Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flip flops and weird glitch

Hey Jammers! Thanks to you, the page views have skyrocketed to 226 in only 3 days! (that may seem teeny to you but yeah.)

In other news, there's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing!
Flip flops!

In my opinion, I think these are overly modern for Jamaa. 

A few days ago, a weird glitch happened. 
I followed my friend to this den she was at. it was a barn den.
after i got there, I accidentally clicked the den icon and was quickly transported to my den.
When I got there, it looked like this:
Weird huh? my den was combined with a barn den!


  1. First comment!
    Its also honoring I was the very first comment XD
    BTW, May I make a suggestion:
    A "This weeks featured buddy" page? (You should meet eliya1 :) :) :)

  2. Dear DoomyPanda,
    Awesome blog! I just found out about it and I think it looks sweet so far. I can't believe Animal Jqam Stream already has over
    643 views! Awesome! That glitch there looks sooo cool! I wish it happened to me. Well, bye bye Doomy P.
    If you can please made a googles friend connect option so I can join your blog! Thanks! :D
    ~katgoo449 the wizard/KittyinBowTie
    P.S.- Hahs! I got second comment! Betcha can't beat that Elephantwolf :P

    1. DoomyPanda is lucky! my blog only gets like 10 veiws a day and it has been there for like 4 days.....mabey but still! :'(

    2. Maybe you could advertise a little more.

  3. I completely agree. we need more culture. I wonder when laptops came to stores...
    And also, that is a WEIRD but AWESOME glitch!
    PS: Nice job on the blog so far! :D


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