Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Book Item Codes, Possible New Party + SQUID HAT!!!

Hey Jammers! It seems like free item codes are coming more frequently now, because we now have two promo codes from the new AJ storybooks "Call of the Alphas" and "The Phantoms' Secret" that YOU can enter without actually buying the books! :D

If you want the purple "Phantom's Secret" book, enter the code RIDDLETHIS

If you want the blue "Call of the Alphas" book, enter the code HEARTSTONE

If you click on either of the books, this message pops up:

Call of the Alphas is referring to the new Journey Book party, not the title of the blue book itself, if you were confused.

Aside from the Sol Arcade game items, these two books are the first interactive portal items. I wonder if more portal items are to come in the future... Maybe that rumored Phantom Dimension portal seen in an AJHQ screenshot from a few years back:

I had totally forgotten about that until now. XD

Hmm... I just had a thought. The first AJ chapter book thing is called "Call of the Alphas", right? And that semi-new Journey Book party is ALSO called "Call of the Alphas", correct? 

Well... the other AJ chapter book is called something along the lines of "The Phantoms' Secret." What if... a new Journey Book party quest thing is gonna come out with that same name? I think it could. And then the portal on the purple book item would change to send ya there. 

Back to the actual items. If you're curious about the actual content of these AJ chapter books, here's an excerpt I found online:

Like a lot of AJ users, I like the lore associated with the game. Still, I still don't see why they needed to turn this into an actual book. Most Jammers already know the lore. It's nice to have a more descriptive extension of it, but it could have just been put into the game in the Chamber of Knowledge rather than wasting the trees and ink to distribute a piece of merchandise. 

Animal Jam can get kinda hypocritical– telling us to protect the environment and minimize waste while putting out loads of wasteful merchandise. It seems like they just put in the "protect the environment" part to satisfy the partnership with Nat Geo Kids. I wish AJ emphasized the educationally fun aspects of their game more. 

It would be so simple but make a big difference– just push the "Wild Weekends" back a few pages of the Jamaa Journal and put the Conservation Museum news on the front page. In all honesty, that's a bigger deal than a few new items. Items come out every day, for Mira's sake! XD

Speaking of items, while they do come out every day, some are actually worth noting. Some, like... *drumroll*

THIS NONMEMBER SQUID HAT!!! Isn't it beautiful? It even comes in purple! ;D

(And yes, I am actually too broke on AJ to even afford 650 gems. I got a grand total of... six. Six gems. That's what donating to the Conservation Museum every day does to ya.)

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa! :P


  1. What's the backpack codes, the animal jam and the panda one?

  2. LOL buddy me im sailorjupiter97


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