Saturday, December 9, 2017

Introducing the Trading Post!

Hey Jammers! As promised, I updated that Trading Post page with some info about item rarity.

Check it out! I'll be updating it more soon.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

AJHQ Embraces Clans + Secrets You've Missed

Hey Jammers, happy Jamaalidays!

While yesterday was the first day of December, there was a widespread glitch where practically no one could open the first gift! I took this screenshot on that day. 

However, if you were one of those people, you really didn't miss much. This is what the Day 1 gift was supposed to be:

This calendar seems to continue the "tradition" started last year of giving out diamonds every other day as gifts, but a new one seems to have been introduced as well... on days 6 and 14, are those Masterpiece Tokens?

Up until recently, I had thought this promo item to be completely useless and that people trading for them just wanted a weird looking item. 

It was only this week that I learned Masterpiece Tokens allow you to make a free Masterpiece– Nonmembers included!

This is wonderful because the only reason I ever get membership is to make Masterpieces. Now I never have to spend that extra money again!!! :D

So, my fellow nonmember artist friends, remember to log on on December 6th and December 14th for the chance to make 2 free Masterpieces. ;D

Because today is the 3rd day of the Jamaalidays, there are still two gifts left to discuss. 

I had the idea to make up verses in the style of that "12 days of Christmas" song for each gift given out. I don't know how long this will last, given that there are 31 gifts, but I hope this might be helpful if you'd like to remember what gifts were given out on which days. XD

So, I begin:

 On the 3rd day of Jamaalidays, AJHQ gave to me: Eight strung bells,
One creepy mask,
And a hedge that nobody got~ 

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post everyday to add a verse, but every couple day's I'll continue it. 

Aside from the advent calendar, a few other notable things have come out this update:

As is every year, there's the Jamaaliday Jam party, the ever-laggy Jamaaliday Rescue maze, and a new addition to the Zios Archives adventures: The Mystery Below. O_o

I have not yet went through it yet, but once I do I'll be sure to tell y'all all about it!

Another thing in the Forgotten Archives that people seem to miss every update is the constantly changing scroll excerpts:

The top one is last update's, and the bottom one is current.

The scrolls that are constantly changing are the ones on the bottom floor in the tall shelves. I have screenshots of most if not all of them so far, and eventually I'll compile them all together. 

This update's new excerpt raises some interesting questions: what calamities have been brought upon Jamaa by us, its inhabitants? Well, there's scamming, hacking, and some bullying, but what is this passage referring to exactly? Could it be environmental problems caused by the clearing of land? 

I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

On a side note, I love each and every illustration in the Forgotten Archives. Maybe I'll use one of my Masterpiece Tokens to recreate one! ^_^

Before I go, y'all know already that I don't talk much about AJ Play Wild, mostly because I rarely log onto it, but something caught my eye recently on AJHQ's Instagram page:

Packs in Play Wild? What is this?

Apparently, AJHQ has not only embraced the idea of role-play clans, but they've imbedded a feature into AJPW that allows you to make one!

Most of the reason I don't go onto AJPW very often is the fact that 3D CGI makes me nauseous, but you know, I think I'll have to check this thing out. 

There's a lot of stuff on AJPW not at all on browser AJ. Then again, there have also been some mini-games on Play Wild that were introduced in the desktop version. Could packs come to browser AJ, perhaps? What do y'all think?

Before I sign off, it's come to my attention that there's some stuff I've neglected to do. First one being the creation of that Trading Post page, second one being that eclipse Appondale land map I've forgotten about, and third one being that drawing of an idea for a new Alpha HQ.

That third one is in the works. I haven't got much done on it this week because of busy-ness, but I will surely finish it within the next couple weeks.

The trading post page will come sooner rather than later. I'd say... within the week.

The Appondale land map, though? Well... the soonest you can expect that is probably towards the end of this month when my school goes on break. Land maps take hours.

I'm mostly just writing this out so it gets engraved in my mind so I don't forget. So sorry for the lengthy exit.

See you in Jamaa! :D


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Birthday :D

Hey Jammers! I was gonna have an AJ party because my birthday is today, but as I'm busy I can't. I might do it a bit late though, like next weekend? It depends on what you think.

Still, I've unlocked my den for the next couple days, in case any of y'all wanna check it out. I'm a nonmember so it's nothing special, but I did decorate a bit lol

P.S. I started a drawing on the upstairs of my Alpha HQ idea. Hopefully both drawings will be done within a week!

See you in Jamaa~ :D


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Alpha HQ WIP Art + Gratitude List

Hey Jammers! So, the reason I haven't posted since the very beginning of this month has to do with the fact that I like to do larger posts with more content. I only found bits and pieces this month worth posting about, so I kind of... waited for more. 

Also, you know how I promised I would draw up an idea for an "improved" Alpha Headquarters? I wanted my next post to show my idea, but it's taking some time.

As proof that I'm not just using this as an excuse to be lazy, here's what I got so far:

The uncolored parts are pretty faint, I know. I'll be doing a ton of coloring today though.

Basically, I think the ideal Alpha HQ would be less flashy, more earthy, and blend in better with the other rooms on AJ. It would incorporate lore a bit more– I can't believe there are no images of Mira or Zios throughout the whole current building. That's why my version will have two huge images of the two guardian spirits on the wall. X) 

I'm including the same clickable adventure items that are already in the current HQ– I think those are a great idea. I want to display them a little more naturally, though. For instance, boomseeds and whirlpearls are pretty common in adventures, so I think it's better for them to be haphazardly placed on a table than get their own little pedestals.

Also, I'll include the armor shop– but in a less flashy display.

Overall, I'm trying to make more of an HQ than a mansion. A place where Alphas can actually get stuff done.

Along with an eventual exterior of the building, I might add an upstairs and change some stuff around. That's kinda why I've been hesitantly coloring this in– I'm still figuring stuff out.

So, what's my overall goal with this?

Share it with AJHQ, of course. I know it might be insensitive to do so, considering the amount of work they put into the current building, but I feel it must be said that a giant crystal palace looks out of place in the Township. 

I'm not necessarily asking them to use my exact design (even though I'll give them permission to). I just wanna suggest that maybe they should consider something like it *wink wink nudge nudge* B)

What do you think? Should I follow through?

The next half of this post will be about different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This image is from the Instagram page of Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, a wonderful place I've visited before. They do an event called ThanksLiving where you can sponsor a turkey rescued from being killed for Thanksgiving. 

The turkeys at the sanctuary are so sweet– their feathers are soft and angelic, their voices gentle, and they approach you for pats, just like little kittens.

Before I begin, I'm not trying to make you upset if you're going to eat a turkey's body today– you probably don't have much say in it, and this is in pretty short notice. I completely understand, I've been there as well. I just want you to think a little bit about the future, any situation when you can choose whether or not you eat another animal's meat. 

Let's talk about Thanksgiving. It's a holiday centered on eating a whole lot, probably more than you actually should! Abraham Lincoln started its practice in the USA, on the grounds that during colonization of North America there was a "first Thanksgiving feast" involving a nation of Native American people and white settlers. 

This is what you might have been taught in school, but given the brutal history of colonialism that often goes under the educational radar (and also the lack of recorded evidence so long ago), the idea of a "first Thanksgiving" is definitely more fantasy than reality.

However, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, as many of you who also live in North America probably do. Of course, me and my family don't eat many animal products like milk, eggs, or meat, so we're not going to be eating a turkey. We're gonna eat vegan pumpkin pie (which is super good), stuffing, and lots of veggies!  

I guess I'm telling you this to know for future reference: you can be really happy with meat not being the center of everything you eat. A growing number of people are!

Aside from eating, I thought it would be a fun idea to have a little list of things I'm grateful for... and invite you to add to it in the comments! 

So, today I am grateful for...

• Animal Jam (duh XD)
• The planet I live on and all its beautiful creatures, unlike anywhere else in the universe!
• The sun which lets this planet exist and thrive
• The moon that moves the water from which the world drinks
• My whole family, who let me be myself 
• The forests that are like cities for millions of creatures
• My grandfather, who is an amazing person and artist
• My school, which isn't perfect, but I'm still happy to go there
• My classes this year, which are really fun for once! 
• My favorite books that I love to reread over and over again ^-^
• My little group of school friends who are always there for me
• My AJ buddies and everyone who reads this blog :) 

What are you grateful for today? I'd love to hear in the comments! 

See you in Jamaa, my friends. Remember: your choices can change the world!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The New Building That Must Not Be Named

Hey Jammers! I've actually been sick for the past five days so I really haven't even had the energy to post.

But I'll let you know, my dudes, I am not all that happy about the Alpha HQ thing. I'm not gonna rant, that's a bit useless at this point and I don't have the energy. 

But I do have some constructive ideas.

I never use Instagram, but whenever there is an update that annoys me I take advantage of the fact that AJHQ connects to their audience on there and log on through my computer to comment on their most recent post. I try to not be irritating and demanding (though I'm bad at proofreading so sometimes I slip up a bit).

Last Thursday during the update, I told AJHQ that the Alpha HQ looks out of place (in the kindest way I could) and they responded "Thank you for the feedback, Jammer." That's nice! Thank you, AJHQ. :)

A lot of other Jammers are sad that Club Geoz left. Here's a statement from Nafaria AJ's Jammer Opinion post on the subject that particularly resonates with me:

Yes, I hate it. However, beyond the fact that Club Geoz is gone, this new Alpha HQ just looks so... weird. I don't know about you, but it looks a bit too glamorous and glittery for Jamaa Township-- let alone Jamaa! 

Excessive jewels, crystals, and the like are not what I associate with the Alphas. A few here and there are awesome, but this Alpha HQ just coats and studs everything in shiny gems, almost in a show-offy way. Being the hardworking protecters of Jamaa, I would suspect the Alphas would prefer a more natural and practical aesthetic with a little wisp of mystery– like the Basement of Secrets. It doesn't look like they could get anything done in a mansion like this!!!

Of course, a little less crowded than this magical storage basement, but y'all get the picture. The Alpha HQ should be earthy, mysterious, and fit in with AJ's nature-based lore.

You know what? I think I'm less sad about Club Geoz now. We have the Play Wild Party. Honestly, I am fine with the idea of an Alpha HQ. Excited, even! I love all the information about the different adventure items. But you might agree that what we have now could use some downsizing. 

I think today, while I'm home sick from school, I'm gonna draw up an alternative building idea that fits better with the aesthetics present in the adventures, cuz that's really what the Alpha HQ is about. 

I'm planning on showing y'all and AJHQ, and maybe, just MAYBE they might understand. 

Wish me luck! 

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