Thursday, March 17, 2016

Return of the Underwater Pet Glitch

Hey Jammers! I decided to slightly update this blog's layout, so what do you think? :D

Speaking of updates, the Spring Festival update came to Jamaa today at noon! Here's the Jamaa Journal:

A little soon for the Spring Festival, but don't worry! You can still go looking for Lucky Clovers. :)

The Mushroom Hut is back, presumably being sold in the Diamond Shop. Speaking of the Mushroom Hut, my friend recently got one that came with a rather... fishy glitch:

This happened a long time ago to my friend, back in 2012 I believe! I posted about it on AJ Stream's "glitches" page.

Meanwhile, AJHQ has introduced a new decorating feature that makes things a whole lot easier. Now your items are organized!

I didn't notice any difference in the daily spin today, but what I have noticed is that instead of random items the daily spin is now giving out Rare Item Mondays!

Over on the Daily Explorer, AJHQ has suggested avoiding a few select games due to a glitch that affects them:

This is what happens when you try to play one of those games:

I wonder what happened...

That's all for now, Jammers! See you in Jamaa!


  1. Thanx! I want some glitches for my series!

  2. Ayyyy the mushroom den is actually for sale in the Coral Corner den shop for 5,000 gems!! (thank goodness it isn't for diamonds, AJHQ is constantly pumping out diamond items I can't keep up with... RIP)

  3. Its not the Same I can Turn it And Move It :O

  4. the glitch in fruit slinger is that when you let go, if you get a good fling it will spin until you quit the game


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