Sunday, July 10, 2016

What's New In Jamaa and Bye Bye Silly Wigs!

Hi Jammers, what's poppin'!? Today's post is going to be about... *drum roll* "What's New In Jamaa"  and " Bye Bye Silly Wigs"  as the title says. Let's jump right into it! *jumps*

Ooooo, Ahhhhhh..
These 3 space items are, Lunar footprints, Lunar Landing Pods, and an Epic Spaceship Window! I'm pretty sure these are the last 3 items in the spaceship item set, I'm not totally sure though. You may purchase these in the Jam Mart Furniture!

Are any of you out of ideas? Go to Jam Mart Clothing and purchase a Bright Idea Hat, it's not just any idea hat it's a BRIGHT Idea Hat. I don't know what I feel about this item, I guess it's a pretty BRIGHT idea, haha see what I did there?

That looks like something you'd put in your mouth if you want more gums...
Here we have the Yak Horns from Epic Wonders! Looks... interesting. I'd want to see how it looks on an animal though. Oh well, if you want Yak Horns go on and get them!

The Lynx Claw!!! Pretty adorable little creatures they are. I recommend you Jammers to collect these claws because I guarantee lots of other Jammers would want them once they're gone!

Admire the Lovely Eagle!!!
For Uno diamond, you may purchase the Lovely Giant Eagle Plushie. Looks pretty calm chillin' there.

The Silly Wigs are back again, well they're leaving soon.
Get your Silly Wigs in the Jam Mart Furniture because today is the last day, AJ may or may not return these items, because AJ is capable of doing many things. Long Live AJ! (I don't know)

Anyways Jammers, that's it for this post I hope you enjoyed and I hope this helped. Goodbye, see you soon!

*waves goodbye*

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  1. I recently became nm and I really wish the giant eagle plush wasn't members only.


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