Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver glove!

Hey everyone! I'm back. C:

In Epic Wonders, there is a (sorta) new item!
The silver glove. :T
It looks exactly like the "white glove," and I think this comes in only one color.

There's also a new igloo for your pets in the penguins only party!
It comes with a little door mat. :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New items & Elf tail glitch

Today, there are two new items. :D

In sunken treasures:
The octopus chair! This is probably one of my favorite underwater items. :)

In the summer carnival:
The moon balloon. If your trying to save up tickets for something at the carnival, 
I suggest you buy it after all the other things come out.

Also, today I realized my den was on the 'Epic Dens' list!
Yaay! :D :D :D

Yesterday, my friend Feiryclaw77 showed me a cool glitch.

I think if you put exactly four Tail Armors on your trade list and mouse over them, the label says "Tooltip"!

I have an announcement, I will not be posting for a few days because I will be going to a camp site near a river. ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice dresser

There's a new item in the penguins only party:
The ice dresser!

Yesterday, I was going to play Spider Zapper with my friend in my den, but this annoying glitch happened:
It would've been cool except for the fact that I couldn't click the game!
I put it back into my inventory, and took it out again, but it still wouldn't work!
Has this ever happened to you?

Monday, June 25, 2012

April fools party..?

Today, I was taking a look at the parties on the party tab when...
APRIL FOOLS PARTY!? It's nowhere near April! 
Hopefully, in 4 hours I will get to go to that party.

Rare item monday FREEDOM CAPE

Hey Jammers! This monday's rare is...

Freedom capes! (Well DUH, anyone who looked at the title would know that.)

I suspect there will be more freedom items sold on rare item monday, such as freedom bands, freedom wings, freedom angel mech helmets (I heard they existed,) And other freedom items I'm too lazy to list.

I don't really think they'll be selling freedom hats at any point though, because they can be won though the claw in the Trading Party. But I'm suspicious that the trading parties will stop soon to make room for new parties.
But it's just a suspicion, not a fact. 

Also, there is a mistake on the official Animal Jam blog, The Daily Explorer.
It said that this week's rare is freedom bands! 
Well, that kinda hints that there'll be freedom bands on a following rare item monday. Yaay! kinda.. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bahari Bay necklaces

Hey Jammers! There are two new necklaces in Bahari Bargains!

The mermaid necklace:
The sand dollar necklace:

I don't really like the mermaid necklace because mermaids are kind of humanoid. Isn't Animal Jam supposed to focus on animals?
I like the sand dollar necklace though, it's pretty creative. 

There is also a new NON MEMBER item in Jam Mart Furniture!
The Star Rug!
I think there will be more star items out soon.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weird penguin party glitch

Today, I was at the penguins only party and decided to switch to a more popular party.
So, I clicked "PENGUINS ONLY PARTY" again.

When I got to the other penguin party...
I was all black! 

I think this glitch works every time you try to switch to a penguin party on another server, at least for me.

Berets & weird Jam a Gram

Hey Jammers! Today, there's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing!


Here is how a blue one looks on my penguin:

In other news, yesterday I was typing a jam a gram, and this weird thingy happened:

Just for fun, I tried to type "muchchchchch" but apparently, I couldn't. 
I have no idea if this is a glitch or not. What do you think? 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Penguin mat

There is a new item in the Penguins Only Party:
The penguin mat! 
It has a cute picture of a penguin on it, and it's non member!

Crystal Sands Journey book guide!

Today, I'm going to show you where all of the things in Crystal Sands are! 
Most of you have already received the lemonade stand, but some haven't.

The tide pool:
Right on the side of Tierney Thy's aquarium.

The crab:
Around the entrance. 

The flamingo:
Where the yellow bird used to be.

The sugar cane:
Around the side of the juice hut.

The cacao tree:

Also around the side.

The sand dollars:
Between the two slides.

The centipede:
Crawls along the pet wash.

The macaw:
Perched on top of Tierney's aquarium.

The tapir:
Over near the Shiveer entrance. 

The basilisk:
That teeny little lizard appears on that rock. :3

The green iguana:
Sunning him/herself on top of the juice hut.

That's all of the animals to discover in Crystal Sands!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Party over & other stuff

The penguin party is now over! I had a great time aside from the fact my computer kept shutting down due to a scorching heatwave. :/
Seriously, it was so hot you could boil hot tea in the sun. It could burn your tongue...

6 or 7 Jammers showed up, that's what I get for having the party while only into 
5 days of blogging! Well, I only had the party today because it made more sense than ever to have a penguin party: The celebration of penguins going non member. :)

Anyways, there was/is also an OFFICIAL Penguins Only Party in Jamaa!
It is the newest party, and a fun one!

You arrive to the party here, and up to your belly in snow!

You can enjoy a snow cone by clicking the snow cone picture.

There is also a furniture shop, currently with 3 items!

Up here, there is a carving of a penguin in the ice, and a hot air balloon. 
Click the balloon to get a mini one next to your head!

There's also two icy slides! 

On the lowest ground of the party, there's a cold pool.

You can buy some cool new music in the music shop there! 
(Get it? Cool? haha bad pun.)

Apparently, just like the ice on Shiveer, people think you will get a free membership if you break the ice. That has yet to be determined. 

There's also new Freedom pet plushies to win at the Summer Carnival!


Hey Jammers! Today, Jamaa has been updated with a new newspaper, items, and  
a new journey book!!
And, I was correct! Penguins are now NON MEMBER!! 

I think the penguins on the cover look so cute!! :D
Also, look at the post below this one for today's Penguin Party details. 

On the 2nd page, there's an advertisement for humming birds, and a RIDDLE. 
Here's the riddle: "I live in many areas around the world. My colors range from black to red to grey to white. I am known for being sly and clever. And I am soon coming to Jamaa!" Cool!! A new animal! I have an idea of what they might be... Foxes! I have a feeling foxes will soon be the newest animals in Jamaa.

The new pet that was chosen is to be revealed in a few weeks, according to the Jamaa Journal. Also, there is a new journey book page for crystal sands!! The prize is a cool lemonade stand. :D

There's a sale in the Sol Arcade shop, so get your games while they're cheap! 
There are also new items to be added to the Summer Carnival.

Today's featured rare items are Top Hats and Fox Hats.

There are also some new items!

A golden pirate sword is in Epic Wonders! For those who don't know, there was an EXTREMELY rare non member sword called the Pirate Sword. No one knows which people have the few remaining Pirate Swords in Jamaa.

There's also a new Star Couch in Jam Mart clothing. I don't have much to say about that.
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