Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm sure you are aware that there is bullying on Animal Jam.
I will tell you of one time I was bullied in a very lame way.
One day, I was at the Cruise Ship party on a non member account. I went into the  
water, and this wolf yelled, "fat panda!!! get out of the water your making bubbles" I get this a lot. I usually ignore it, but then more happened.
"Quit being so immature." I said. Next, he said something that was the stereotypical thing for bullies to say on AJ. "get out of the water!! your a fat un-rare NON MEMBER!!!" After that, I blocked him. 
It was really weird considering that person was a Jammer I had run into multiple times on my regular account who I thought was fairly nice. It turns out he's only nice to members. 
I will not say this person's user.  


  1. People do that sometimes because they think the panda shoudl be endangered. The panda is actually fairly cute and I don't see why anyone is being rude about it. And you couldn't be making bubbles, (unless you ate beans if course). Lol

    1. Well, EVERY animal that goes into the water makes little splashy things around them.

    2. Yes they do so that guy is mean....i am usely on LoveLost's blog but yours is the weekly featured one.
      plus this blog is pretty cool too.

  2. I get it a lot too and i said this " Why are u soo selfish" then the member said "Bcz ur not a member" i blocked him and report for being a bully

  3. I do too its so unfair how people be mean when we do nothing...
    I don't like scammers either.

  4. Panda's are not fat, there just chubby. :D There cute. :D Oh yeah, awesome blog! I luv it! <3 ~Hellopinky (P.S) Please buddy me! My username is Hellopinky! :3

  5. Pandas are not fat their a little chubby but thats what makes then so cute. I love you blog by the way and could you please buddy me my user is cje05.

  6. Many members don't care bout nonmembers :P like one time the rare of the day was member but i was nonmember so i wanted to keep it anyway and so a member bought it for me and said, gimme a black bow and arrow for it. wow. I just said you know what, I don't care that you wasted your money because that's a big ripoff and unfair. So now I only ask my friends or say "Anything on my list for the rare of the day" so they can choose whatever on my list, NOTHING else. I think pandas are cute I will get one when I have enough slots when I'm a member. What I say is like, so, who cares? Yippe! Three cheers for being *insert how your being called here* Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! But a way to annoy them is by saying huh? What? I can't hear you!!?!? xD - meebas4343

  7. I've been called fat before as well.I was a wolf.I was at coral canyons and people were trying to break the bridge.I kept telling them that it wouldn't work and that I had tried it for 2 hours.That's when the bullying came about.A rhino rudely yelled out "Victory ur fat!!!" and more people were starting to say "You have no life" "No hope" etc.I think it's just little kids who have just learned only a few words think that this is amusing,when it's hurtful to others.I hope they will understand.-Harveymoon;Victory Shiverclaws

  8. i have been bullied and guess what i have thought of quitting but then i listend to whos laughing now by jessie j and then i wound up standing up to bullys im sometimes bullied on my non member account and when i was a non member people would bully me.... then i found someone i met before my membership and guess what they liked me then i told them that story and theyhated me so whats the deal!

  9. well there is and a met 1

  10. I helped a nonmember! (Well, I do alot)
    Hehe she was becoming a member and wanted DJ headsets and I had enough gems :)
    This blog's a great succsess!
    Hehe I'm lucky I was your buddy Before! Your list is gonna get full REAL soon!!!
    Elephantwolf :)

    1. Thanks, bro!
      No, YOU'RE EPIC!!!!! >:3

  11. everyone hates me when im my panda or tiger or koala, and i rarely ever be my wolf. i only have a wolf becuz ppl treat me unfair when i dont :(

    and i noticed something....

    ONLY BUNNIES AND WOLVES usually make fun of ppl!
    (im not saying everyone, just some)

    in my opinion...
    (don judge meh)

    if any animal should be endangered next it should be the wolf.

    no offense, but most wolves make fun of a lot of people!

    just because ur not a wolf doesnt mean ur a total dweeb.

    when im my tiger ppl call me tubby,fat,ugly, and stupid.

    when im my koala ppl call me retard, dumb, stupid, and obnoxious.
    when im my panda... don even get me started! DUMB FAT TUBBY LAME UGLY!!
    when im my wolf... :3 hi whats your name?
    when im my bunny.... Jam on! bunnies rock! XD

    and tigers r my fav animal. FAV ANIMAL

    at a zoo one day...

    i was my tiger...
    and someone said i was a useless peice of ****


    that rly ticked me off.

    i blocked him and said:

    like im any worse than u.
    u think ur so cooool.
    its not like u can see me on the other side of my computer.

    1. I don't think any animal should be endangered next, but this animal racism is obnoxious and LAME. if you call a panda or any animal fat, you're basically saying you like your animal because it is skinny.

    2. I've never been bullied...It's weird. When I'm my penguin ( Sparkle cottonmoon) People don't do anything.

    3. Bah humbug!!I hate bully' time i was being a bunny in the pillow room when this wolf came up."Bunny's aren't real people.You should be ashamed of it." he said.So I made him really mad by telling him off.So basically he threw me at a wall.So I blocked him,told the whole world how mean he was,and told him I would be ashamed to be him.Funnily enough he never bothered me again.....I wonder why?And im not even going to bother talking about all the other times people have been horrible.Their just not worth it!

  12. aw im sorry that the rude dude said that to you, SOME members are really mean, but you arent cuz u made this awesome blog which i like :D so, thanks for making the blog, it will really help people!


    1. Somehow I got into this clan battle (Zios is everyone's territory, clan or not)and they got all hyper, they were like, *BITES NECK AND THROUGHS AROUND NO NOTHING* They kept calling me a kittypet, and I'm like, I'm a wolf! Then they called me a puppy.
      Me: Thanks for the respect!
      Me: Well, you called me a puppy, not a kittypet XD
      Then they seemed to leave...
      Two miutes later in Jamaa:
      Them: Kittypet.
      The other person: Can't even blink without saying ow.
      Me: *blinks*
      Them: He bettter not go into our other territory. *flicks tail in direction of Appondale*
      I go to appondale, and start to play in mud.
      Them: So immature. Cmon, lets leave her to make her mud kits alone.

      Hehe ignore! 0warriors.

  13. I would be glad to have a buddy who stands up for whats right, so please buddy me.

    1. I think he\she wrote d56 but it was supposed to be dr56.. Is that why you are confused?

      Please buddy me too! I'm Puzzlemick

    2. I'm wondering why Anonymous said "Sorry dr56"

    3. Bulbafan is right.

  14. That's so mean.

  15. Awww,take no notice of them!I think your pandas cute they are probably just jealous of your cuteness!ALL YOU BULLY'S OUT THERE I WILL EXTERMINATE YOU!!!AND GET OFF MAH LAWN BULLY S!!!!

    1. I wasn't mad or sad about this bullying thing that I posted on. I was just annoyed and I thought it was unusual for someone to act that stereotypical (stereotypical AJ bully)


  16. Bullies don't see whats on the inside. Only on the outside. What you look like doesn't matter. If your heart is true, that should all that matters. Right? But (sigh) some have to learn the hard way. Lesson: Don't treat others like they are lesser than you.

  17. Wow, that persons stupid. It always seems to be pandas and koalas that get bullied. Once I was in coral canyons and I saw a wolf with a koala and the wolf was calling the koala ugly and stupid. Also once I said no to a trade so the girl who wanted to trade with me got really mad and started calling me swares like the F word. She apologized after, but still.

  18. a wolf just said that my panda friend was unwanted and then he said you chubby panda and then a tiger said you are not cool and then i reported the tiger and the wolf and i said in my panda friends den : STOP BEING MEAN TO MY PANDA FRIEND AND BECAUSE PEOPLE SAY THAT MY PANDA FRIEND IS : UNWANTED,CHUBBY or (fat)AND,NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO STOP BEING MEAN TO MY PANDA FRIEND THE BULLIES WHO ARE READING THIS STOP BEING MEAN TO MY PANDA FRIEND YOU BULLIES HURT PEOPLES FEELINGS SO STOP BULLING PANDAS AND AND ANY OTHER ANIMAL IN ANIMAL JAM AND I AM SERIOUS AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I was a non before and I was in the pillow room all night then this non wolf comes in and try's to adopt a bunny and they all say member only then I said I want to be her kid and she said finally then we went to her den and I found out she was really beta and she said she dress up all non to see who would be nice and kind to be her kid and I went into her den and she had 10 camis then I said what for them and she said,put something bad on trade so I did and she said accept this trade and she traded me two camis and I accept then I asked her if she wanted to trade them away and she said yes and we are still best friends and I am member now and I help non too and bullies just try to be cool and all that junk tell them to go sniff the air because their is a big world out there where others can hurt their feelings and tell them to think before the do because soon someone might follow their foot steps and bully others this is

    -clyn peace to all my survivors ⌒.⌒


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