck. ;D

Over on the Daily Explorer is a very cool Jammer Art post all centered around Van Gogh's famous Starry Night:

I actually entered in this contest and got mine in the Township Gallery! It wasn't that great, admittedly, because I had forgotten what the Starry Night exactly looked like, but it was fun making it. 

All of the above entries are so pretty and unique! Congrats to everyone who got in!

Before I finish up this quick post, I wanted to take an opportunity to give my AJ buddy chncprincess04 a quick shoutout. She recently started up an AJ-related blog of her own and it looks great so far! Click here to check it out. :D

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa! <3

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!

π    π    π    π    π    π 

Hey Jammers, happy Pi Day! I wish my math teacher had taken the opportunity to give us actual pie instead of using today as an excuse to give harder problems than usual. :T

Because I'm obligated to make this blog at least semi-educational because Animal Jam itself is semi-educational, here are some fun facts about pi!

First of all, what is pi?

Pi is the circumference of a circle, which is like the circular version of perimeter. The distance around a shape. The exact reason why circles need their own version of a perimeter is too mathematical for my tired brain to remember, but basically it's because a truly perfect circle is much more difficult to measure. 

Pi begins with 3.14159... and goes on and on with no end! Because it goes on forever with no apparent pattern, any and every combination of numbers are theoretically within pi. Your phone number... your birthday... the script of your favorite movie written in binary... Yep. But only theoretically, it's not for certain, but isn't it an interesting thought? ^_^

And now, a useless fun fact: the billionth digit of pi is 9! Enjoy that information. Use it well. 

Now, back to Animal Jam! To celebrate Pi Day, some pi-related items are back in Jam Mart Furniture after a year of absence. Over in Jam-Mart-Clothing is a brand new pi item, too!

My two favorite items out of this group are the Giant Pi Statue and the Pi Hat. I like the Pi Statue colored lavender with the vines. :D

Because Pi Day also falls on a Monday, a pair of Rare Shamrock Sunglasses are being sold in Jam Mart Clothing to shield your eyes from the horrors of Winter not being over yet:

This may sound a little weird, but even if I don't celebrate a holiday I usually like to celebrate it in any way I can. For example, I personally don't like Valentines Day, but I love buying bucketloads of candy and giving horribly cute cards to my friends. In that same way, I'll probably sit around wearing green all day on the 17th just for the sake of it. Idk why, I guess I wish every day was a holiday? Eh... C(o.o)D

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rumored AJ Merch + TV Show!?

Hey Jammers! By now you've probably noticed that a habit of mine is to take reeeeeeally long breaks from posting during the week due to how exhausted I feel from all the homework I get. 

I've been trying to break that habit, but I was planning on getting all up to date on Friday when, lo-and-behold, I got too sick to do anything more than lie around and feel sorry for myself! What great timing.

I'm still sick, but better enough to sit upright and type this out. There's actually quite a lot of news I have for you today that I think you'll find interesting!

However, because I've missed so much, here are some screenshots of all the items I've missed out on updating you with:

...And because tomorrow is the 14th, you should expect a whole slew of Pi Day items in Jam Mart Furniture!

And now, on to the crazy news of the day! Brace yourselves...

I admit that none of this information is mine. The one who did the research and put all the clues together is Snowyclaw, AJ blogger and YouTuber. This info ain't mine, but I think this is really interesting!

Here's what various sources are saying about the details of upcoming AJ merchandise, including new info about the figurines coming out in June.

A New Master Toy Partner?

First off, Animal Jam is partnering up with toy company Jazwares to make and distribute their merchandise as their Master Toy Partner! I'm not entirely sure if they're still with Commonwealth Toy & Novelty as we'd thought in the past, but it's sure they'll have a lot less involvement if Jazwares is to be AJ's Master Toy Partner.

Pricing Info for Figurines, Plushies, and Play-sets!

I love that butterfly!

These are the "Adopt-a-Pet" Figurines and they will be sold for $3.49 US Dollars each, including a little house.

Four of these little friends will be sold together for $4.99 US Dollars. You can dress them up, too!

These are called "Light-up Friends" and are sold for $8.99 US Dollars. They come with a magic blacklight ring that shows hidden patterns!

Themed dens will be sold for  $14.99 US Dollars.

Small plushies will be sold for $6.99 US Dollars. 

Deluxe plushies will be sold for $14.99 US Dollars.

A whole model Club Geoz including lights, sound, and special figurines will be sold for $29.99 US Dollars. Jeez!

Exclusive Online Features?

All of these products will apparently unlock exclusive online features. Because the majority are figurines of things in Jamaa already accessible (dens, animals, pets), there's a slight possibility that things in Jamaa could be changed drastically

For example, because you'll be able to get an arctic wolf from a code on an arctic wolf figurine, the Diamond Shop wouldn't be needed anymore. Additionally, because buying a toy is more profitable than slowly collecting diamonds, the Diamond Shop would shut down altogether!

That's an extreme possibility and seems like it would shake things up way too much to be implemented, so don't worry. For now...

Another possibility is that the digital things unlocked from toys already represented in Jamaa will be completely new. For example, purchasing an action figure of an arctic wolf could get you a digital version of that action figure, rather than the arctic wolf itself. 

Or perhaps, the online feature yielded from the toy could be unrelated or only loosely related to the toy itself. Maybe a panda plushie gives you special armor. Only time will tell...

Animal Jam TV Show!?!?

And now, the most exciting and terrifying news of this post. 

I'm gonna spell it out slowly for you so you keel over backward with shock:

In the future... Animal Jam... may... have... a TV show. And I'm not talking about that weird kids show called Animal Jam with the weird puppets that used to come up whenever I Googled AJ. An actual TV show! For Animal Jam! Are you scared? I KNOW I AM.

There are no press releases concerning a possible TV show, so for now it's only an idea. However, it's an idea that WildWorks seems to want to see happen. 

Personally, I really don't think a TV show would be necessary. I think one of the big reasons why AJ is so successful is that it's really personal. Sure, it's the most popular kids game out there, but there's a strong community and a sense that Animal Jam is much more than just a money-sucking kids game. Unless WildWorks does something really unique and special, a TV show would make AJ feel a little more impersonal. 

TV shows for products are just ways of advertising, albeit a little more complex. They add more interest to games that lack storyline, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon– but an MMO? I really haven't seen any TV shows for MMO's that ever worked out. 

Sorry if you're excited for a TV show and this post seemed kinda negative. It's just a personal opinion because I'm kind of afraid how a TV show would affect Animal Jam. I've seen things special and unique that were made hollow by being brought into the filtered world of TV and movies, so I don't want AJ to be a repeat of that.

But who knows? WildWorks made an amazing kids game, so why not a good TV show, too?

Possible Trading Cards

And now, a rumor that's a little less controversial: Trading Cards!

It's not certain as to whether this idea is going to actually be introduced, but it sounds really fun! An Animal Jam trading card game is something I could get behind. 

They apparently tried out this idea during the beta days and released a handful of Alpha trading cards in an issue of Nat Geo Kids Magazine. (Nat Geo Kids actually has some really interesting stuff in it, occasionally AJ codes as well. Did you know that some rainbows can be only many shades of red?)

All of this information is credited to Snowyclaw in this video.

That wraps up this daily post. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to comment! :)

See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lucky Clovers 2016 – All Prizes + Tips

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here, the doomiest of pandas reporting LIVE! from Jamaa about the latest seasonal group adventure, Lucky Clovers.

This is Lucky Clovers' second or third appearance, but the clovers are luckier than ever with the possibility of finding a much-sought-after Spiked Collar or Wristband in the Epic Treasure Chest. Hopefully, this influx of "spikes" will water down the rampant demand for them. Hopefully...

The object of this quest is to search far and wide across fields and rivers to collect four-leaf clovers for a happy koala in a snazzy hat. 

Patrick needs a total of 50 clovers from you, but for every ten clovers you collect, he'll give you a special key! This key will unlock any one of four treasure chests at the base and will give you a seasonal prize.

Because I'm nonmember, me and a kind member friend tag teamed it collecting screenshots of all the prizes. For your convenience, here are all of the prizes you could expect to win from any one of the four smaller chests:

Now, the giant Epic Treasure Chest is a whole other story. That's where you have the chance to win a Spiked Collar or Wristband! If you're member, that is. 

There are two prizes total you can get out of the Epic Treasure Chest, just like the regular chests. Nonmembers can only open the nonmember one, whereas members can open both the nonmember and member one.

So, what sort of prizes could you get out of the Epic Treasure Chest?

I'm a nonmember and I got the pale blue Rare Shark Fin as my Epic Prize. Not something you'd normally call 'epic', but rare nonetheless. I've also heard some people who got Nerd Glasses, so I'm assuming that anything nonmember and marked "rare" will be what you'll get from the nonmember Epic Chest. Basically, Rare Item Mondays.

On the member side, however, while playing I noticed a few people who actually got Spiked Collars/Wristbands like the Jamaa Journal promised. Three out of six member players is a lot, don'tcha think? I wonder if AJHQ noticed how messed up the current trading pool is and hoped that making Spiked Whatevers more accessible would even it out. They're not really that rare in terms of date, but in demand? Definitely.

I've heard a lot of players complaining in-game about their Epic Prizes. Personally, I don't really care about the prizes! It's true, I don't! I just love going through the beautifully designed quest with my friends! It's always exciting to see what prize you'll get, but the prize itself is just an added bonus. 

I love all the tiny tree stump dens in this adventure. I would really want to live in one!

I spent a good three hours trying to collect all the nonmember prizes, so I think we could all use a few tips, eh? Here are some tips that will help you stay on track and not get lost!

Tip #1: Make sure you have enough computer time! This adventure will take at least 45 minutes.

Tip #2: Keep your map open at all times. It's really helpful in not getting lost!

Tip #3: In addition to keeping your map open, try to be organized. The map is split up into four sections of a clover. Focus on one leaf at a time and make sure you get all the clovers you can from it! Scour each river and rock, leave no stone unturned!

Tip #4: If you just got a key and see another clover heading back to base, you won't be able to pick it up. Take a screenshot of your position on the map (the blue dot) and after you get your prize, open the screenshot and find your position so you can collect that clover!

That's all for now, Jammers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment! 

May all your clovers be lucky! :D

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