Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Animal Jam Box?

Hey Jammers! Happy update! Quite a lot of new things today. :D

...But before we get to that, we have the last clues in the bottle message saga:

It ends there.

We still know pretty much nothing aside from what I theorized in this post, which I recommend you read first because you won't understand anything else here if you don't. 

Although, these last two messages seem to imply that the writer is not Peck or any other Alpha as I predicted. That might be right and I might have misinterpreted one of the earlier messages, but Peck still seems connected to this story. Why else were paint-related items attached to the messages? Was it random? Seems... suspicious.

Now that I'm thinking about the prize items' significance, I'm starting to wonder if this "phantom prison" is not a boat, but rather a deep-sea submarine. The items were either art-related or lava-related, and I know of only one lava deposit in Jamaa:

Deep Blue. The deepest part of Deep Blue.

Perhaps those lava items are clues to where the prisoners were kept. Maybe the paintings as well, somehow, but I'm not sure.

I'm really liking how complicated and subtle these clues are and I'm really hoping they culminate into something cool and unexpected!

Next up, the update:

Toucans are here! You know, this new animal is unusually well-animated, at least from my observations. Their movements seem less repetitive. They're also very small and adorable.

The phantom badlands? Gasp! Another 2D adventure! Let's hope we get some clues as to what the heck is going on with the message bottles.

A new den, and a new pet.

New spiked collar/wristband variations!

A new diamond outfit set and a lovely art tutorial!

And... for once, the advertisement at the back shows something new.

It looks like... a lootcrate-looking thing for Animal Jam? Hmm. 

"Artic" Wolf

These are screenshots from the website mentioned in the ad. It's a box of merchandise that gets sent to you every three months that includes stuff like codes and that arctic wolf charm bracelet.

Personally, I'm not all about this idea of having a giant box o' junk (that you'll probably never look at again after opening) mailed every season, but that charm bracelet sure looks fun. It would be cool if we could buy it separately.

On the topic of junk: Black Friday. You know, that corporate "holiday" where you trample people for clothes and electronics, right after the day where you visit family and be thankful for what you already have?

Well, did you know that a holiday completely opposite runs on the same day? It's called International Buy Nothing Day. There are many activities to do on that day, from giving coats to people who need them to forming a shopping cart conga line without actually buying anything. Overall, the principal is just to buy nothing unless you actually need it. There are many other things to do, so I suggest you look at the website.

Thats all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!!!

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  1. where exactly do you buy it if you live in the uk? 0_0


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