Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekly Featured Masterpiece – Winner #2!

Hey Jammers! Welcome to another week of wonderful artwork! :D

I wanna give a big shoutout to lpslover98989, 113457, jhana, Graciepopstar91, and purplestarclub for entering round #2! I really can't tell you how happy I get when I see a new entry. X)
If you're just arriving and don't know what the heck I'm talking about, it's fairly simple: this is an ongoing art contest on Animal Jam Stream that has one winner per week. The winner will have a post dedicated to them and their artwork, as well as have that artwork displayed at the top of the blog for everyone to admire!

If you're interested, keep on scrolling for the (very easy) steps to enter.

But before that, of course, who is this week's winning artist? Which wonderful piece will be chosen?

I'll tell you who...




The amazing jhana, that's who!!!

Jhana's Masterpiece of a wolf silhouetted against a pale gold moon is proof that applying hard work to a seemingly inflexible medium– like the pixel brush –can result in beautiful things. What's really cool about this piece is the interesting technique that jhana used to create wispy, light clouds. Take a look at this detail:

It looks like the artist was able to simply go over the moon and starry sky using a translucent setting of the pixel brush, but because that's impossible to do in the AJ Art Studio, they went for a more creative method. 

One part of this cloud is over the moon and the other part is over the dark blue sky. The part over the moon was drawn using a more vibrant yellow color, so it looks like the moonlight goes through a translucent colorless cloud. 

The cloud over the dark blue sky uses a similar technique, only it's drawn with a paler blue shade because the sky is dark. The stars under the cloud were drawn with a brighter blue because the clouds themselves are pale. It's very subtle, yet very beautiful.

You did an excellent job, jhana! :D

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If you were one of the lovely artists who entered for Week #2 and have not yet won, feel free to enter once more! As I've always been saying, contests on AJ Stream usually only have a handful of entries so you always have a high chance of winning.

Here are the quick steps to enter:

Step 1: Display a Masterpiece that you drew on an unlocked Jammer Wall or in an unlocked den.

Step 2: Comment your username on any post on Animal Jam Stream! I will then go take a look at your artwork.

The winner will be announced next Friday, March 3rd. For a full week after that, they will have their art displayed at the top of the blog for many Jammers to see!

So everyone's legacy lives on, a little gallery of past winners will be included in each winner-announcement:

Winner of Week #1

So what are you waiting for, guys? Time to show off your artwork!!! 


  1. I is entering again o.o Same as before ,any of the Masterpieces on my Jammer wall, you can read it if you want. I am Lpslover98989 if you forgot XD

    May my spirit be with you, ALWAYS! Jam on!

    ~.*FrozenWarrior*.~ (Known as lpslover98989 on AJ)

  2. I'm so happy my sister won! I also really love your mini analysis, Doomy!I'd like to resubmit my previous submission. It's the orange landscape, on my Jammer wall. Thanks!

    1. Thanks!!! I was kind of channeling my art teacher from last semester. That, and the fact that I genuinely did a double-take when I saw the masterpiece and wondered how she did it. XD
      Both your art styles are so interesting and fun!!! I hope you keep on drawing :D

  3. Congrats to the winner! There masterpiece is so cool! I'd like to enter again with my purple wolf's masterpiece that is displayed right on the second floor on my den. (I think XD) Thanks! :D
    User: Purplestarclub
    Sorry that I always enter late, I'm pretty busy these days, with school.
    ~Jam on! :D

    1. Thanks so much for entering, and you're right on time!!! The winner will be announced tomorrow. But I totally get where you're coming from about school. The only reason I've been posting daily is because I have February break! School is such exhausting busywork for everyone. :T


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