Saturday, June 24, 2017

Call of the Alphas Hints!

Hey Jammers! I don't normally do Journey Book guides, mostly because I think having all the answers handed to you kinda ruins the fun and challenge of a treasure hunt...

But I took one look at the massive map of Call of the Alphas and I just knew a guide would be important.

This has got to be the biggest most winding room on AJ-- and you don't even get a map! How crazy (and wonderfully challenging) is that?

Of course, we could all use a guide. However, I still don't want to completely ruin the fun by just giving you the coordinates of every item! 

So... how about some semi-cryptic hints to make this even more like a treasure hunt? Just like my riddle contest! :D

And, no, you silly, I'm not just doing this because it's fun to come up with dumb riddles... that's ridiculous! Ha ha... ha... ^-^;

I hope I can provide you with much-needed help AND make Call of the Alphas more fun at the same time!

There are a total of 12 of the Alphas' items to find, with two belonging to each Alpha. The following riddles describe the items'  locations in accordance with their owners.

Cosmo's Items

Item 1: You can't enter the circular door, it's just decoration. You look up at a tree in resignation. You see a green piece of fabric-- is it just your imagination? But it floats to the ground-- yes, this is Cosmo's Hat's location!

Item 2: You enter the stone palace, left paw leading the way. In the middle of flat rock some palm trees sway. Perhaps the Bag of Seeds beneath planted this oasis-- it's not moving at all, completely still in  its stasis.

Sir Gilbert's Items

Item 3: You're a little confused; if there is no need to fight, why would Sir Gilbert bring his Armor to a camping site?

Item 4: The desert heat plays tricks on your mind, but I swear that barrel over there is alive.

Greely's Items

Item 5: The wild wind blows wicked and cold, wherever the phantoms happen to go.

Item 6: In the palace of stone, way up above, there is a cave you can't get through no matter how hard you shove. But if you stay patient and wait a little while, out will come a book telling secrets that beguile.

Graham's Items

Item 7: While you wait by the clothesline rotated by gears, 30 seconds will feel like years.

Item 8: Searing lava will burn the fool and cause them pain, so who threw that tool out of the magma vein?

Liza's Items

Item 9: You cross the bridge 'cause you're not a fish, you see a patch of puffy dandelions and make a wish. 

Item 10: When you enter the desert through the gate, bring a compass or meet your fate.

Peck's Items

Item 11: The spiders of the rocky mountain might make more of an effort to decorate if they only had more paints.

Item 12: It seems the farmer dropped her earring while watering the carrots.

I really like this new Birds-of-Paradise-like party! It's actually challenging and fun, bringing a sense of accomplishment when it's completed. Thanks, AJHQ! :D

That's all for now, Jammers. See you in Jamaa!


  1. I still can't find Graham's wrench :/ Even with the guide pictures from other blogs, *sigh*

    1. It's in the stone area on the upper levels, it's difficult though because all those magma pools look the same. I guess wait for 40 seconds near each one to see if the wrench pops out

  2. Geez, it would be alot easier if my buddies would stop logging in and making it lag! XD

  3. Replies
    1. Around the "village" area in the forest. Look for a house with a rotating gear on top.

  4. Where's the compass??

    1. Go to the desert area (which is within the stone area) and wait by the rock gate.

  5. I cant click map :C

  6. Is this on play wild to?


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