Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey Jammers! Look at what rare has made it's way back into stores:

The flag!! 
This is one of my favorite items, I don't really know why. =)
Anyways, tomorrow is the update so penguins will hopefully be non member soon! Unlike other times, there are no clearance items, so no need to go insane yelling, "AAGGGGH I NEED MAH CLEARANCE ITEMZ OR I'LL EXPLODEY AND BE SAAAD!!!!!!"

When penguins become non member, I'm planning to have a Penguin Only party  
in my den. Details will be specified later.


  1. Hi, Doomy! I'm FastFrug! We just met on AJ. My blog is Hope you like it!

    -Souris Jamaa Mouse

  2. Cool! A flag thing! Hopefully the update is tomorow. And i dont want anymore 3D items...

  3. Hiya DoomyPanda!Im pippiflowergirl11,you probably haven't heard of me but I think your blog rocks already!Keep blogging and please check out my blog!

  4. Oh I like how you put the fishies on the side :) I luv the fishies (There's a penguin one too! You should put it on the Penguin Party post!)
    Weird, I was thinking of having a party XD


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