Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1,000 Buddies and Liza Den COMING SOON!

Hey Jammers! I have a quick, cool little update for y'all tonight/today, information courtesy of AJHQ.

As you all probably know already, tomorrow is the Thursday biweekly update. Here's what to expect:

1. Members will now go from an 100-buddy limit, to...

1,000 buddies!?!?? It's psychologically impossible to maintain relationships with that many people at once! Fun fact: the human brain can only maintain a maximum of 101 relationships at a time. 

So who the heck are you gonna buddy? Are you just gonna buddy everyone in your server at a time, and then a few bots thrown in? I wonder what will be the advantage of all that.

I have a hunch that AJHQ gave themselves that 1,000 buddy limit at first, then decided to give that ability out. AJHQ is accepting buddy requests left and right!

Screenshot credit to Talloose

2. Next up, here is a screenshot of AJHQ giving a tour of the upcoming Liza-themed den:

It seems really pretty! Pretty big, too, but all these new dens are massive, so it makes sense. How the heck do you decorate a den so big? This is just an open question to you members who have huge dens. What's up with that? :O

Now y'all know what is definitely coming on Thursday. But something seems missing...

Tomorrow is March 30th, pretty close to April. AJ is always quickly moving along the holidays, so it's a little odd that the Spring Festival wasn't mentioned. Maybe it's coming late next month. Maybe it's coming tomorrow, but AJHQ understands that it isn't as important to include in a sneak peak. Most likely the latter.

Now that the update is covered, the commenter Lostfairy tagged me in a question tag. I'm gonna answer some questions!

1. I have literally no idea! I haven't buddied anyone in a long time.

2. Hmm... I don't believe in "famous jammers". And even if I did, I don't think I have any on my buddy list. Oh wait a minute, I think I have Proven on my buddy list! She's Snowyclaw's sister. 

3. I like when I get Jam-a-grams from my buddies, especially the ones I haven't seen in a while. :)

4. The last buddy I talked to was... I don't remember. Not a lot of my buddies are online when I am. :T

5. I do not have an AJ best friend. 

6. Hmm... five. But I'm friends with only two of those five. XD

I don't know who to tag. Maybe... you! I tag you! Wherever you are, you. Feel free to answer these questions on an AJ blog. 

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Im going to be on AJ a bunch, because then I can maybe buddy famous jammers or artist! :D

  2. I can only maintain a relationship with, like, 5 people at once tbh
    Also den decorating takes a TON of time for me, and I gotta be committed to it for a few hours. I'm not even sure how I've decorated some of the MASSIVE dens for sale, but I have. Sometimes a room only has one item in it haha


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