Thursday, April 27, 2017

And the Winner is...

Hey Jammers! As you might have noticed already, comment moderation is OFF and I have published all of your commented entries on this blog! Once again, you can now comment directly onto a post without waiting for your comment to be published. 

This poorly edited graphic is an achievement for everyone who followed me throughout the Riddle Contest and throughout the world of Jamaa. I'd like to thank all of you with a shoutout! 

Shyanne Slettebo 

Thank you! Thank you all for entering my contest! It's the first one I've had in all my five years of blogging where this many people showed up– a whopping 26! It might not sound like much to more popular bloggers or YouTube people, but it's a ton for me. 

Maybe you've looked through all the comment entries by the time you're reading this, to compare answers perhaps. You might have noticed that not everyone on this list commented on this blog.

I might not have told you this before, but I actually "advertised" this contest on the Animal Jam thread of the forum site Chicken Smoothie. 

By that, I mean I just posted a link to the contest on the forum topic so some Jammers who don't read my blog could join in on the fun. Nothing big, just thought you should know.

(Psst... If you have a Chicken Smoothie account, feel free to PM me or something. My username there is DoomyPanda, same as on AJ.)

But enough of that! I'm sure you're dying to know who really won the Journey Book Riddle Contest. In my opinion, you're all winners at heart, but of course there is only one person who will receive a custom Masterpiece. 

Before I announce the big winner, I just wanted to say that I am incredibly impressed with your knowledge and ability to connect clues and answer riddles. You all did so well that I was convinced that there would be multiple people to answer the most riddles correctly and that I'd need to just randomly pick a name out of a hat. However, this contest turned out to have one clear winner.

And, my friends, this winner is...




With a whopping 9 out of 11 answers correct, Puppy wins the contest and will receive a custom Masterpiece as their prize! 

I think Puppy forgot to tell me what they want me to draw, so I'll contact them for details. ^-^

Congrats, Puppy44285! You have an awesome ability to answer riddles! :D

If you're curious as to what the official answers of all the riddles were, here they are:

Sarepia Forest - "Who has gills but does not swim?"

Answer: Mushroom
My explanation: The ridges beneath the cap are called gills!

Mt. Shiveer - "I am blue and green. My friend is brown and white. My other friend is red. What are we?"

Answer: Partridges
My explanation: Partridges can be all those colors!

Crystal Sands - "He dies on the shore and lives in the sea. He gets a growth ring every year, but he isn't a tree. Who is he?"

Answer: Sand Dollar
My explanation: Sand dollars are commonly seen dead and hardened on beaches, but they are very active and beautiful underwater. Each year, they get a ring around their shell!

Coral Canyons - "You hear my sound and you turn around, but I'm the one who's afraid!"

Answer: Rattlesnake
My explanation: Rattlesnakes shake their dry tails like a loud rattle, which can scare a lot of humans nearby, but rattlesnakes rattle when they are very afraid themselves-- not necessarily to bite you! They are very shy.

Crystal Reef - "I'm the deer of the sea, but I won't run away-- I'll sting!"

Answer: Staghorn Coral
My explanation: "Deer of the sea" is a play on the name "Staghorn". Staghorn Coral are known to sting their prey!

Bahari Bay - "Who is the ice cream of the Bay?"

Answer: Kelp
My explanation: Kelp is commonly used as an ingredient in the mass-manufactured ice cream you see at supermarkets. Weird, right?

Deep Blue - "You think I'm the Sun. The Sun won't touch my fins. That's perfect for me."

Answer: Hatchetfish
My explanation: Hatchetfish confuse predators with their bioluminescent bodies. When a predator looks up at a hatchetfish from below, they think they are the Sun!

Kani Cove - "I can hold my breath longer than you."

Answer: Cormorant
My explanation: Cormorants are birds who live and nest on land, but dive down deep into the water to fish and collect nesting materials! So yeah, they can probably hold their breath longer than you.

Appondale - "I see far in a flat line,"

Answer: Meerkat
My explanation: Meerkats have horizontal-shaped pupils, giving them excellent vision of the savanna they call home.

Kimbara Outback - "With fine membranes of skin, I do what you cannot."

Answer: Sugar glider
My explanation: Sugar gliders are small mammals who use fine membranes of skin under their arms as "wings" to fly! Well, they glide, but I don't think you could glide with arms alone.

The Lost Temple of Zios - "I am always looking, keeping track, keeping my eyes peeled,"

Answer: Monitor lizard
My explanation: The riddle is a direct play on the name "Monitor"! To monitor something is to pay attention to it, as the riddle describes.


I can't thank you enough for participating in this super fun contest! I will definitely hold more like this in the future.

I have a bunch of schoolwork to tackle this week, as evident by this post being three days late. I'll try to update this blog as often as I can, but I don't know if I'll have an internet connection this weekend because I'll be going away.

Nevertheless, Jam on! I hope to see you in Jamaa! :D


  1. Congratulations puppy44285!

    This was a really fun event, I hope there'll be more like this in the future!

    - Arctic

  2. Yay! Thank you! I only entered once so I wouldn't even have one chance to win. But thank you for the shoutout! And I read the answer for Mt.Shiver... I got it wrong :P But thats ok! Again thank you, And good day or night to you Doomy. :) -minigirl121



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