Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kimberley's Back! Updates, New Items, and the Usual

 Guess whose back, back again?! My apologies for not posting recently, I've been busy, lazy, busy and lazy. While I was being "productive" there has been many updates on AJ, involving new items/sets, Thursday Update etc. I don't think I'll show the Thursday update just because it's Saturday and many of you probably have already heard about it. Enough of my rambling, onto the News...

Starting off with the new items available for us Jammers in Jam Mart  Furniture

This is the Spyglass, which is for the Pirate theme I guess? Not much to say about this item, so let's move on shall we?

This item is the Pirate Ship in a bottle, this probably also goes with the Pirate themed set.

This is the last of the Pirate themed set I'm guessing? It is a Phantom Kraken Rug, is Kraken the Phantom's name? I don't know.

I present to you the new den item theme, which is *drum roll* Origami! At first I was like what is this?! Then, I realized that it somewhat looks like an Origami Couch!?

These two items are the Origami Lamp and Origami Chair, I'm not going to lie this is a pretty unique idea AJ, I kinda like it!

This randomly decided to reappear on AJ, the Honeycomb Wall art has returned with...

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but it says "Bumblebean" isn't it supposed to be "Bumblebee" or AJ just decided to name it "Bumblebean". I really don't know.

  This also reappeared on AJ, the Beekeeper Hive, hmm but then the Origami items attacked...!

This item is the Origami Table and is added to the set, will there be more, I don't know!
Now to the new items in Jam Mart Clothing!

AJ just loves to put weird objects on our heads. This is the Lampshade Hat, enough said.

This is a returning item I think? The Bee Antennae, welcome back!

Also returning items, Beehive hate and Bee shirt. AJ is so kind, they return half of their items for those of us who miss the items. Thank you AJ :D

Anywho, that's it for this long post! I hope you enjoyed, comment down below anything (nothing rude of course) because I love talking to you! Bye!!


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