Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Epic wonders thing & other stuff

Since I have a load of free time this summer, I think I may post a couple times a day on a regular basis. 

Something that caught my eye in epic wonders was this:
I didn't know that these were back in stores! I thought they were rare. 
I guess they were rare, now they aren't. I'm just posting this so people don't trade some rare for this unknowingly. 

Anyways, here is a picture of me and my friends over at my den:
Blossom is one of my best friends on AJ, So is Duchess, General is my little brother, and Precious is some random jammer that showed up at my den. Lol.
Oh, and there's me over in the corner. :3

My friend ElephantWolf told me that a cool idea would be to have a Featured Buddy of the Week page. I agree, that would be awesome! 
 You may see a Buddy of the Week page soon! 

Also, please comment! It really makes me happy to see that people are actually reading the stuff I post! =D


  1. Yeah I love your blog add me I'm Tornado111 please add me!

  2. Omg thanks! :D :D :D
    Its already a great blog, and, well, four days!?!!? Thats-EPIC!!!!
    BTW I like your way of words with, "Look what rare has made its was back into stores!" You're a great buddy ;)

    1. You're a great buddy too, bro. >:D

    2. Hehe LOL!
      Its me again :)

  3. And I will comment (And copy this one a bunch till 150 comments on this post >;D
    Elephantwolf again
    And I'm commenting on EVERY POST XD

  4. :3 I luv ur blog! I read it when i cant go on aj to keep this updated. (•~•)


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