Saturday, December 15, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Another Nonmember-ified Gift

Hey Jammers! I'm posting right now because there is another Jamaaliday gift that is the red-and-green nonmember recolor of a previously released item.

Wow, too many words. But here it is:

It would probably look better on a different color scheme or animal (these look good on tigers), but I am very sure that these nonmember-ified items will be in demand at some point. 

Speaking of demand, I have a feeling that Old Hoods will rise in demand in the coming months. 

Reason being, they're cute, nonmember, and disappeared from The Shiveer Shoppe a couple of months ago:


Also, at some point it looks like the Bookshelf item came back:

I included the item before it for reference. I feel like some items in Jam Mart Furniture are out of order in the catalog... example: the Sturdy Table and Blue Rug are pushed to the very back.

That's all for now, guys. Expect a more detailed post later!

~ DoomyPanda

Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Owl Theory

Hey Jammers! There was a half-update today that brought us some new stuff.

I should have known when I first looked at the Jamaaliday home page that that weird owl was going to be the next new animal:

I wouldn't say that the release of this new owl was necessarily a loss, but because it's basically a repeat of a species, I can't really say that it's much of a gain. 

Although, when you compare this owl with the original owl...

...the new owl actually looks a bit nicer! It's more realistically proportioned, and somehow even fluffier.

When I was thinking about why this owl was released, I was initially annoyed that we had yet another species rerelease. But when I thought more about it, it began to seem like a good decision somehow.

Here's my theory: People at AJHQ were annoyed with how cartoony the normal owls look, and they wanted to redesign them without replacing the old owls outright.

This wasn't about releasing a new species– both of the owls might as well be Great Horned Owls with different amounts of realism. This was about discreetly replacing the old owl.

Looking through the animal catalog in the Diamond Shop, I can't find the original owl:

(Please comment if owls are actually still available for gems right now, I can't check because my animal slots are full)

If AJHQ just secretly replaced an animal, no wonder this update was quick and hushed! It may be the first time an animal was released on a half-update with barely any warning.

I think this was a good decision. I like how the new owl looks, and I hope AJHQ continues a pattern of more realism in new animals. 

If you look at the original animals (wolf, panda, tiger, monkey, bunny, koala), they're all drawn fairly realistically. I've missed that a lot in newer animals like the lynx/sabertooth/direwolf/etc.

Moving on, it's time to talk about today's Jamaaliday Gift. Like daily items, I don't really talk about Jamaaliday Gifts unless I think they're very different and interesting. Biased, I know, but I'd rather talk about items that I think will have a significant impact. That's just the way AJ Stream goes. 

With that in mind, here's the daily gift which I have deemed as interesting:

A nonmember Aviator Hat!!!

I'm not a big fan of the colors, but it's a NONMEMBER Aviator Hat!!! I always thought these looked the best on pandas, so I'm very happy I get to fulfill my wish to wear one. :')

In related news, here's a PSA to all my fellow nonmember friends:

If you're like me and can't log on every day, at least remember to log in on DECEMBER 14 and DECEMBER 20 to get 2 Masterpiece Tokens!

Before I go, here's three things; one big, one medium, and one small.

Small thing:

This cute crocodile plushie I spotted in someone's trade list.

Medium thing:

Just one day after my brother saying that he'll only play AJ this month if there's a new winter den, AJHQ has announced one in the works. Nice!

Big thing:


Just a random idea that came to me halfway through writing this post.

What if, during this last month of 2018, we all worked together to come up with some ideas for new features/adventures/lands/events, etc. that should come out in 2019?

Then, on the night before January 1st, I can compile them all into one big post that AJHQ will hopefully see and steal from! ^-^

I'll make an official post about this in a day or two so you can start commenting your ideas. What do you guys think? :D

See you in Jamaa!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

AJHQ Disapproves + End of a Pointless Quest

Hey Jammers! Wooooo... a lot seems to have happened on AJ since I last logged on. It's pretty overwhelming.

Ain't it weird that some nonmembers randomly got free 1-week membership? And ain't it even weirder that it was so easy for people to glitch hundreds of diamonds onto their account?

Well, at least that last fiasco was taken care of today. 

But soon enough, a more important, more devastating fiasco revealed itself...


Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new hater in our midst.

And that hater is... AJHQ.

While you can say "stream", "blog", "animal jam spirit", and "animal jam lake blog", the name of my own blog is suddenly blocked!

This is odd, because a few years ago my username was added to the chat dictionary. I guess something I said made AJHQ change their mind about my blog's worthiness? o_o

Originally, I thought "oh maybe AJHQ just doesn't want people talking about Animal Jam livestreams", but that doesn't make sense because AJHQ has done livestreams themselves. Hmm... 


In other news, I spent a couple hours today trying to continue my quest for an Alpha Training Mat, to no avail.

For context as to how far away I am, here's my trade list:

There was a time when I thought that this would be more than enough, but now I know that anyone who has an Alpha Training Mat will accept nothing other than a million Black Long Spiked Collars.

Because there's no way in heck that I'm spending $600 on Adopt-a-Pet Toys (if you can believe it, that's the actual cost of the Alpha Training Mat Code), my only other options are to 

A) Never go to school again and spend every waking hour trying to get enough rares to eventually trade for a Training Mat, 

or B) Give up.

Giving up sounds like a good idea.

The reason why I don't care about popular items on AJ is because I don't like the look of most items released after 2013. I prefer the earthy, detailed look of older items.

I used to not care about super-rare items at all, but that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked– er, the Alpha Training Mat came out.

I thought (and still think) that it looks nice! The container of staffs in particular reminded me of the uneven shapes of beta items. I know exactly how I'd use it in my Small House den– I'd put it in the second half, and it would complement the Zios Mask statue I have at the other end. I'd have the beginning of a perfect lore-themed den.

However, I can say with confidence that there are probably no more than 12 Alpha Training Mats in the entire game. I can't believe that more people than that would pay the full $600 for the code.

I have absolutely no chance of getting one. In order to end this fruitless quest, I need to start focusing on what I don't like about the Training Mat. I need to move on and trade my dumb blue Spiked Wristband for something more achievable and rewarding.


Gecko Banner here I come

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Code Mysteries

Hey Jammers! Here's something weird I noticed while updating the Codes page:

Even though National Geographic Kids is no longer partnered with Animal Jam, the code NGKAJ19 works perfectly. It gets you 500 gems.

For those who don't know, there's been a code like "NGKAJ18", "NGKAJ17", etc. for each year. I've been led to believe that they could be found in Nat Geo Kids magazine, but I had a subscription for 3 years and never saw one... hmm... 

I don't think the code NGKAJ19 means that AJ will get back together with Nat Geo. It probably just means that whoever makes the codes forgot that NGK is no longer partnered with AJ.

Hmm... I've been thinking, and I wonder how people can find out codes. According to the Animal Jam Wiki, sources are either Nat Geo Kids books/magazines or AJHQ themselves. But AJHQ tells us so few codes...

If you look on my Codes page, you'll see that there are a ton there. Where did they all come from? Typically, you'll only see one code hidden in something like a book, but there are maybe 20 working codes today. How!?!?

A lot of them feature an adjective with an animal, like "secretelephant". Where did all these codes come from??? They didn't come from AJHQ, they probably didn't come from Nat Geo... who released them to the public????

Aside from that mystery, I learned something new about the PENGUINS code:

Because Club Penguin shut down around a year or two ago, and Club Penguin Island was destined to fail, our leader Clark Stacey (CEO of AJ) announced the code PENGUINS to give refugees from Club Penguin a place to be penguins again. 

It all makes sense now!

It's also interesting how I never noticed that penguins stopped being available at one point. I did, however, notice when eagles quietly went on clearance in the Diamond Shop. Hmm... maybe this was to increase the likelihood of people buying those eagle-related membership bundles!

So many mysteries. 

Anyway, check out the Codes page! I removed some that didn't work and added some new ones. :)

See you in Jamaa~

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