Friday, June 15, 2018

Cool Newt

Hey Jammers! Been a while, huh? I've had a tough two weeks, so I've saved a lot of homework for this weekend.... eeeeeeee

But I still wanted to post a quick quick update just to let you know that 1, I'm not dead, and 2, a lot of stuff is gonna be coming to this blog! After this weekend though lol

There's also a third reason:

I found this cool newt in the woods!!! ^-^

It had just rained so they were out and soaking up the moisture in the air. They were very relaxed, so I took a lot of close-up photos like this.

I did some research and apparently this is an Eastern newt in the terrestrial "red eft" stage– midway between being an aquatic child and an aquatic adult. 

So these newts are born swimming, have a three year period where they are only on land, and then go back to the water! 

I have not seen any bodies of water anywhere in the woods I found the newt... I wonder how far this little friend has traveled!

Forests are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on land. If you've ever walked through one, you'll probably be struck by how quiet it is... it seems so empty.

However, the truth is that the woods is so biodiverse because it's an excellent hiding spot. I recommend you walk through a forest right after it snows– it will be breathtaking how many different kinds of animals the paw prints will reveal!

Okay, back to Animal Jam Stream:

I mentioned earlier that this Sunday, June 17th, is my blog's 6th anniversary. I had hoped I would be able to do something this weekend on the actual date, but with homework and tests to study for that won't end up happening.

However, stuff will be happening next week. I'm thinking...

– Definitely some kind of contest. The prize will probably be a custom masterpiece, as I don't have many rare items to give away.

– Definitely a long post talking about how awesome you all are and all my favorite things about Animal Jam and AJ blogging. :)

– Definitely some kind of online meet-up– I don't know when, though.

Before I go off to fight through my homework, I will leave you with the recipe for rainbow cotton candy:

Use a lightning bolt cone, with blue, yellow, and pink cotton candy.

You might know this already from the cheat sheets that are everywhere, but I'm proud that I managed to figure this out without looking at them. :D

Peace out!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Geckos' Return + Land/Water Items

Hey Jammers! This will be a short post because I'm struggling with a lot right now

However, at least it's within the hour of the update! ^-^

We will start with the Jamaa Journal:

World Oceans Day is on June 8th (tomorrow), so it's time to celebrate on Animal Jam! 

Of course, there's a few new ocean-themed den items, but an even more important change has been made...

A ton of underwater items are now able to be put in land dens!

You can tell if an underwater item works in a land den if it does not have the ocean label in shops.

Now I have another cool map for my collection B)

(my collection consists of a grand total of 1 map. Impressive, huh?)

Just in time for summer, the Water Park den is back.

It reminds me of the Heatwave Party, which is one of my favorite AJ parties. Too bad it's only accessible in the winter. :\

Also in time for summer, Wild Weekends have returned, which I am honestly not that wild about. 

Well... it does say new features, not just items, so maybe this won't be so bad? o_o

Again, let's talk about World Oceans Day!

The ocean is what gives the Earth life. Even if you don't think much about it, the health of the ocean is critical to the health of the entire world– even you.

But because people often view the ocean as unimportant, it is constantly being exploited through unsustainable waste disposal and fishing that you are inevitably connected to. 

Along with spreading awareness, let's think about what we can all do individually to reduce our negative impact on our oceans. As we heal the ocean, we heal ourselves.

In other news...

There's an awesome new exhibit in the Conservation Museum!

Learn all about the complexities of camouflaged birds, plants, insects, reptiles, and more! :D

This next piece of news I just know you're gonna love...

This eloquently worded segment of the Jamaa Journal can only mean one thing: Geckos has returned!

Yes friends, back with newly non-NatGeo-copyrighted content, is Geckos. I can't explain why this video is such an important part of AJ. I don't know why I'm so happy it's back. All I know is that everything is okay now.

Go watch it today in Sarepia Theater... 

Before I go, two quick things:

Falling Phantoms, one of Jamaa's most lucrative games, is double gems. Get ready to get rich!!!

And here's a random glitch I experienced today. It wasn't that noteworthy, because it cleared up before my first round of Best Dressed, but I wanted to include it anyway lol

See you guys in Jamaa!


P.S. This might not come as much of a surprise, given how little I actually post, but I just wanted to let y'all know that there will be no post at all this weekend. I have a ton of homework to do.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Blog News + stuff

Hey Jammers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while– this has been a really difficult week for me. >_<

This will be a fairly short post, but I do have a few things you might find interesting.

First off, let's look at the poll to the right side of the blog:

Surprisingly, the biggest percentage of you guys are doing the Diamond Challenge! I had thought that would be the least popular XD

To those who are participating, what appeals to you about the challenge(s) that you're trying out? C:

(For those who forget, here's my post detailing the 3 challenges I came up with)

In regards to polls, you may be wondering why I took down the underrated room poll, and why the new poll looks noticeably different.

Basically, Blogspot made the pointless decision to remove their poll gadget. No one who uses Blogger is happy about this– polls are really fun!

In order to get around this, I spent like three hours trying to find a third party poll widget that doesn't look hideous– it was surprisingly hard. 

If you use Blogger and you still want to put polls on your blog, I suggest I used it for my challenge poll, changing around some of the HTML to make it fit with my layout. Ask me if you have any questions, but I'd say using Poll Maker is fairly straightforward.

In regards to the underrated room poll I removed, I will publish Rediscovering Jamaa posts in order of popularity according to the results that I saved before deleting the poll.

Next up (hopefully soon) will be the Appondale Pet Shop! :D

In other news, I figured out how to make a simple star cotton candy: yellow star cone, with all yellow cotton candy.

If you want a comprehensive list of cotton candy recipes, licia144 left one in the comments section of my last post

Personally, I skipped over the list because I want to figure it all out on my own, but I'm sure many of you would find licia144's advice super helpful!!! ^-^

Over in AJHQ's Old Barn showcase den, I found an item that looks like it might come out again in July. (EDIT: I had originally thought this item was unreleased, but it turns out it's the Bundle of Sparklers that came out in the Diamond Shop a while ago. Oops XD)

On a sort of unrelated note, I realized when I walked into the Old Barn showcase that it was the first time I had heard the Horse's Only Party music in like four years. O_o

I guess being nonmember without a horse does that to ya XD

Before I go, I just wanted to let y'all know of a few things that are coming soon on this blog.

First off, June 17th is this blog's 6th birthday! I hope to make a special post and maybe host an online meet-up around that time– for the past few years I've always forgotten my blog-o-versary XD

It's also kinda special because I made my first post on a sunday– and June 17th of this year is also a sunday! :o

Secondly, me and my friend Gogreen16 were talking last week about some cool unknown items, and it made me think about a new post series idea: unknown item spotlights. What do you think about that?

See you in Jamaa guys!!! :)


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Magic Cotton Candy

Hey guys, I'm here with news of the update– on the update! Not after it. I'm so excited :D

This time, I'll talk about more of the update than I normally do-- using the Jamaa Journal.

Let's go!

Direwolves are here! Surprisingly, they don't look as similar to arctic wolves as a lot of us predicted:

They're very chunky– literally. 

Also, despite dire wolves arriving, the egg above their statue still hasn't hatched.

A resounding Hmm is all I have to say. XD

The last statement on the front page says "How will these ancient animals fare together? Will they be allies, or adversaries?"

These two banners are on the front page. Maybe this will be a kind of Team Sabertooth vs. Team Direwolf thing, like what happened awhile ago with Mira and Zios?

You know, before I move on, I just wanted to state something I've noticed. It has barely been a month since sabertooths became available, and already people have forgotten about them. I see more pandas than sabertooth tigers in Jamaa!

I think this says something about new animals: we don't need a constant stream of visually similar animals. We already have a ton of canines and felines. All we need is a unique new animal once in a blue moon to get us excited.

Wouldn't a new reptile be so cool??? :D

The next big thing going on right now is the annual reintroduction of the Summer Carnival.

You know, last year, I rarely went to the Summer Carnival. But there's a new thing that's making me (and a ton of others) very excited to be there...


Originally, the only "special" cotton candy you could make was a phantom:

You make a cotton candy black with white in the middle, and it doesn't matter what cone you use.

But now, if you do the same thing with a gold star cone...

You get a king phantom!!!

There are a ton of different shapes. Here's how to make a heart:

Just choose a heart cone, and make your cotton candy all pink.

Those are all the ones I've figured out so far, but definitely not the only ones that exist. I've seen a rainbow cone– unfortunately too quick to take a screenshot –but I suspect you use a colorful polka dot cone to make it.

There may or may not be a bumblebee cone. I haven't seen it, but it seems like it should exist. XD

What kinds of cotton candy are you making? :D

In slightly less interesting news, the Ol' Barn den is back along with some new themed items. I actually really like how the barn den looks, so it's cool it's come back. C:

Some news outside the Jamaa Journal:

Splash and Dash is double gems for these next two weeks. 

Also, glitch alert:

Because Jamaa Township has changed for summer, it seems some signs are glitching. The Pillow Room sign has completely disappeared!

Hopefully the entire Pillow Room doesn't disappear... I've been anxious about beloved rooms disappearing ever since the Club Geoz incident... 

Speaking of Club Geoz, I had originally gotten over its absence by convincing myself that the Play Wild Party could replace it.

But guess what?

The Play Wild Party is gone now.

While we still have member-created parties that are sorta similar to the Play Wild Party, it's just not the same. Barely anyone goes to those, and those who do are just looking to buy the items.

I hope AJHQ decides to bring back the Play Wild Party. 

Thanks for reading, Jammers. See you all in Jamaa!


Monday, May 21, 2018

Currency Challenges

Hey Jammers! I started this post on Sunday morning, and now I'm continuing it Monday night. Hopefully I actually finish it tonight XD

Today's post is a more detailed version of something I've been talking about this month– The Gem Challenge. 

While I did the Gem Challenge (which I will describe again in this post for those who forgot) I thought about how other currencies, like diamonds and tickets could fit into it as well.

Because I don't care much about diamond items, I converted all my accumulated diamonds into gems and donated them.

I don't know about you, but it was so satisfying when my entire diamond count just disappeared. XD

So this post is about a challenge for gems, tickets, and diamonds.

I've been talking about these ideas a bit in the comments, and I've gotten some pretty helpful feedback. I see now that a Diamond Challenge would be hard for those who are interested in diamond items, mostly because the only place you can get diamonds regularly is the Daily Spin.

That's why I'm not gonna combine gems/tickets/diamonds into one big challenge– this post will detail separate challenges, and you can pick the one/s that you're most interested in! :D

The purpose of challenges on AJ is to make the game harder for you– in a fun way! It's like Animal Jam: Hard Mode

The purpose of these specific challenges is that reducing the amount of gems/diamonds/tickets you can earn creates more of a sense of accomplishment when you finally have enough to buy something you want.

They're also like "beta simulators", too, because it was way harder to earn gems back then. If you want a taste of beta testing, these currency challenges might be fun to try! :D

The Gem Challenge

I went over The Gem Challenge in a previous post, but since then I've developed it a bit more, so I'll still explain it here.

Here's what you'll do before you start the challenge:

Step 1: Go to the Conservation Museum in Appondale.

Step 2: Click on the donation box.

Step 3: Donate your gems over and over again until you don't have any left!

Once you have less than 10 gems total, congrats! You have officially started the Gem Challenge. Welcome aboard! :D

All you need to do now is follow these rules:

 Don't spin the Daily Spin. Every time you log on, just X out of it. (Members who use the Diamond Spin are exempt)

– Only play games with a low gem yield. Some fun low-gem games include Long Shot, Swoopy Eagle, Gem Ball, Mira Says, Wind Rider, Double-up, buddy games... the list goes on! Who knows, this challenge might help you appreciate some under appreciated games. :)

Avoid gem bags/chests in adventures. A single round of a kinda-easy adventure is enough to make a fortune, so collecting all the gems kinda defeats the purpose of the Gem Challenge XD

Instead of recycling your unwanted items for gems, try trading them away. Who knows, your trash might be another Jammer's treasure!

If you follow this challenge for long enough, I can guarantee you'll feel super accomplished anytime you can afford something you want! I'm currently going through it myself, so feel free to ask me any questions. :)

These next two challenges are less complicated, because, well, there's only so many places you can get tickets and diamonds.

The Diamond Challenge

Does the Diamond Shop annoy you? Do you think diamonds are just too sparkly for Animal Jam? 

...Or, do you just want diamonds to seem more special?

If so, the Diamond Challenge might just be the thing for you!

Before you begin:

Step 1: Go to the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township.

Step 2: Exchange all the diamonds you have for gems. (If you're also doing the Gem Challenge, you can donate these gems)

Now that you have 0 diamonds, your entire diamond count should just vanish! You can pretend that the Diamond Shop never existed :D

As you continue through this challenge, you might wanna commit to a couple things:

– If you're a member, always X out of the Member Spin. Kinda defeats the purpose ;D

– This part is optional. If you're totally dedicated to ignoring diamonds, just go on with your life without 'em. However, it will make them seem more valuable if you get them solely in December through the yearly Jamaaliday Calendar

I'd imagine this Diamond Challenge would be the least popular, as I admit there is occasionally a really cool diamond item to buy.

You can try it out, or you don't have to. :)

You may like this next challenge a bit more...

The Ticket Challenge 

With the Summer Carnival approaching us quickly, you might wanna think about this challenge all about maximizing your sense of accomplishment as you work for prizes.

If there was a way to exchange tickets for gems, I'd tell you to do that first, but you can't so never mind XD

Earn your tickets from games instead of buying them with gems. If you have the time, it's way more fun!

– If you wanna up the ante, only play games that don't give you many tickets. I'm awful at Candy Catch, so I'll be doing that this summer XD

....Aaaand, that's all there is to it. You can try any challenge you want, do multiple, or don't do any if you're not interested! I'd love to hear what you think either way.

It's 11:20 PM right now.

I have to get up early tomorrow.

Maybe this was a mistake...


Ah well, I'm happy I managed to post on a Monday anyway. I hope it was interesting!

I'm gonna go to sleep now... peace out guyz

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