Thursday, April 14, 2016

Falcons + New Code Features

Hey Jammers, happy biweekly update! School has been keeping me quite busy lately– and tired! I just go home every day and take a nap. However, soon my sleepiness will be over because tomorrow marks the start of my spring break! And you know what I'll be doing?


In all seriousness, that is my idea of a fun break. Additionally, Saturday at 2:30pm EST will be the first AJ party I've had in like two years! ^_^

Sadly, at this point it seems like not many people are gonna come, but I'd love if you'd comment whether you can go or not. Even anonymously would be great! :D

As for what the celebration will entail, it's gonna be pretty low-key. I don't have anything specifically planned other than it being in the Juice Hut, so I'm open for you all to make it up as we go along! C:

Now, onto the Jamaa Journal! Due to a limited amount of time, I won't be able to make comments about each individual page, but I'll talk about some interesting stuff at the bottom.

Welcome to Jamaa, falcons!

So guys, falcons are here!

This is their "play" action! It's pretty impressive. They fly really high!

A little disappointed they aren't nonmember, though...

There's also a new code feature in the settings:

This way, you don't need to log out to input a code your buddy just told you!

Speaking of codes, I believe a new one that came in the Nat Geo Kids for May is called TRENCH. Kinda weird though, because I get Nat Geo Kids and I never find any codes. :\

Some more new features are the "Sort Item" options in your inventory AND the shops!

In Jammer-Party-related news, the new Jammer dance party looks really nice:

I still miss the Play Wild Party though. For some reason, I haven't seen it come around in forever. I still don't know why AJHQ hasn't updated the official party system so that each party has a turn rather than a few crowding up the schedule. Blah...

Sorry for the short post, but thank you for reading! See you in Jamaa~


  1. The falcons are actually quite cute

  2. WOO, SPRING BREAK AND ANIMAL JAM, YAY!!! My spring break was done a little while ago... :( :P
    I hope I can make it to your party! I might be busy sometime in the afternoon but I don't think I am when the party is going on! Hopefully more people come!
    Interesting that AJHQ didn't put all those wonderful updates on the Jamaa Journal. I love the code thing and the clothes one! Makes code entering much easier!
    Ya, where IS the Play Wild party?! It disappeared! :P Just like the Cruise Ship party but I'm guessing its a summer party...
    P.S. I GOT A BLOG!!!! LOL, please check it out... (I don't know if this is allowed on here... Sorry!)

  3. Awesome news sorry i didnt come to your party i had to do a hour long test. quite annoying anyways in my class spring break is like idk a week and a half long im unlucky. anyways i love your blog! its epic! funny! and thanks for the aj code


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