Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nonmember Outfit Tips and Ideas

Hey Jammers! Remember when I used to post nonmember outfit ideas for you all? Well remember no more, because I, DoomyPanda, present to you THIS!:

What I used to do is give each outfit a stupid name. In the spirit of AJ Stream tradition, I'll call this one... "Magenta Warrior"

The items used are...

1. Rare Feathered Mask 
2. Bow and Arrows (non-rare) (purple)
3. Moon Necklace (black)

As I look at it now, I can say that the Bow and Arrows, and maybe even the Moon Necklace are completely optional. The colors are what make this outfit. 

The colors/patterns used are...

1. Red (top color)
2. Black (bottom color)
3. Deep violet (flame pattern)

I actually use this one a lot for both my panda and my wolf. (I no longer have my wolf because I recycled it to get a turtle, but it looked pretty nice when I had it.) 

The color scheme and chosen items are based around the Rare Feathered Mask item. It's fun to choose one item as a "centerpiece" and base the rest of the outfit's colors around it. That's Tip #1!

Tip #2 is to not feel like you need to simply coat your animal in rares to look cool. In fact, that often looks a little tacky, unless you really feel proud of your collection of rares and want to show that pride to the world. 

But generally, cool outfits can be a combination of rares and non-rares, just non-rares, or nothing at all! Remember that animals look cool just the way they are, with scales, fur, patterns, and their personalities. They don't need crowns to look regal, or dresses to look pretty, or even capes to look mysterious. 

All in all, don't feel like you need to impress those random people in Aldan with your animal avatar to be worthy of friends. Just do whatever you want! 

All my panda usually wears is a blue Necklace. The colors I use are simple black and white with the lavender swirly pattern. I choose to dress my animal so devoid of rares because it's a replication of how my panda looked on my first day of AJ! The blue Necklace was the first item I traded for. ^-^

In other news, I just noticed that the AJ background changed to this:


Thanks for reading, Jammers. As always, see you in Jamaa!

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  1. i made some nm outfits to! here r a few:
    1 : warrior bunny. u should use a earth like colour for ur animal (dosent need to be bunny but looks great o one) such as blue, green or brown swirls or bolts as a pattern and main color. now the clothing is just a color-or-chhoice arrows.
    2: grandpa. all u need is an old blanket and a hat and beard wich comes to the cost of 200 gems.
    3: strange cop. u need a spring cop hat and a spring worn blanket so the cost is 275 gems and 2 diamonds.


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