Friday, June 22, 2012

Crystal Sands Journey book guide!

Today, I'm going to show you where all of the things in Crystal Sands are! 
Most of you have already received the lemonade stand, but some haven't.

The tide pool:
Right on the side of Tierney Thy's aquarium.

The crab:
Around the entrance. 

The flamingo:
Where the yellow bird used to be.

The sugar cane:
Around the side of the juice hut.

The cacao tree:

Also around the side.

The sand dollars:
Between the two slides.

The centipede:
Crawls along the pet wash.

The macaw:
Perched on top of Tierney's aquarium.

The tapir:
Over near the Shiveer entrance. 

The basilisk:
That teeny little lizard appears on that rock. :3

The green iguana:
Sunning him/herself on top of the juice hut.

That's all of the animals to discover in Crystal Sands!


  1. Thanks for the help, i was having a hard time finding them until you came along! -1owenlambie

  2. I told you I'd comment on every post!
    P.S. Your one of my favorite buddies!


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