Friday, August 18, 2017

Mysterious Glow of Zios

Hey Jammers! According to Lostfairy, as well as all of Jamaa, my theory of a traveling eclipse across Jamaa has been proven wrong, for two reasons. The first one being that no new lands are under the eclipse today.

The second one being that a third land that I forgot yesterday is under the eclipse, which isn't necessarily a bad thing....

Yes, friends, if you didn't know already, The Lost Temple of Zios has also been beautified by the 2017 solar eclipse! I'm going to make a land map of it soon, once I get a membership and a flying animal. 

I just noticed something super cool about the above screenshot. Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you 5 seconds to think...






Time's up! 

Did you notice that the fallen statue depicting Zios, the symbolic creator of Jamaa, is glowing from within?

It gets even cooler when you realize that Zios is based off of artistic depictions of the Mayan sun god...

And Zios is glowing, during a Solar Eclipse... I wonder if this signifies anything.

While writing this post, I went online to see if something different than swarming phantoms might happen if you sleep by the statue.

Oddly, nothing happened. We got about 3 people to sleep by it and not one thing changed.


Maybe the eclipse armor has something to do with it. MAYBE YOU NEED TO WEAR THE FULL SET TO MAKE THE STATUE DO SOMETHING.

I'm a nonmember at the moment, so can any of you members who have the full set go try it out and report back if anything happens?

Another cool thing in the Lost Temple of Zios at the moment is that the full eclipse is visible from the Chamber of Knowledge observatory!!!

But remember your protective eyewear, kids. B)

See you in Jamaa!


  1. OOOO, a theory! Must try it out!!

    *runs to Zios statue/burial thing*

    Well, I tried sleeping and nothing worked, even with my full solar eclipse armor. D: Oh well!

    1. Have you tried finding another person with full eclipse armor? I think on a normal day, phantoms only come out with multiple people sleeping


    1. It's really cool. The Chamber of Knowledge has always been one of my favorite underrated rooms– I'm so happy it's getting a role in the eclipse celebration!


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