Sunday, July 2, 2017


     I know, I lied. I apologize, but I had no idea that this school year would be so hectic. The last day of school for me was on Thursday. Also, yesterday I came back from a cruise at around 3:00 AM and it's just been a little crazy. But, now that it's Summer I've planned to post regularly or as much as I possibly can because I really do miss blogging. Sorry once again, I hope I can be forgiven! Tomorrow's post will be AJ related and I'll be able to update you guys again. Anyways, I've missed talking to you guys, so let me know what you have planned for the summer or if you've already done something let me know! That's it for this post, goodbye everyone!



  1. Welcome back! It's been a really long while-- since last August? It's totally fine though, very few people can ALWAYS post. Including me-- I couldn't really post today because I didn't have internet connection.

    Still, don't feel pressured to post daily! I've made it my goal to post daily this summer, too, so no pressure at all.

    Also, you might wanna re-introduce yourself in your next post, just because there are some new readers who joined in after you left. :)

    1. Yes, its been very long! I hope you're doing good :) And sure, I'll remember to reintroduce myself in my next post.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Canine! I'm happy to be back as well :)


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