Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gifts, Glitches, Tips, and Giveaway?

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here. It's the 11th day of the Jamaalidays, and in celebration I created a hopefully handy graphic showing all y'all the gifts of the month up until today:

Click image to read better. :)
This is for everyone who hasn't logged on every single day this month and wants to see what they missed, or just anyone who appreciates a visual like this.

Today's gift in particular is here for the second time around...

The Jamaaliday Centerpiece

In an interesting glitch, the actual item is red rather than the green you might see when you open the gift:

I actually like the red better, so hooray for glitches! XD

Another glitch that isn't so fun, however, is currently happening with nonmember ornaments, like the red and green paw prints I have placed in my den.

Whenever you try to take an ornament out of your inventory, they hide from you. They don't appear where they should be, they're always behind an item or just far away. In my case, the ornaments hid under the doorway arch of my den. 

Because my den is fairly empty compared to others, it was easier for me to find the tricky little paw prints, but if your den is a big and busy gingerbread house like my brother's, you're gonna have a little more trouble. 

Alright, that's enough glitches for one day. On to another subject: Jamaaliday Scarves.

I really like Jamaaliday Scarves. However, I always end up recycling them because I get annoyed with the colors. They're always too dull or too bright for me, or somehow a combination of both, if that makes sense. 

Even though they're valued among nonmembers, Jamaaliday Scarves are actually seasonal items! They have come out every Jamaaliday season in the same colors since 2012. So if you're like me and are anxious to get one soon, try to hold off on trading for now. They'll be available in stores or as a Jamaaliday gift soon!

My dream item would be a leaf-green Jamaaliday scarf. Not only because leaf-green is my favorite color, but also because it would go with anything. In Spring and Summer it would match the leaves on the trees of Jamaa Township, in Autumn it would look nice with the earthy brown leaves, and during Winter it's part of the Jamaaliday color scheme. I'm thinking too much about a digital item in a digital game, but if I took the time to make a blog about it, then why not?

In other news, I've been thinking of doing a Jamaaliday giveaway. Just thinking about it, I haven't finalized an idea yet. It would be fun, I think, and maybe you guys would agree. I remember doing a giveaway a year or so ago and it was really fun! The only problem with doing a giveaway now is that I don't have many items to give. :\

I'll talk more about the possibility of a giveaway in a later post. Until then, have a happy Jamaalidays! 

~ DoomyPanda


  1. Oh thanks for the little picture! ^.^ It's very helpful!

    Oh, I didn't even notice that! Thanks for pointing that out, Doomy!

    :o A leaf green Jamaaliday scarf would be EPIC!

    And a giveaway? :O I remember I won the last one. ^-^ That was when I was a newbie anonymous. I left the weirdest comments! XD (Sorry!)

    But it's run to go through them and see how I commented last year. I feel SO bad I haven't commented recently but I'll try to do it on almost every post now!

  2. I've always loved your comments! I never thought they were weird lol. Don't worry! :D

    And don't feel bad, lost! I feel pretty bad myself for not commenting on your own wonderful posts. I usually read them in the morning before I go to school but then just as I'm about to comment I realize I'm going to be late and have to stop. XD

    I need to make more time to be on AJ!!! :)


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