Thursday, June 21, 2012

Party over & other stuff

The penguin party is now over! I had a great time aside from the fact my computer kept shutting down due to a scorching heatwave. :/
Seriously, it was so hot you could boil hot tea in the sun. It could burn your tongue...

6 or 7 Jammers showed up, that's what I get for having the party while only into 
5 days of blogging! Well, I only had the party today because it made more sense than ever to have a penguin party: The celebration of penguins going non member. :)

Anyways, there was/is also an OFFICIAL Penguins Only Party in Jamaa!
It is the newest party, and a fun one!

You arrive to the party here, and up to your belly in snow!

You can enjoy a snow cone by clicking the snow cone picture.

There is also a furniture shop, currently with 3 items!

Up here, there is a carving of a penguin in the ice, and a hot air balloon. 
Click the balloon to get a mini one next to your head!

There's also two icy slides! 

On the lowest ground of the party, there's a cold pool.

You can buy some cool new music in the music shop there! 
(Get it? Cool? haha bad pun.)

Apparently, just like the ice on Shiveer, people think you will get a free membership if you break the ice. That has yet to be determined. 

There's also new Freedom pet plushies to win at the Summer Carnival!


  1. i was at your party! :D i was Dancing Happyfeet


    1. I know the party wasn't that great, but there'll be more maybe later when I get more views!


  2. OK I'm in crystal reef and I am invisible.
    What I did
    OK Near Crystal reef entering. Click someone and make a game, then cancel and ninja fast go into the tunnel and change into a land animal. Your nametag will say that animals name and your look button will have that animal.
    Elephantwolf, please give me credit?

    1. By the way, EBUD (Epic Budd, maybe EBB, Epic Buddy Blogger, BBFOEF? Best Blogger Friend Of Elephantwolf Forever) I'm having and elephant-wolf (maybe a few penguins) party?
      My name iz above

  3. I better next new item will be freedom clothing and den items, like firecracker and freedom top hats. Maybe he freedom cape, but somehow my laptop says that that is rare but the freedom hat isn't. Strange...

    1. Lots of spelling mistakes in that one. >.<


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