Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jamaaliday Update 2016

Hi Jammers! It's the first of December, and the first day of the Jamaalidays on AJ. Every day from today to the 31st, there will be a new gift from AJHQ for everyone.

Today's box is blue with a purple ribbon, and within is...

A tiny Jamaaliday tree! Tiny for some, but if your AJ animal is small like a bunny or seal, probably just the right size. :D

Many things on animal jam are new developments, such as adventures or masterpieces. However, the Jamaalidays seems to be a holiday celebrated since the very beginning of AJ. 

Lets go back in time to the December update of 2011:

Another thing that seems to have been celebrated since the very beginning of AJ is the random capitalizing of words in the Jamaa Journal.

So, in the spirit of tradition, LETS TAKE a look AT OTHER parts of TODAY's update:

Yes! As I predicted, nonmembers can now turn their works of digital art into den items! The catch is, I believe, nonmembers can only make them during this December. A little less than what I hoped, but I'm still really happy about it! Quick, go to the Art Studio now and draw something beautiful!!!!

Speaking of masterpieces, I finally finished my own!!!!

I kind of want to put it into the plain wooden frame instead, but I forgot to save the finished product. I tried to use the latest saved version to do so but the panda does not have some (in my opinion) important details.

I can't pinpoint the difference. But there is one.

Ah, whatever. The Mira frame is prettier anyway.

Next up, nonmembers can finally see their chat history again!

Everyone used to have access to the chat history, but at one point for no reason AJ made it so only members were allowed. Fast forward to today, this strange restriction has been lifted once more! 

Here's the rest of the Jamaaliday Journal:

– The Gingerbread House den has returned
– The seasonal adventure "Jamaaliday Rescue" has returned
– The Jamaaliday Jam has returned
– Deer are coming back to Jamaa soon! (Not that I ever noticed them leave)

It can be a little odd to see snow everywhere in Jamaa when it feels nowhere close to snow in real life. People in the Southern Hemisphere of the world probably agree more than I do, lol

Stay safe, have fun, and happy Jamaalidays!!!

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