Sunday, January 21, 2018

Staying Positive About Mediocre Updates

Hey Jammers! I meant to post earlier, but I had to focus on finals and school stuff– y'know, the works. 

Today was the first time I checked my Blogger dashboard since before the update. And oh boy, what an update:


You know...

I'm just gonna pretend I never heard about this.

All I can say is that somewhere up in AJHQ, some 50 year old man at a meeting said "You know what The Kids will like? You know what is not just an overused, overworked, stale meme just begging for death? DABBING!"

Still, maybe this isn't so bad:

The dance is unusually well-animated– just look at that fluffy mane! And it's not immediately obvious that it was inspired by a dead meme. In fact, it looks like it might not have even been intentional. I mean, it probably was intentional, but what matters is that it isn't obvious. I can ignore it if I try hard.

This gif and the one above were found on the AJ Wiki
In the course of writing this post, I have pretty much changed my opinion on the Clydesdale Horse's actions. The animation is really smooth! I'm just gonna pretend the dabbing never happened. I suggest you join me.

Generally though, my opinion on the new animal avatar stays the same: I don't see the point of another horse when there are so many different kinds of animals in the world to choose from! 

C'mon, AJHQ, we've waited years. When will we finally be able to play as an aye-aye and dig worms out of rotting tree branches?

My patience is waning, AJHQ. 2018 IS THE YEAR OF THE AYE-AYE

In other, way better news, all land/ocean Base Camp adventures are nonmember now!

Excellent! Now I won't need to borrow my brother's account to play Greely's Inferno!

Other adventures that are only accessible through the World Map are still member's only, like The Forgotten Desert. Although, there isn't much incentive to making TFD nonmember unless AJHQ decided eagles should be for everyone. Personally, I don't think that will happen. I'd imagine a lot of Jammers buy memberships so they can play The Forgotten Desert so they can get closer to the ~beta rares~

Also, some news from the Alpha HQ/mansion: the artifact collected from the ancient underground city has randomly vanished.

I tried checking the Forgotten Archive for clues, but all I got out of that visit was that AJHQ still hasn't noticed this glitch:

Ah well. We'll find out next update, I guess.

Sometimes, we get mediocre updates. Personally though, I don't think they signify a gradual decline in the integrity of AJ. A lot of annoying things have happened, but I've found that I can ignore a lot of them so they don't get in the way of my enjoyment of the game. 

I do the same kinda thing at school: instead of being sad about all the homework I get, I try to instead focus on how lucky I am to have some close friends in my classes. 

See you in Jamaa, guys. Maybe we can't make the whole AJ game and community perfect, but we can do our best with the little group of buddies we have :)


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Clearance Items & Animal Videos

Hey Jammers! I don't normally talk about items on this blog, mostly because it's hard for me to post every time there's a new one. Still, I thought today it might be useful for you to go through all the items that will soon be leaving Jamaa for an unknown period of time. 

Jam Mart Furniture:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Diamond Shop:

Also, this item is not on clearance but its name made me laugh a little:

*Warrior cats flashbacks*

Den Emporium:

And now, for something a little different. Because many Jammers have forgotten about the many cool animal videos that come and go every day, the next part of this post will include clearance videos. 

Sarepia Theater:

All of you better watch that bobcat video XD

Brady Barr's Theater:

What is a wombat? A lovely marsupial, that's what. Go appreciate them at Brady Barr's lab today!

Tierney's Aquarium Theater:

So many things to learn, so little time! So before time runs out, go grab some digital popcorn and watch some beautiful animals. :3

You know, as I was wandering around Jamaa, I walked into many interesting yet empty rooms. Paws n' Claws, the Conservation Museum, the AJ Explorer's tent...  all beautiful, all underrated.

Even though Jammers tend to circulate around Jamaa Township, there's so much more to see, so many curiosities...

For instance, who or what is in this portrait hanging in Gabby Wild's Medical Center? Maybe if more people went exploring around the area, the mystery would be solved.

Because of all this, I thought of a new post series. Rediscovering Jamaa, a series of posts touring and appreciating underpopulated rooms in Animal Jam!

Does that sound interesting? Comment below if I should start that this weekend!

See you in Jamaa,


Friday, January 5, 2018

Nonmember Octopus Costume + AJ Horse Theory

Hey Jammers! Yesterday was the latest update– one not as eventful as others, but there are still some interesting things to be said about it.

The Jamaa Journal opens with a brief recap of the events of 2017 following the August renewal of the Zios statue, suggesting that 2018 will continue the pattern and be a very lore-centric year.

Personally, I love all the new lore stuff– the Forgotten Archive is a wonderful thing to have accessible –but I'd also like to see more educational content about nature emphasized. I'm sure there can be both! 

In other news of interest, a new outfit was announced on the third or fourth page:

I had first assumed this seemingly random outfit was just gonna be in the Diamond Shop, but no! It's in Jam Mart Clothing! Better yet, one third of the outfit is nonmember:

I was originally disappointed because shoes like these typically look really chunky and weird on pandas, but the Genie Shoes actually make a nice octopus costume. xD

PSA to all my nonmember panda friends: if you're in a fashion contest and the theme is "octopus," these Genie Shoes will let you win for sure!

Next up, we have a rather unexpected and unanticipated new animal:

Another horse?

I really wonder why AJHQ decided that a slightly different horse avatar would be a good addition to the game. The only thing I can come up with is that they released an Arabian Horse into Play Wild. 

Maybe... AJHQ is trying to reach those kids who play those horse-specific online games like Star Stable? I guess having a ton of vastly different animal avatars to choose from widens your audience. 

Do you guys think that Jammers who get Clydesdale Horses will get to play Jamaa Derby with them?

The Heatwave Party is back as well! You know, this has always been my favorite party. Around the time I first joined, I liked to get a strawberry smoothie from the Heatwave Party smoothie machine and pretend to drink it. 

On a slightly related note, have any of you had strawberry juice before? I haven't had it in a packaged form, but when I make strawberry cake I marinate strawberries in sugar until their juice comes out and it's sooooo good. I always imagine that when I get a pixelated Animal Jam smoothie.

The items at the Heatwave Shop are, refreshingly, the same they've always been:

Aside from a couple decorations, the Heatwave Party as a whole has not changed much in terms of design. I think many other Jammers can agree that having just enough visual stability in a beloved game is pretty nice.

At the moment, I feel too winter-y to even think about a heatwave, but if you want a visual vacation to a warm summer-y beach, stop by the Heatwave Party today!

See y'all in Jamaa~ ;D

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018: Happy New Year!

Hey Jammers, today is the final day of the Jamaalidays! Which means, at long last, it's time to write the final verses of my failed "12 Days of Christmas" rip-off:

 On the last day of Jamaalidays, AJHQ gave to me: Five stepping stones,
One frozen Zios,
A pointy icy horn,
One floating snowflake,
A poofy (yeti?) rug,
A lying dragon hat,
Chocolate chip cookies,
Two mugs of cocoa,
One edible top hat,
A gate to more gifts,
One pancake'd poinsettia,
Wreath on your head,
A fluffy hat and beard,
Jamaaliday Scarf,
Green and red jacket,
One spiral hedge,
Candy cane socks,
A pole to the North,
Mech Angel Wings,
One broken dream,
One welcome mat,
Wristband made of leaves,
Eight strung bells,
One creepy mask,
And a hedge that nobody got~ 

The main purpose of this was to record what gifts were given on what days, mostly for the Jammers who didn't manage to log on every single day this December. If any of these items sound interesting, now you know what to trade for!

Did any of you have a favorite gift this year? My favorites, which also happen to be one of the many gifts I missed, were the striped cocoa mugs:

It's like a toned-down version of the Hot Cocoa Set, which wasn't actually given out this year:

Still, I think they're both really cute!

Wanna know my all-time favorite Jamaaliday gift?

Yup, the Jamaaliday Centerpiece. It came out last year and the year before, but sadly did not make an appearance anywhere this season. I'd say that my favorite parts of it are the candles and the pine needles. Additionally, you might not see it but I also like how the candle reflects in the big red ornament. :3

As we move on from December into January, what are your thoughts about the Jamaalidays? Do you like the daily gifts, or do you find it annoying that the gem/diamond spin is temporarily replaced? Do you like the colorful decorations, or do you find them too garish? How do you feel about Masterpiece Tokens being given out twice this season?

These are just some starter questions, you can say whatever you want in the comments. ^.^

Now, let us move on into 2018. More specifically, into the 2018 New Years Party!

This screenshot immortalizes the moment when 3 random Jammers discovered they all knew Romanian and decided to become best friends. My friend Timid Icyartist was AFK and sadly missed this historic event. 

A lot of similar items are in shops this year, along with a few new ones, like this recolored Mask:

I wonder why being gold-colored necessarily makes it a New Year's Mask. I just think it's a particularly pretty mask with the gold! Now, if only it was nonmember...

I saw a whole lot of Jammers wearing it, so you can safely assume it might be a little higher in demand in a few months. But as trends in item demand are unpredictable, don't go hoarding gold Masks just yet! Maybe buy... just 2 or 3, depending on how much you like them.

As 2017 turns into 2018 and many of you get new calendars, wait for midnight, and mess up writing the date on your homework, it's understandable that many Jammers are a little intimidated by the idea of 2018. 

As AJ blogger Lostfairy says it, 2018 "feels like its still far into future! Like something you'd hear when you're waiting for a book or movie to come out..." 

In a way, I totally feel the same. I think it's something about the number 2018, or even just 18. It's getting closer to 20, it's a number sometimes associated with growing up... but in the end, they're all just associations. 

I think a big part of it might be how a lot of science fiction books and movies that are a few years old were set in "the year 2045/2030/2020" and 18 is beginning to approach the 20's and 30's and all those "spooky distant future years". But maybe I'm wrong– not everyone reads sci-fi XD

Just remember: all the good things you've experienced in 2017 and before don't just magically evaporate when you have to write a new year on your school work. They stay with you through time– they've shaped you into who you are now, so why not celebrate them whenever you want? :)

See you in Jamaa, and have a wonderful new year~ ^_^

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Drawing Gallery

Hey Jammers! If you celebrate any IRL December holidays, I hope you all are having a wonderful time. If you don't celebrate any, I still hope you're having a wonderful time doing whatever you're doing! ^____^

If you're reading this blog, I'm just gonna assume you play Animal Jam and probably are aware of the ongoing Jamaalidays event that gives everyone a daily gift for every day in December. To help y'all remember what gifts were given out of what day, I've tried to write up verses in the style of that "12 Days of Christmas" song, only instead of 12 there will eventually be 31 verses. Yikes.

Here is today's:

 On the 26th day of Jamaalidays, AJHQ gave to me: A poofy (yeti?) rug,
A lying dragon hat,
Chocolate chip cookies,
Two mugs of cocoa,
One top hat cookie,
A gate to more gifts,
One pancake'd poinsettia,
Wreath on your head,
A fluffy hat and beard,
Jamaaliday Scarf,
Green and red jacket,
One spiral hedge,
Candy cane socks,
A pole to the North,
Mech Angel Wings,
One broken dream,
One welcome mat,
Wristband made of leaves,
Eight strung bells,
One creepy mask,
And a hedge that nobody got~ 

Yesterday when I logged on and clicked the 25th gift, the name "Jamaaliday Dragon Mask" came up before the image loaded and I got really excited, thinking that the 25th gift would be a nonmember red-and-green version of the actually cool dragon mask:

...But sadly, it was just this:

You know, they shouldn't even call this a dragon mask anymore because it just sits atop every animal's head– it's a hat. So there are two reasons why I called this a "lying dragon hat"– one, it got my hopes up, and two, it says it's a mask when it isn't. Dishonest, right? XD

Today's gift is the Poofy Rug. When it first came out in 2014, it had a little "glitch" that gave it a goofy looking yeti face:

Oddly, the item never displayed this face when placed in a den– but it seems AJHQ had special powers, because the full-faced rug has been seen multiple times in their den. I don't think any Jammers have one just like it.

Stuff like this makes me wonder about the mechanics of new items in AJ– how does AJ create and implement stuff into the game? It's probably a complicated process.

In completely unrelated news, do you remember the gallery of photos in Kimbara Outback? It's been replaced by a new gallery of stuff:

It looks like drawing submissions from issues of Nat Geo Kids magazine! I'd know, I have a subscription. I've amassed a pretty big collection of those animal fact cards over the years. XD

There are new drawing prompts every month or so, so I'd imagine these submissions might change with time. The above image is for a prompt "what new animal should come to animal jam?" and appears to be a drawing of a blobfish. 

Fun Fact: The popular image of a blob fish as a pink blob with sunken features is actually the result of them being taken out of water. They live at high pressure under the ocean, so when they are taken out, their features decompress and they subsequently die because of it. It's honestly sad– maybe not so much a fun fact.

Personally, I think a happily living blobfish is way cuter:

And with that, I end this post and hope you all have a wonderful day/night, wherever you are on planet Earth!

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